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His best friend's girl is too tempting to resist.

"What did you say?" Edgar turned to him.

"The Trainers ... they are eternal. They do not die, do they?"

"Yes, that's a known fact. From their love and care, everyone is born. They have power of life and death."

"How are we all born exactly?" Cory questioned. "I know the basics, how the women from Tresalt go to Drena to give birth, but, otherwise ..."

"Oh, it's quite a secret process. The Trainers take care of everything. Pregnancy, as is, is a biological process, but the initiation of the process is entirely in the Trainers' hands. They know exactly what genes to combine in order to fuel the world with workers, scientists, rulers like Lucas ..."
"... and servants like me," Cory spoke softly. "I wish I knew the woman who carried me in her womb."

"Why?" Edgar was a bit intrigued.

Cory shrugged. He could not pinpoint what he was feeling. Regret? It was more than that. "I am part of her, I think, as I stand here in flesh and blood. It's like she's living through me, but I don't know who she is, and she doesn't know who I am. I think, no, I feel ... it's kind of sad."

Edgar seemed to ponder for a bit. "You're quite an interesting individual, Cory. And not only because of your magnificent skull," he added jokingly. "I've never thought about the woman who gave birth to me. There had to be someone right? And she was not just a vessel ..." the scientist felt his breath stopping, all of a sudden. He caught the back of the chair to regain his stability.

Cory hurried to his side. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," Edgar furrowed his brow. "I must have eaten too much tonight or something."

Cory shook his head. He felt as he was responsible for the unpleasant switch in conversation. "So, if Lena studies phrenology as a side hobby, what do you do for fun?"

The host's face lit up. "Oh, you'll think it's silly," he waved his hand, but he watched Cory, like he was waiting for a reply.

"Try me," the former servant smiled at his new found friend.

"You won't laugh, alright?" Edgar warned as he gestured for Cory to follow him to the back.

"No worries, I really find all this science stuff fascinated."

They descended on ground level and exited in a small backyard. It was entirely surrounded by stone walls, and only the light of a few lamps made the inside yard visible. In the middle of it, there was something tall and large, covered with a huge piece of cloth.

"It's more like a practical ... thing," Edgar said excitedly, as he grabbed one corner of the cloth. "Ready?" he smiled at his guest, and Cory nodded.


That was the only thing the blond could say, as a strange apparatus appeared in front of his eyes. He had never seen such a thing before. He touched the long, slightly twisted blades and started to move around. A cabin with two places lay on top of the apparatus, and just underneath, a huge engine - something he had learned from Edgar, took almost the entire space. Above the cabin, there were some other blades, and as he examined the machinery, he noticed other similar devices, of various sizes to the side.

"Do you like it?" Edgar rubbed his hands with unhidden satisfaction.

"What is it?" Cory didn't hide his admiration and surprise, either.

"It's a flying machine," Edgar said pompously. "Well, err... I mean, this is what I want it to be."

"Does it fly? You mean, up there, in the sky?" It was Cory's turn to show excitement.

"Technically ... yes. But I've never tried it for more than a few minutes. It makes a lot of noise, and I don't want to draw unnecessary attention."

"Why did you make it?" Cory inquired.

"I don't know ... I found the plans and I started tinkering, and here it is. That, and I have a dream that one day, I will just jump in it and fly over the desert, just like that," Edgar said with something akin to embarrassment in his voice.

"And why don't you do it?" the blond said simply.

Edgar laughed. "And go where? I don't have a plan, although I'd love an adventure."

"Well, it wouldn't be an adventure if you knew your destination, would it?" Cory smiled.


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