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A young teacher joins an exclusive English girls school.

You gasp and moan ever more as this continues, clearly turned on by the sensations.

Soon enough, though, I slide out from beneath you and stand up. Walking in front of you, I grab the back of your head, pulling your hair up and back in the process. You open your mouth in shock and I immediately shove the length of my hard cock inside. You realize now that I had removed my clothing while out of the room, as the entirety of my shaft is now inside you. I keep myself trimmed very closely, so there's no hair to bother you or distract me from the enjoyment. I feel you running your tongue along the underside of my member, and I start to slide in and out a bit before holding your head in place and planting myself in all the way to the base. You start to gag for a moment but get past it and a ram in and out of your mouth several more times.

"That's a good girl," I whisper, "take that cock like you know you want to."

Before I can cum, though, I pull out. You whimper a bit but I shush you.

"Just wait. You'll get what you deserve."

You hear me walk behind you and lift up your skirt. I run my hand down between your legs to feel your mound. It's waxed smooth, which was my last instruction to you, and I can feel the metal end of your clit piercing sticking out. You're dripping wet by this point, and your pussy would take just about anything into it without any further help.

For the moment, though, I'm not concerned with your pussy. You hear me open a bottle, squirt something (you guess, correctly, that it's lube), and close the bottle again. A second later, you feel jelly anal plug pressed up against your back door. Rubbing the tip around to spread the slick wetness around a bit, I then gently press it into your ass, slowly working it in and out until it passes the bulge and will stay in on its own. I then turn on the small vibrator inside it, sending the lovely buzzing sensation throughout your hind quarters.

With the plug firmly in place and doing its job, I mount you without warning or ceremony, grabbing you by the hips and planting myself between your pussy lips as deeply as I can go, this eliciting further gasps from you. I can feel the buzzing from your anal vibrator through the thin walls separating the two regions. It feels good.

I only thrust in and out of you a few times before removing myself from your wet slit and walking in front of you again. I press my cock, now gooey and glistening with your girl juices gently against your lips. You part them and allow me in. I don't thrust all the way just yet, instead letting you really lick the entire length of my shaft.

"So naughty, so slutty, licking your own juices off of me" I tell you.

Having let you lick me for a minute or so, I finally resume the face fucking you were receiving earlier, going in deep, fast, and hard. After all the other build up, I only last a couple more minutes before I burst. The first shots spurt out hard into the back of your throat, me having just pushed in all the way as I start to cum. I pull out before I finish, though, and spray the final portions across your chin and mouth. You swallow the cum that's in your mouth lick some of it up with your tongue (such a good whore), but some of it you can't reach, staying as a white mess on your face.

"That was good, but my little puta isn't finished yet."

You hear me again open and close the lube bottle, and a moment later, you feel another jelly vibrator, this one with a second piece for your clit, slide into your wet slit.

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