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A running trip away with a high they weren't expecting!

There was pussy juice and cum and water and sweat all over us and we were like animals in heat, fucking and bucking as we both came. The older ladies were essentially fucking my ass with their fingers as I was cumming, jamming several fingers at a time into my sweaty, slippery asshole, adding to the pleasure and intensity of the whole situation. It was so naughty, they deserved a good spanking and to be used like I had just used Leslie. I was going to make sure that they got what they needed, and what they deserved. I was looking forward to raping their big, fat asses like I had just done to Leslie's tiny ass. I would be able to really bounce off of their big asses like a trampoline.

When I pulled out of Leslie's tiny twat, I couldn't help but to start licking and pushing my tongue into her sloppy hole, licking up all of the mess that both of us had just made together. We kissed and transferred the cum and juice and sweat back and forth and I could feel my cock hardening again as I thought that she was still horny and as dirty as she was before getting fucked and used like that. The older women were still spanking my sweaty, wet, naked ass cheeks and tonguing my asshole as I moved Leslie onto the table onto her back. I pulled her over to the edge of the table, pulling her naked, slippery body across the hot picnic table and it made a squealing sound as her skin slid and stopped and rubbed against that hot table. When she was at the edge, I pulled her legs over my shoulders and I plunged full on into her tiny cunt again and rammed into her as hard as I could.

I lifted her legs up as high as I could while still fucking into her pussy, almost like I was trying to lift her totally up off of the table, which I sort of was.. A couple of minutes into fucking her in this awkward position, I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up in the air and spun her around so she was staring at my rock hard cock and I was staring at her poor little holes that I was abusing. She was loving every minute of this treatment and grabbed onto my cock and sucked on it as I buried my face into her pussy and ass and licked and tongue-fucked and squeezed her around the waist hard and held her hot little wet body close to mine in that upside down position.

I knew that I would be able to go a little longer since I had cummed so many times already so I spun her around and speared her little asshole in one pop. Boom; I was up her ass as far as I could go! I was holding onto her from behind up in the air and fucking into her sweet asshole, with her sweaty back bouncing off of my sweaty chest and the rest of the women doing all sorts of naughty things to both of us as we fucked. Fingers and tongues were in my asshole and I was being spanked and Leslie had her nipples pulled and twisted and her pussy was being ravaged by fingers and faces. Fingers were pulling on my asshole and they were spitting in my stretched hole.

I let Leslie down to the edge of the picnic table and she held on to that as I fucked her ass like she was a wheelbarrow, holding onto her legs like they were bent handles drooping down at her sides as I slammed into her abused shit hole. I was pulling out all the way and then slamming back in again, packing the shit up her ass for sure. She was such a dirty girl for being in her 50s.

One of the oldest women said, "Let's really have fun with her", and pulled me off and started pushing a peeled banana up Leslie's ass! It went in with no problem.

Then in went a hard-boiled egg; plop, right in her tiny asshole.

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