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Girl gets chance with celebrity Gary Oldman.

And then she undid another button, and another until her navel and perfectly flat stomach was exposed. She untucked her blouse, undid the final button and looking up at the ceiling slid it off her shoulders and placed it on the back of the chair she had been sitting on. I noticed Susanna look up briefly from her table, but then she quickly got back to her work, probably glad that she wasn't standing in front of me.

"Oh, that's nice. Very, very nice," Nancy. "I am super hard again just looking at you like this."

"This is kind of embarrassing, Brendan," she said.

"I'm sure it is, but you look good,. Soooo, at the moment I don't care."

"Janelle, please gently squeeze Nancy's right breast 3 times." Janelle looked up suddenly, as she had been looking of to the side. "Oh...ok," she said, getting up reluctantly. "Sorry, Nancy," she breathed.

And with that, she reached out and gently placed her hand over Nancy's tit, and through her bra, gently massaged it once, twice, three times, as Nancy just stood there breathing heavily.


Ah, excuse me. I said, bouncing over to Susanna with a noticeable bulge in my pants. I retrieved another glass of iced tea from the fridge and placed it in front of her.

Brendan..." she began, "this is too far, maybe?"

I raised an eye brow at her. "You can leave."

She sighed, said, "No," and drank her iced tea.

"Good, good." I said, getting back to my desk. Nancy had her arms crossed across her chest, and Janelle had sat back down, also with her arms crossed, both of them looking very defensive and sullen, but making no move to leave.

"Remove your bra, and place it on my desk, please."

I assumed Nancy knew where this was going and didn't hesitate very much this time, but reached behind her back, and as only women can do expertly unhooked the clasps. In what I felt like was a question that played out every time a woman was asked to exposed herself, she asked, "Do I have to?"

"Of course you do, Nancy." I purred. "And don't even think of crossing your arms when its off."

And with that, she crossed her arms and slowly pulled the straps from her shoulders and placed her bra on my desk, exposing her amazing tits. They hung ever so slightly, and were perfect with amazing, big pink nipples that were hard from the air conditioning.

"Oh fuck, you look good topless. Fuck, fuck, fuck." I just sat there staring while she avoided eye contact for another 30 seconds.

"Janelle, please stand behind Nancy and cup her breasts with your hands, rubbing her nipples, until the egg timer goes off."

They both sighed angrily in unison, but Janelle rose and got behind Nancy. Janelle was taller than Nancy, and Nancy's head rested just slightly above Janelle's chin on the crook of her shoulder. I loved how Janelle's amazing, brown skin looked at as she began to fondle Nancy's creamy white tits. Janelle looked past me, and began to rub Nancy's nipples with her thumb. Nancy just stood there with her eyes closed, as she had her fully erect nipples gently massaged by Janelle. Nancy let out a little moan, in spite of herself. Janelle seemed to know what she was doing even if she didn't want to be doing it. Susanna remained glued to her laptop at this point, trying to pretend this wasn't happening.


Ah, saved by the bell. "Janelle sit down."

And there was Susanna again, looking up from her laptop as I handed her another glass of iced tea, fresh from the fridge. She drank it without saying anything, but by now I noticed that Janelle and Nancy were looking at her with a bit of contempt, since she seemed to be experiencing minimal humiliation.

Back to Janelle and Nancy. They were both still standing, and I instructed Janelle to sit down, before focusing my attention on Nancy.

"Nancy, what's next, do you think?"

"I guess you want my skirt to come off?"

"Good girl," I responded.

"Ok," She seemed to be adjusting a bit now, and with minimal hesitation, she reached around behind her and unzipped it.

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