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An election worker goes door to door.

It was like every drop of his warm orgasm was fueled by his desire for her, which was flattering and exciting.

The other part of her worried over all the mistakes she had made. Not only was Nathan her step-brother, but they were living under their parent's roof. Madison could only imagine the expression of horror on her mother's face if she ever found out what happened. But that obvious taboo aside, Madison had a boyfriend she had been seeing for about three months and she felt horribly guilty about cheating on him. While technically she and Nathan didn't have intercourse, or anything close to it, Madison was sure Grant (her boyfriend) wouldn't appreciate her rubbing her ass all over another guy's erect cock.

When class finally came to an end, Madison hastily gathered her things. She decided she should talk with Nathan and make sure nothing like the previous night ever happened again. Nathan got to have his fun and live out his private fantasy, but that was as far as Madison could let it go. Any further sexual or romantic activity between them would be futile and only end in disaster. She could only hope that she hadn't already led Nathan on too far and that he would understand.
As she walked towards the student parking lot, and for the whole drive home, Madison kept trying to think of what she'd say to Nathan. Should she be blunt and a mean? That path would certainly sever any future desires he might have, but it was a bit chilly and Madison didn't want to be cruel. But if she played it too nice Nathan might think she had doubts about what she was saying, and he might think it was okay to continue pursuing her. Or was she over-analyzing the situation? Was it possible Nathan felt the same way she did, and wanted nothing more to do with her sexually?

Madison scowled at herself as she drove. Why did the notion of Nathan not desiring her seem so bothersome?

She was happy to see Nathan's pickup in the driveway when she got home, relieved that he hadn't been out with friends or late at football practice. She'd have about an hour before her parents got home from work to sort the situation out.

"Nathan," Madison called out upon entering the house, "you home?"

"Upstairs," he called back from his bedroom.

"Hey," Madison greeted as she appeared in Nathan's bedroom doorway. She was wearing her favorite white-denim jeans and a pink baby-doll tee. Her long blonde hair was gathered away from her face in a pony tail.

"Hey," Nathan greeted back, seated on his bed and tying his tennis shoes. His only other article of clothing was a pair of baggy shorts, which left his torso bare. A basketball rested on the floor by his feet.

"Going somewhere?" Madison asked.

"Just out to the driveway to shoot some hoops."

"Mind if we talk first?"

"No," Nathan shook his head. "I assume you want to talk about last night?"

Madison nodded, licking her lips. She caught herself staring at Nathan's abs and quickly lifted her eyes to his, "Sorry I freaked out on you last night."

"It's cool," Nathan assured her. "It wasn't exactly a normal situation, huh?"

"Definitely not," Madison grinned. She was glad that Nathan realized, at least on some level, that what they had done was wrong. "You didn't tell anybody, did you?"

Nathan winced.

Madison approached him, "You told somebody?!"

"Just Warren," Nathan admitted.

"Nathan!" Madison slapped his bare shoulder with the palm of her hand. The sound echoed through the room, and Madison realized she had hit him harder than intended.

"Ow!" Nathan flinched away from her.

"I can't believe you!" Madison exclaimed, "We agreed not to tell anyone; so you go tell Warren? The whole city is going to know about what happened!"

"He's not like that," Nathan defended his friend. "Warren isn't a gossiper."

"Even if he does keep our secret, how do you think that makes me feel? Every time he comes over to hang out with you he's going to look at me and know what we did!"

"I'm sorry," Nathan replied honestly, "I hadn't even thought about that. Seriously, I'm really sorry."

Madison stomped her foot and fum

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