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Passionate fun with my idol, leads to a long affair.

How could he be furious with Lila, when he was not so innocent himself?

It was getting late, and Vince was reasonably certain Lila would be sleeping. He knew he shouldn't go to his daughter. It would be a mistake, but he also didn't have the willpower to stop himself. He needed her in his arms tonight. He needed to bury his nose in her hair and smell her shampoo. He needed to wrap his arms around her slender body and feel her warmth. He needed more, but assured himself he would not take more than just her closeness.

The routine was always the same, with the exception that since their kiss Vince had taken to locking Fiona's bedroom door behind him. He sneaked in almost silently, and moved directly to the bed. Fiona always shifted over to give him room to join her. He lifted the blankets and slipped under right behind her. His arms immediately circled her, but tonight Fiona was naked. Vince's breath hitched in his chest. His cock instantly grew hard in his boxer shorts.

"Baby?" he whispered in a strangled voice.

"I'm glad you're here, Daddy."

Her skin felt so warm and soft. Vince wished he was bare as well so he could fully feel her silky length pressed against him. Even as it was this felt far too good, it had to be sinful. His hands moved almost as if on their own vocation. He brought them up and cupped her perfect breasts. Gently caressing them he worked his hands to the tip of her puckered nipples. Fiona sighed softly.

Slowly, painfully slowly, Vince let his hands slide down her stomach. It was flat, and the skin felt incredible under his fingers. He was rock hard and he knew she could feel it. In his mind he kept screaming at himself to stop and go back to the guest room. He knew that some lines, once crossed, would change everything forever. He couldn't be sure that the changes would be good though. He could very well ruin his relationship with her all because he had a forbidden hunger for her as a woman, not as a daughter.

He was so close to getting up and leaving, and maybe Fiona sensed this. She shifted back against him invitingly. She felt too damn good, and smelled even better. Instead of leaving, Vince found himself leaning forward to nuzzle the sensitive skin at her neck. She smelled as good as she felt, and it left him wondering how she might taste.

"I want to kiss you." he said so low he wasn't sure she would even hear him, but she did and rolled over in his arms.

She pressed close so that her naked body was as close to him as possible. "Kiss me, Daddy." she said breathlessly. This was Vince's undoing. He could not resist the sweet sexy lilt in her voice, the heat of her body, the feel of her breasts pressed to his chest. Even through his thin t-shirt he could feel her rock hard nipples pressed against him.

Vince groaned as his mouth came down on hers. Again, like last time, the heat was swift and intense. The kiss swirled and danced. They breathed each other in. It was intense, wild, and reckless. It was everything a kiss was meant to be, even if it was forbidden fruit.

When finally their lips parted, they both panted hard. Excitement was making Vince's hands shake ever so slightly, but it also made Fiona's breath hitch. Their roles as father and daughter took a backseat, and they were man and woman in bed together. They had needs, wants, desires that could not be ignored much longer.

"Please..." Fiona managed. It was a plea. Vince wanted to give her everything he had to offer, and he wanted to take everything she could offer.

He wanted to, but suddenly he couldn't. He was her father, and even though she was a grown woman, it was his job to protect her not take advantage of her. "Fiona...we can't."

Moving slowly, and with a heavy heart, Vince slid back and got out of his daughter's bed. He tucked the blanket securely back around her naked form. "I love you so much, and I can't do this to you." With that he left her room.


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