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"I believe there is still the matter of your fourth session, pet."

Shanon whimpered. He was being cruel, he had only told her to masturbate three times during the week and now he was pretending to be angry at her for that, "I only used myself three times, sir."

"Well that will never do. I suppose I'll let it slide this time if you apologize."

"I'm sorry, sir. I'm so sorry for being a disobedient puppy, sir. W- will you . . . please punish me, sir?"

James pulled his hands away from Shanon slowly enough to draw a pained sigh from her lips despite everything else she was feeling. He smiled at her reaction. "I know I only said for you to masturbate three times. But questioning me when I told you differently was rude. You were a bad girl, pet. Beg for your punishment."

The words stung beautifully and Shanon dropped to the ground. "Please, sir. Hurt me. Let me feel a punishment for what I did. I need to be . . . forgiven. I don't want to be a bad girl, sir. I don't. I don't. Please punish me."

"That's enough. Stay as you are and think about why you are going to be punished."

James returned a few minutes later and blindfolded her. Shanon felt her skirt being pulled off roughly. A few lengths of rope secured her to a chair, leaving her face in the fabric and her ass exposed.

He sat down. Shanon had been clearly felt devastated by her mistakes. A minor punishment would not be enough for her. He walked over to her side quietly. Shanon was confused. There was nothing but silence. She had idea what punishment James intended to inflict.

His choice surprised them both.

The first strike made Shanon cry out. He was spanking her. He'd never punished her like that before, causing that kind of physical pain was not something James enjoyed doing. With James silent and her sight cut off Shanon could not look to him for strength. Because he took no pleasure in the punishment she could not tell herself that she would take it because it was what he wanted.

The only thing for Shanon to hold onto was her penitence. But that was exactly what she wanted. The pain was cathartic, her guilt slipped away a bit more with each strike.

"Recite your mistakes."

"Your puppy was selfish when carrying out my orders, sir. Your puppy hesitated when you asked her to explain, sir. And your puppy questioned you, sir." She wanted to cry. All she wanted now was to be his again, to be his good girl.

His hand came down fifteen times. Shanon was shuddering with relief and pain by the time James stopped. He was deathly quiet for several minutes while he let her agonize over the punishment.

The blindfold loosened, "You are forgiven, pet."

"Thank you, sir. Thank you," she breathed.

The ropes attaching her to the chair slowly came undone. James' arms replaced them, restraining her freedom just as before, but far more lovingly. He pressed her into the chair, "You're very welcome. But stay quiet."

He held her tightly as she calmed down. Finally he released her and let Shanon turn around. With one hand he cupped her face. She was flushed. James raised an eyebrow.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"N- n- sort of, sir."

"Explain yourself."

"It was your hand, sir. Even when you were spanking me for being bad it made be happy to just know you were there forgiving me. My body just, um, started to get aroused, sir."

James held back a laugh. As much as enjoying the punishment on some level confused Shanon, it relieved him even more. The decision to spank her had not been easy, striking her was not something he had really wanted to do. Knowing that Shanon had seen it as forgiveness rather than just pain was comforting.

He looked into her eyes. Shanon was trying to be patient but she couldn't quite hide it from him.

"You want your tail don't you, pet?"

Shanon nodded vigorously and sank to her hands an knees.

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