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A beginning of world where hunger of sex has taken over.

Mmmm, oh yea it was so nice to feel him liking it. I love having my nuts sucked on, and I know how close right now he must have been to cumming. Thats why I stopped, and pulled my finger away from his butthole, and ran my tongue up his length, placing my hand over his and slowing him down, then taking over, before licking and nibbling on his shaft again. I didn'y go for the more sensitive and tasty head because, well, it was my first blow job in a while and I was going to enjoy it! And I don't need to go on about how magnificent this big cock was. It took a minute or so for Chrysler to calm down and then I started to suck him off again. And again the pre-cum. Yummy.
"Ahhhh... Jesus... where the fuck... aaaahhhhhhhhhhh..." he was still totally getting off on me sucking his balls and just coming down from nearly climaxing. I wasn't ready for him yet!

As I took him in my mouth again and enjoyed that wonderful feeling of just sucking on hard and bursting prick, he took the sides of my head in his hands and started to fuck my face. This is something else I was knew to, and I let him go ahead. His wet and warm head pushing against the back of my throat was kind of nice, I've had dick at the back of my throat before, but never had it pushed like this.

"Relax, Duke. Relax, open up... like you are drinking, relax..." he told me as he pushed my head back.

I wasn't sure whether or not I was ready for this, but I let him continue. I tried not to panic as I felt more of the length being fed past my lips, and he pushed my head as far back as it would go. I flattened my tongue to the base of my mouth and tried to imagine the sensation as normal. He pushed back against my face, but held tight, not letting me pull back... and then I felt a burst of pain as his head penetrated deeper than I've ever had a cock in my mouth... he was actually pushing back into my throat! I didn't know if I wanted to know how to 'deep-throat', but he was clearly enjoying trying to see if I could do it, literally fucking my face... pushing an inch forward, and inch back into my throat. I couldn't actually do anything but let him do it. I decided I prefer sucking!

He pushed in hard all of a sudden, and I felt a fresh burst of pain in my throat (plus I was beginning to develop a crick in my neck) and finally I gagged and pushed him away, spitting his prick out coated in my saliva. He later told me I'd taken 6" before freaking out... not bad for an amateur apparently!

"Don't like that?" he asked, rubbing his prick on my face. "Its pretty weird, but I like to do it."

"No... it felt too strange." Fucking loved being on the receiving end though!

Then I got back to work on his dick. I was about ready to finish him off now and took him roughly into my mouth and pushed a finger into his butt. He was pretty sweaty now, and my intrusion was easy. I felt him jump as my finger entered him (I had learned that although he does do it both ways, he had quite a tight ass and far preferred to give it rather than take it, especially with thicker dicked guys if they were a little too rough) but then he settled. I beat his length and sucked on him HARD. Sucked like I wanted to suck that magnificent dark dick completely dry...

I swirled my tongue all around his pink bulbous head and under the dark foreskin, beating it over my tongue as I pushed that sweaty finger in and out of his ass, sucking him and fucking him, giving him that wonderful burning sensation a finger in the ass gives while pleasuring his most sensitive organ with my expert tongue. I loved his black prick, and I wanted him to climax like he wouldn't forget at my touch. I wanted to taste the cum out of that black monster as he had an orgasm he'd remember forever. I didn't really hear Chrysler's almost-agitated grunts and groans as I was swimming in my own head with these crazy sexed-up imaginings as I got more and more turned on.

Before I even knew what was happening, Chrysler sighed long and loud an

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