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The Busty Professor juggles sub life with 2 of her students.

mom," he shouted, "What's the deal with the fancy table? Are we having company or something?"

"No dear," she replied. "I just wanted something special tonight. I hope you'll like it."

"Oh, okay," he said and raced up the steps.

Katherine scurried around the kitchen and dining room taking care of all the final preparations for dinner. She had prepared all of Doogie's favorites; game hens, green beans, stuffed potatoes, and warm French bread. The house smelled sumptuous as Doogie came down the steps.

"Man, am I hungry. It smells great."

"Almost ready," said Katherine. "Why don't you open the wine and pour us a glass while I finish."

"Okay, sure," replied Doogie. He rarely had been allowed to drink. This really was a special occasion. He poured the wine and watched his mother move around the kitchen and dining room. "Wow," he thought, "She really does look nice in that outfit". He watched her firm, round hips move within the tight confines of the skirt as she walked back and forth. "Nice body," he said, under his breath as she walked away from him. He felt guilty for what he had said, even though she couldn't have heard him.

Doogie had put on his favorite lounging clothes following his shower: faded green surgical scrub shirt and pants and a pair of old slippers.

"He looks so cute," she thought. "I bet those nurses go crazy when they see him dressed like this."

"That's it Doog, lets eat." .

"I'm ready." He sat down at the opposite end of the table.

"First a toast," said Katherine as she hoisted her glass to him. "To us."

"To us." Doogie took a sip of the wine while Katherine tipped her glass up and drained it almost instantly. "Gosh, " said Doogie, "You must really be thirsty."

"Don't you know Doogie, that the first glass is to be drunk very quickly to enhance your appetite," she said.

"Oh, that's right. I remember now." He raised his glass and quickly downed it. Katherine poured both of them another glass which they also quickly emptied. The wine bottle sat empty on the table and they hadn't yet begun to eat.

"I'll get another bottle to have with our food," said Katherine as she got up and headed for the kitchen. "Nice body," Doogie said and thanks to the wine he unknowingly said it loud enough for her to hear.

"Why thank you," she thought to herself and smiled. She returned with the new bottle of wine, and poured them each a glass.

Doogie and Katherine both were famished by now and ate without saying much to each other. However Katherine noticed that Doogie's eyes were fixed on her breasts the entire time he was eating. The combination of all the wine and his attention caused her to feel extremely warm and sexy. She new that her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the thin bra and knit top. Doogie continued to eat and keep his eyes fixed on his mother's lovely breasts until both were finished and another bottle of wine was emptied.

Katherine got up from the table and began to clear the dishes. Doogie helped carry plates and silverware to the kitchen. "I'll be happy to do the dishes tonight Mom, since you did all the cooking."

"Oh no, I'll take care of them later or even tomorrow. No need to bother tonight. Why don't you go into the living room and start a fire while I finish picking up." Doogie didn't respond. He just stood there in a kind of alcohol stupor and stumbled to the living room He turned on the gas fireplace and sat on the black, leather couch in front of it. In a few minutes Katherine joined him and brought a third bottle of wine and their glasses. She poured them each another glass and said, "Now, this one is for just slowly sipping. It helps settle your stomach after a large meal."

"Yea, right," Doogie thought, " It helps get you stinking drunk." He giggled and accepted the glass.

Katherine was feeling the full effect of the wine as she sat down on the couch next to her inebriated son and, along with him, stared at the fire in the fireplace.

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