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Oh! No! He's a student!


'Fine then. Don't tell anyone, or I will hunt you down and kill you in your sleep. And I'll enjoy it.'


'My name...Oh god! Okay deep breaths...in...out...in...out...' She sighed again. 'My name is Darleinaska.' There was a pause.

'Holy Shit.' I said, astounded. That was the name of-



He knew. I could tell. "Oh God, what have you done?!" I thought desperately. "Why did you tell him, you idiot! -No-one shall know, and no-one shall ever know- Why couldn't I keep my damn promise?" He stared at me, completely unblinking. 'Darleinaska?' I shivered at the sound of my name. 'Yes?' He blinked.

'You're not...by any chance...The Darleinaska, are you?' I swallowed hard. He knew.

'Depends on who you mean by "The".'

'Umm... The last full Were-cat?' And with that sentence, my temper sky-rocketed. How dare they!

'Is that what they call us now?' I raged, jumping up and striding around Caleb's apartment. 'Full Were-cats? This is so typical of Weres! Making even other species conform to their standards. We are not, and never have been Were. I never want to be. I am not the "last full Were-cat" because there never was such thing as a "full Were-cat"! I am Felis Nigorakxe.

The prime Cat; descendant of the Goddesses. And I am the Last Felis, The Alpha Princess Darleinaska.' I halted, suddenly realising something. 'Oh no,' I groaned. 'That's how they keep finding me! That's how Damien keeps finding me...' I held my head in my hands and stared down at the floor, abruptly lost in thought. However, my portion of nostalgia time was rather rudely interrupted by a growl emanating from Caleb. I arched an eyebrow. 'Caleb? Are you alright?' He stopped growling, but his face remained stony.

'Who is this Damien?' He rumbled.

'A very pissed off vampire prince, and my ex-captor. Why?' I was confused. Why did he care? His face relaxed.

'I just...don't really like the idea of you knowing another male by first name.'

I was shocked. 'Why the fuck do you care?'

'Does it really matter?'

'Hell Yes!'

'Well... as far as I know... I mean, I could be wrong, but-'

'Spit it out, dammit.'

'I think that you're my mate!' He snapped, and then froze in alarm. My eyes went wide.

'Your...mate?! But...that's not... Shit! For fuck's sake...'

'I know. I'm not even supposed to have a mate, never mind a fucking princess...' I flinched. I hadn't been addressed as a princess for a long time. Then the rest of his statement sunk in.

'What do you mean you're not supposed to have a mate?'

He groaned. 'I-It's to do with my time with a vampire colony...do you really want to know?'


'Ok then. I'll tell you. Just... don't judge me' I was slightly excited. He took a deep breath and began to talk.


I was in my home when I got the news."No way." I thought. "They're not going to send me to live with blood-suckers for 3 fucking years!" But sure enough, 2 months later I was travelling to a vampire colony, to be an ambassador for a new alliance between my Pack and the Infernus Colony.

The Infernus Vampires were notorious for their change. The entire colony had stopped draining their victims. But even then I didn't trust Vampires. I didn't want to work there, not even as a peace keeper. But I had no choice, Alpha's orders must be obeyed. When I got there, it wasn't that bad. The Vampires were...welcoming. Not hostile or even withdrawn, they were happy. I realised that these Vampires were free now. And I began to feel free with them. I made friends; a female Vampire was particularly interested in me, but even if I liked a few Vamps as friends, it doesn't mean I wanted to get... involved with one. I told her so, and she shut down. She became withdrawn and depressed, so I thought. Turned out she was just plotting. That was nearly a year in.

A while later, she came up to me, said she was sorry, and asked if we could still be friends.

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