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The second in the "Carol Learns About Spanking" series.

"We oughta show some respec' fer them too, right? I mean, by honoring Portia here, we're honoring you as well--Why shunza it be the same wif the godseses?"

The two virgins turned to Portia.

"Is it one of Venus's holy days?" Marla asked hopefully.

"Um, no, not really." Portia said. If it was she wouldn't have dared try to spend the night sleeping. "But...I do believe it is a minor holy day of Saturn, Vesta's sire and Venus' grandsire..."

"Great!" exclaimed Palonia, "We'll have us one of those warchamacallits that they had back in the old days!"

"A Saturnalia?" Portia asked, eyebrows raised in disbelief. Surely Palonia didn't know what she was saying. Saturn's rites made those of Venus look tame!

"Yeah, lesss have one a those!" Palonia exclaimed.

"Ummm, what exactly did you have in mind?" Portia asked delicately.

"Well, I think it involves dancing around a fire, an' we got us a fire, so we're set!" said the high priestess.
"I love dancing!" Marla exclaimed and clumsily twirled about.

"All right then!" said Portia, smiling at their innocence, "I guess I'm up for a party!"

She was still tired, but how often would she get a chance to see the vestals let their hair down? As if on cue, Palonia pulled the silver combs out out of her hair and shook out her long dark curls. Whatever was going on, Portia was going to go with it and see what happened.

"Lesss go t'the courtyard then!" Palonia exclaimed.

Portia followed the giggling, staggering vestals, shaking her head in disbelief.

What ever was going on with Marla and Palonia was obviously effecting the two priestesses keeping Vesta's Sacred Flame as well. They had piled on much more fuel than usual and built it into a raging bonfire into which they were staring and giggling. They had shed their robes of office and wore only the gauzy white shifts that served as their undergarments. Even in these brief outfits, they sweated heavily in the heat and the white fabric was plastered to their bodies as they sat sprawled before the fire.

When they saw the high priestess, the flame guardians leapt awkwardly to their feet and hunted guiltily around for their togas.

"Holy Shit!" Palonia exclaimed, staring wide eyed at the bonfire. "That is so cool!"

The two flame guardians stopped their attempt to cover up and stared at their matriarch, then collapsed in a fit of giggles. Marla and Palonia joined them. Portia couldn't help but chuckle herself.

"Najulia, Kalena," said Marla, "Thiss is my cuzin Portia."

"She's not a whore," Palonia clarified and then grinned at Portia.

"Nice to meet you, Portia," said Najulia. Her companion just blushed and giggled harder.

"Charmed, I'm sure," said Portia.

"We were jus' thinkin' that we should have a fessibal," Palonia informed them.

"Really?" exclaimed Kalena. "That would be so cool! Can we dance?"

"You bet yer bottom!" the high priestess declared. "Najulia! Ring the bell! Call everybody! We're gonna have us the bess damn fessibal ever!"

The flame maiden went to a white cord that hung beside the entrance to the courtyard and set a large bell to ringing. Soon, the three bakers and the door maiden staggered in, leaning on one another, their robes in disarray.

"Vassals of Vessa!" Palonia declared, "In honor of Our Lady's daddy Saturn an cuz Marla's cuzin is visitin, we're gonna have us a fessibal."

The virgins giggled and cheered. Portia was amazed. She had seen no evidence of wine about the temple but the vestals were all clearly plastered. If there was no physical explanation, it must be divine. But how on earth could Bacchus have influence on Vesta's clergy in Her very temple?

* * * *

"Well, Bacchus m'boy ," said Vesta, hopping up to sit on her kitchen table, "I gotta tell ya: I'm stumped! I've tried every stinkin' cheese in the pantry, every sor'a fish er fowl or flesh I can think of and they jus' don' do it! Lesss face it this stuff is jusss too damn good!"

The goddess took another swig of the golden liquor and smacked her lips.

"An I should know, right?" she continued.

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