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She is so like his beloved late wife, Gabrielle

Andrea awoke and their eyes met. She began to run her hand gently down his chest, intending to travel all they way to his manhood and begin her day of servitude right away, but Jason caught her hand just inches from it's destination and pulled it back up to it's starting position. "Not now" he whispered, still groggy from a full night's sleep, "I have plans for you today". Andrea rubbed her legs together with excitement. She didn't know where they would be or what he would direct her to do, but he was always dreaming up something new and exciting.

Most of the day went on as any other would. Andrea sat at her desk at work, occasionally glancing around the room, half expecting Jason to drop by under the guise of having lunch together but instead dragging her off to God knows where for his birthday blowjob. It was a fantasy that ran through her head every year, one day it was bound to happen, but as 5:00 rolled around it was evident that today was not that day.

She was always on her guard and ready for anything when Jason's birthday came around. They both were, that's what made it so much fun. The drive over to the restaurant for dinner was equally uneventful, as had been the time they spent at home getting ready, although it was plainly obvious he would be ready to go at any moment. It was almost painful to watch him pull his pants on over his obvious arousal. She wanted nothing more then to drop down and swallow it whole, but Jason continued to display mind boggling willpower.

Dinner was nice, they laughed, they ate, they split a bottle of wine, and just as Andrea was about to dig into her cheesecake dessert, Jason promptly told her to stop what she was doing. His look made it perfectly clear that it was time for Andrea to deliver what had been coming all day. She looked around the room, trying to guess where it would be. The bathroom was always an excellent choice, or maybe the ally out back. After several minutes of letting Andrea guess Jason finally spoke, "get under the table" he told her before leaning back in his booth seat with the cockiest grin she's ever seen. Their table was off in the corner, and the tablecloth was long enough to conceal her while she worked. Jason reached under the table and made a show of freeing himself from his pants under the minimal safety of the tablecloth. He was serious, and she would comply.

Andrea took a quick glance around the room, slipped straight down her chair and slid under the table quietly, hopefully unnoticed. It would be a shame if she had alerted any nosy diners who might be the type to pull the plug on their good time. She collected herself on her knees and finally faced what she had been waiting for all day, standing at full attention through Jason's open dress pants. With no telling how long they would have she wasted no time, spending only a few moments running her tongue all over her husbands cock before sucking it deep into her mouth.

Topside, Jason pretended to play with his iPhone, poked at his ice cream, and just did everything he could to keep his cool. He could feel the head of his dick bouncing off the back of Andrea's mouth, her tongue twirling around his shaft. This might not have gone on for much longer had the waiter not come over to check on them. Jason quickly assured him everything was fine and sent him on his way.

Andrea did her best not to laugh at his stumbling words, muffled by the throbbing member filling her mouth. She wondered what he looked like up there, in view of the entire restaurant. Did he tilt his head back and moan when she dragged her tongue slowly from the base of his cock all the way to the tip? Did his eyes bulge wide when she took his full length into her mouth? She serviced him with a new fervor to challenge him not to give away the lover secretly crouched between his legs.

Jason's orgasm was close.

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