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What my wife got up to and my response.

She grinned with triumph, and far from chiding him, decided to take him further down. She let him stew, enjoying his blush for a few moments, then calmly took the panties from the bag, holding them up on her elegant fingers to bring the full recognition of his enjoyment back to him.

'Did you masturbate for me, on sniffing them?' His voice broke, delighting her as he was treated to the vision of the panties which had granted him so wholesome a submissive orgasm, held high by the woman who had created the scent which he had worshipped.

'Yes Mistress Irma... I masturbated... masturbated for you.' Her cunt oozed as she enjoyed his humiliation, knowing the inner submissive excitement he would be feeling, dominated by her simple words as thoroughly as with whip or cane. She half closed her eyes and lifted her head, the panties held close to one breast, the nipple from the other poking hard through the fabric of her low cut bra and dress.

'And how did you picture me as you masturbated, what did you desire as you came?' She saw the seconds pass by in his mind as though they were hours, as he found the strength to admit and enjoy the shame of what she already knew, she aiding his response by placing the panties back in the bag and retrieving a long leather leash and collar which she calmly lay on the table. His rigid cock pulsed pre-cum as he eyed the leash and prepared to confirm her ownership of him. He had thought she would tease him slowly and gradually, but her immediate and direct approach left no time for him to meander and edge at the truth; her mood was acutely keen, she would have him in his place below her with all haste.

'I... I thought of being on my knees to you... being under.. under your control... I... I dreamed of being owned by you.' Her brown eyes burned with stern admiration as she watched the beads of sweat form on his brow, her deep inner sense of sadistic excitement carefully hidden as she maintained an air of nonchalance, her fingers toying with the leash that she yearned to see him wear. She had him now, and he was hers to put to good use, her panties moist with arousal at the speed with which she had made him confirm the weakness she would exploit with satisfaction.

'I think you have a little more to tell me, but I want to hear it when you realise your fantasy and sniff at the panties I have on... while I'm wearing them. That is something you'd desire, isn't it?' He was now beyond shame, having relieved himself of the burden of truth, almost hyper ventilating and close to spending the contents of his balls at the thought.

'Oh yes Mistress Irma... I'd desire that... be honoured... so much.' She smiled softly, enjoying hearing the still awkward but relieved tone now that the admission of his submissiveness was outed, her breasts heaving as she fought to contain and obscure any outward indication of her own desire to dominate him, taking her phone from her bag.

'Hello... I'd like cab from the Golden Angel please... to Parsonage Lane... just five minutes? Thanks.' She dropped the phone into the bag, and returned her attention to the leash, her fingers toying with it.

'This leash will confirm my ownership of you.

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