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Canadian Thanksgiving with Ryan's family.

Wendy sat next to Andrew at the bar and when the bartender came over to them, Andrew turned the vibe back on. Wendy jumped a little and glanced at her boyfriend in nervous anticipation.

"Excuse me," a voice ventured, interrupting her all-enveloping cloud of uncontrollable pleasure.

Wendy looked up to find a bartender staring at her. She somehow managed a hasty, "What?" in between gasps of excitement.

The man behind the bar offered, "You appeared distracted. I asked if you would like something to drink?"

Wendy blushed and asked for a glass of red wine.

"Certainly," the barman granted. Then turning to Andrew, he confirmed, "And you wanted the Dewers and water, right?"

Andrew whispered in her ear, "Didn't you hear him ask you what you wanted to drink?"

She whispered back, "Fuck no. All I can think about is the vibe against my clit. I am having a hard time even speaking." She grabbed Andrew's arm and gasped, "I'm coming again, turn that fucking thing off, it's going to kill me."

What a way to die, thought Andrew. Shortly after the drinks were served, they heard Andrew's name being called and they took their drinks to the table. A good-looking waitress came over to the table and said, "It looks like you brought your goodies with you." Both Andrew and Wendy looked at each other and smiled. If she only knew they thought.

"Would you like an appetizer or something to start?" Asked the waitress.

Andrew took the opportunity to turn the remote back on, taking pleasure is seeing Wendy react to the shock of the vibe turned on unexpectedly. Wendy tried to appear calm, but her flushed face made her think that everyone in the restaurant knew.

"No, thank you." Said Andrew to the waitress. The waitress said, "My name is Cindy, I'll tell you the specials for the evening. We have onion soup as a starter along with a fresh grilled salmon and a 12 oz rib eye steak. Everything on the menu is fresh but I really like the rack of lamb."

Wendy could not concentrate on the waitress. The vibe was particularly intense when she was sitting and she could not believe it was possible to have a second orgasm so close to the one she had at the bar only a few minutes before. When the waitress left the table, Andrew asked, "What sounds good to you tonight?"

"Your fucking cock." She said. "This vibe is making me insane and I want to jump on your cock and fuck you right here."

Andrew smiled and said, "I think we might be thrown out. You will just have to wait until we get home."

Wendy slightly shifted her weight on the chair and her eyes opened really wide and she cried, "Wow!"

"What is it?" Inquired Andrew.

Wendy said, "When I moved, it changed the sensation completely. I am really beginning to understand how to use this thing." She continued to shift her weight and open and close her legs to find the different ways the vibe seemed to intensify and stimulate her differently. Within a few minutes, when she was very close to coming a second time, the waitress came over.

Cindy asked, "Have you decided on what you would like?"

Wendy was conscious that her nipples were so hard they seemed to be nearly tearing a hole in her dress. Wendy could see Cindy looking at her nipples and a small smile crossed the waitress's lips. Wendy's face felt hot and she knew she was flushed, but the vibe was making her insane and she could not stop the pleasure or her response. "I...I will have the rack of lamb, with the onion soup, please." Just as she finished the word please, another orgasm ripped through her body. Wendy grabbed the table edge with both hands and closed her eyes, unable to do anything but surrender to the demands of her body as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her.

When Wendy opened her eyes, the other woman was staring at her intently. The waitress crouched in close to the table and asked under her breath, "Did what I think just happened, really happen?"

Wendy's cheeks burned, but she couldn't deny it. "Yes," She whispered. "I am so sorry."

Cindy said, "Are you kidding? That was so fucking hot, I will have to go

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