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Mother and Son find erotic pleasure after a day of flirting.

She had only partially dressed at this stage, and wore a tiny top which, as she leaned forward, revealed a huge amount of slightly freckled cleavage...I could just imagine how her tits would've wobbled at the time, as acquainted as I was with their pendulous size, naked. The thought of their teasingly-obscured, drooping forms, combined with the image of Jenny's ass was almost too much to bear.

I had opted for no best man for the service, but had considered Eva, our new glamourous she-male friend. The thought of her probable outfit tickled my imagination no end...but I would be too distracted. It just wouldn't look right. At the reception however...perhaps she could help me out with some duties...we'll see, I thought. So the assembly at the altar would consist of Jenny, Jules and the titanic Sandra.

Finally the big day had come. I'd had many hours of preparation in the morning, lots of phone calls, did Sandra. The last I'd seen of her she had been arranging the delivery of flowers to the service. She'd been standing with her back to me on the phone, one hand on her hip, semi-attired in her bridal outfit...well, I assumed so under her black silk gown, judging from the pink hi-heels and stockings I could see. As I left her, I heard her giggle and softly murmer 'naughty boy'. I shook my head: she was an incurable flirt.

- - - - - - - - -

I was adjusting my outfit in a rear, secluded room behind the main room where the service was to be held in an hour or so, when I heard an echo of that giggle that I'd heard in our lounge room in the afternoon. I stopped and listened. There it was again. I shrugged and assumed it was one of the other girls, perhaps Jenny. I then thought it would be wise to check that the flowers had been delivered.

Opening the door to the adjacent room, I was at first confused by what I saw, as it looked like Sandra and a young man were in a heated debate about something...I could only see the top half of the scenario, my view obscured by stacked up seats and boxes. The man had his back to me, while Sandra looked up at him, seeming to misunderstand something...then her expression changed. "Oh, it's so big!" It suddenly clicked: evidently I had just witnessed the moment of penetration. I knew that expression very well.

Sure enough, when I gained a better view, I saw that Sandra was sitting on a tallish box, her long legs spread wide, her pussy obscured by the man's small, toned ass, as he bucked steadily. Kneeling right down, I could see through his legs, as he stood with one foot up on a small box. His large, dangling balls swayed as his cockshaft stretched Sandra's pussy lips, sliding in and out, accompanied by her moans and whimpers of pleasure. The back of his grey shirt advertised the flower company for which he worked.

The young guy slowly picked up speed, and slightly arched his back to get a better view of his prize. Sandra looked up at him invitingly, knowing that his gaze had dropped down to her chest as he fucked her. 'Don't be shy, Sam, take out my big tits!' urged Sandra.

Sam complied. I could see that her dress was special, and perfectly alluring. It was sheer, stretchy pink lace, figure hugging, a slightly Spanish style white lace shawl over her shoulders, and topped with a wide brimmed white hat, very elegant. A matching white satin g-string had already fallen, discarded no doubt in haste, onto the floor, next to some flimsy hose. Sam gently pulled the dress from over her shoulders, down to her elbows, enough to allow Sandra's bra-less tits to flop out. He was evidently excited, as his pumping grew more urgent. What man wouldn't be aroused by such massive tits, and by the beautiful, slim woman to whom they belonged? The fact that her nipples were also massive and brown, the size of saucers, was almost too much for Sam to bear, and Sandra noticed.

"Careful stud, don't cum yet!"

Sam scooped up one breast with both hands and greedily worked his tongue around it, sucking it with the same relish that I'm sure his penis would have enjoyed before I'd encountered

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