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The love story of a middle-aged father and a healer.

It was all via video chat but he was able to get enough requests for family to come and that some wanted off to start pulling strings. The letter he had previously sent to the Secretary of State had started the ball rolling and their requests, at least for the American Union had partially been granted.

They would be allowed to see the women and a short visit home for those that wanted to would be arranged. When Marcella heard that she was tickled pink and started the paperwork from her end. Ricky was working from his end and if approved they would meet at the end of the week. When she had heard that she did actually cry though it was in thanks for getting away from all the suspicious looks.


Prisoner Sing had been moved to a very high security wing and anyone wanting or needing access to him was heavily scrutinized. They were stripped down and given a set of disposable garments that covered their entire body. This was including built in gloves to keep any sort of contact poison from being administered. Their clothes were heavily examined as well.

For those that were working daily with him, they were kept in the security wing. News was heavily filtered and all clothing was provided for them. The security might be on the heavy side but this was the first they had heard of the Organization and they were taking every precaution to keep him alive till they had wrung every bit of information out of him.

The information he had provided on the location of the secure drive had been invaluable. It was heavily encrypted but the memory crystal had been scanned and the information downloaded. Once that was done the original was placed in secure storage in a setup similar to what had been in the ship. This was just in case it was programmed to self destruct if it didn't receive a specific input periodically.

Sing himself was spending entire days getting his brain picked over. There were at least five operatives who were carefully scripting his interviews to ensure they were getting good information. The female was still doing the interrogations and as the days passed she was providing little luxuries such as pieces of candy, some excellent coffee, more comfortable clothing. This was also being carefully managed to foster a bond between the two of them.

After a great deal of consideration they had allowed the news of the Sholan's arrival to 'leak' to him. His reaction was a mix of shock, horror, and appreciation for the size of the ship. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. He finally gave up trying to keep tiny bits of information back from them. When he did break he simply started talking and divulged every bit of information.


Ikarius had been bumped up a rank and permanently assigned to the Sholan first contact team as Liaison. His wife had been flown out as well and they were assigned a nice house within the base. That was to keep both secure from potential threats and for ease of access if he was needed.

The evening after she had arrived the Ambassador had arranged for a meal for the three of them. It was going to be prepared on the replacement for the Barque. It was a larger ship so they had more room as well as being both armed and armored. There were several fighters that were rotating the CAP that had started after the attack.

Ikarius had asked the Ambassador for a relaxed meal with comfortable cloths. He liked wearing the uniform but he had been wearing it so much he was tired of it. She had to laugh at him when he asked that and agreed. She was getting ready to go to his house at the moment and had settled for a relatively plain tabard made of fine material.

Once she was ready she called for her escort as well as the servers and left the ship.

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