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A wayward 18-year old enjoys summer a little too much.

Nadia looked up from the 'Fist Fuck Party' magazine when Elena came back into the room and gasped when she saw the collection.

"And this?" she asked, gingerly touching the latex cock with the suction cup base.

"You stick it wherever you want to," Elena said and demonstrated by playfully sticking it to the refrigerator door.

"So you can just walk up and fuck," Nadia laughed.

"Actually," Elena said and stuck it to the empty chair between her and Nadia.

"Oh," Nadia said and touched the latex dong. "And it moves; oh that must be fun!"

"It is," Elena said, and then giggled.

"I had the religious people come to my house in America; they were' have you heard the good news' and 'we have the way of salvation,'" Elena related. "And I sat at my kitchen table with that in my pussy the whole time and the two women never ever noticed."

"How's it worked?" Nadia asked, whispering even though it was just the two women in the apartment.

"It'll cost you a kiss," Elena said and Nadia leaned closer and kissed Elena.

Elena wormed her tongue into Nadia's mouth for a brief second, then stood and dropped her shorts to the kitchen floor.

She then pulled the chair out, lined herself up with the dildo, and sat down.

Nadia bent her head under the table to have a closer look.

"Oh and how's this one work?" Nadia asked, grabbing the double headed dong as Elena slowly hunched against the fat dildo.

"That one?" Elena wheezed, close to orgasm. "That one will cost you a kiss."

Nadia bent to kiss Elena.

"...And your panties," Elena said and reluctantly pulled her pussy off her dildo.

"I uh, I don't have any," Nadia said, blushing bright red.

"But, seriously, you need to take your pants off if I'm going to show you this one, or this one," Elena said, pointing to the double headed dildo and the strap on.

"Couldn't you just tell me?" Nadia asked a tremor in her voice.

"I must go to the bathroom," Elena said abruptly. "Let me know if you'd like me to show them to you or not."

"I have no time for little girls and little girl games," Elena said as she shut the bathroom door.

She used the facilities and cursed the cheap toilet paper her mother had in the apartment. She then reminded herself, she had not been too quick to replace the coarse paper.

With a count to ten, in Polish, then in English, Elena opened the door and felt a flush of happiness; Nadia was still at the kitchen table.

The girl then stood up and Elena saw that she did not have her trousers on.

"Oh, Sugar Cube, that is the prettiest little pussy," Elena squealed, seeing the orange hair that barely covered Nadia's pink lips.

"Now, will you..." Nadia asked, unable to meet Elena's eyes.

"Oh, may I? I must have a taste," Elena begged, looking at the girl's pussy.

Nadia mutely nodded her head and just stood, waiting.

"Here, here, come to couch," Elena said and pulled Nadia into the living room.

She put Nadia on the couch, pulled her buttocks to the edge of the cushion, and then got down on her knees between the girl's slightly spread legs.

Nadia looked on as Elena used her hands to push Nadia's plump thighs apart, then bent forward and gave Nadia's pussy a sniff.

"Ah, young sweet pussy," Elena praised, and then used her thumbs to ply Nadia's lips apart.

Nadia gasped as Elena's fat tongue made contact, then groaned as Elena dragged her tongue up and down Nadia's slit.

Oh!" Nadia grunted as Elena's tongue swiped her clitoris.

Elena sucked and licked at Nadia's pussy until she had the girl close to orgasm, then abruptly stood.

Nadia looked up, confused.

"Now, I show you dildo," Elena smiled and grabbed the double headed dong from the kitchen table.

Nadia watched, fascinated, as Elena drove one end of the dong into her pussy and fucked herself for a few strokes.

Then, gripping the middle, keeping six inches of the dong in herself, Elena knelt between Nadia's spread thighs again, and pressed the head of the dong to Nadia

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