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Patty plays for the gods while Janet dances.

to happen!"

I wiggled my body so I could sit up against the headboard, an easier angle for me to attend to the two tic-tacs that needed sucking in front of me. I leaned in and started with her right nipple, slowly circling it, teasing it and flicking it before swapping to her other nipple. I thought it best to keep quiet and let the story come out on it's own.

"We first ran into Stewart and his friends in Jupiter, the new bar on Main Street, he offered to buy us drinks, so we accepted. Anyway, he and I got talking, he's a smooth talker by the way, and we talked some more. Jen wanted to head to Cotton Club, you know she can be a bit pedantic that way, so we left, but I gave Stewart my mobile number and told him to call me later."

She paused briefly to tell me she was enjoying what I was doing to her.

"So we're in the Cotton Club when my phone buzzes, it was a text from Stewart saying to look behind me, there he was! He and his friends had decided to go to the same club, a very happy co-incidence wasn't it? Stu bought us another round of drinks and we went dancing. To cut a long story short, this went on for about an hour, he was buying drinks, there was some dancing, then he came and asked me to dance alone with him. At this point, I knew it was going to happen, there had been, uh, chemistry between us, just enough to get me going"

I was loving this, lying beneath Nic, her sexy silk clad ass in my hands (if you haven't guessed, I have a thing for silk!) as I played with her nipples. My hands alternating between being on the outside of her panties and inside to hold her naked ass. I'd still not managed to get my hands to the front where I'd have played with something a lot more fun.

"He's a good dancer, maybe not as carefree as you, but he's not an idiot out there. After a while, a slower R&B song came on and he pulled me closer to him. To be honest, at that moment, I wasn't thinking about anything else in the world except this stud I was dancing with. He pulled me close, put his arms around me and looked down at me. I couldn't help myself John, he made to kiss me and I kissed him back, it was sooooo good! So soft, and perfect, yet so erotic, I could feel my nipples tingling, like I was turning red all over!"

I was grinding hard up to her at this point, dry humping her though my boxers and her pants.

"Oooh, feels like little John is enjoying this story as much as I'm enjoying telling it!" I mumbled my agreement to her, quickly glancing up as she smiled down at me, her black hair falling forward and covering her face.

"Once the song ended, we broke our kiss and headed back to the bar, luckily, Stewarts friends had been distracting Jen and Susan, Jen was a nguthy girl too with Stewarts black friend James by the way, what a sight those two looked, I'm sure you would have enjoyed seeing her white skin in his dark arms!"

I couldn't help but moan at this, my cock hardening even more against her. Jennifer was porcelain white, natural blonde hair and very skinny, the thought of seeing her in the arms of a dark skinned lover was something I had allowed myself to imagine more than once.

"Ha ha, thought that would get you going. They took me aside and asked if I was fine. I told them Stewart was looking after me and that they shouldn't worry about me." She made a small gasping noise, "I love it when you suck my nipples like that! Anyway, where was I, yes, they both had asked if I was alright, then said they were going to get something to eat with Stewarts friends, an early breakfast I presume. Well, I was having a great time, hopefully my bra hid my nipples enough, although the top you picked out for me would have shown them up pretty obviously! I told Jen I'd catch up with them later, but that Stewart and I were going to stay and, well, I said dance, but I really meant kiss!"

"They tried persuading me to go with them, but I declined as Stewart dragged me up for another go around the dance floor, that was the last I heard from them except a couple of texts later on.

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