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A delightful dinner with a girl to follow.

Char had obviously looked up to see what was going on now too, and said,

"God your brother's fit Trace"

"I'm not worried about that at the moment! Get out!" She yelled.

"Hang on a sec Trace, why should he leave?"

"He knows about us."

"Yeah, but making him leave won't change that will it? Plus, look at him." Her voice was soft and soothing.

My sister's eyes wandered down my chest and stopped at my boxers, where there was a quite visible boner desperate to be released.

"You and I have talked about wanting to take on a penis, and there's an obviously willing tool just there to help us along."

"How many girls have you fucked with that thing Ant?" She said, motioning to his crotch. I faltered for a moment.

"None" I admitted.

"Well, that makes all three of us in this room virgins then. I think it's about time we changed that, don't you, Trace?"

My sister was still staring at my boxers, transfixed by what lay within. She looked back up to Charlotte, straight into her eyes, and, without saying anything, planted a long French kiss on her lips.

I was stood by the door awkwardly, wondering what to do next, when my sister spoke.

"You wait just there, Ant. I've got an idea." She looked into Char's eyes and said,

"We can have a competition, like a duel, to win you. The first one to orgasm loses."

"Hey, no fair!" Said Charlotte. "That means if I lose, you get everything and I don't get anything. It should be that the winner gets to fuck your brother, but the loser gets to suck him off first."

All this talk had made my dick feel like it was going to explode.

"Deal!" Said Char. "You OK with that Ant?" She looked at my straining crotch. That was enough for an answer.

"OK, you're the ref."

I stood there for several seconds, waiting for them to start, feeling impossibly aroused.

"Well go on then, you're supposed to start us off!"

"Err...Go!" I said, still feeling a bit uncomfortable.

I stood transfixed as the two of them started kissing passionately. Char moved quickly down to Trace's tits and began sucking and chewing them, twisting them with her fingers and nibbling gently at them with her beautiful mouth. Tracy let out a gasp which showed she was clearly enjoying herself.

In response to this movement from Char, my sister reached down to her perfect shaved pussy and started to rub the lips, massaging the entire area with her hand. Char started moaning into Trace's tits in response to this, and, even though the aim was to orgasm second, she started forcing herself further onto Trace's exploring fingers.

Still getting finger-fucked by my sister, Char turned round and buried her face in Trace's hairier mound.

"Mmm you taste as good as always Trace!" She half-said, half-mumbled around her mouthful of pussy. Tracy pulled herself round so that her tongue could get to Char's slit. She was about to dive in when Char's expert fingers and tongue reached her clitoris, and she cried out loud,

"OH FUCK CHAR THAT'S GOOD!" She glanced up at me for a moment, and was clearly spurred on to win this battle of the sex-titans, because she plunged into Charlotte's sex, her well-practised tongue flitting in and out of the pussy in front of her.

Char's reaction was instantaneous and amazing. She jerked up, as if she had just been electrocuted, arching her back and screamed out,


The two girls kept working over each others' pussies, with constant moaning and groaning coming from both sides.

"Hang on a sec!" Said Trace suddenly.

"But that means you get time to recover!" Complained Char. Tracy pushed a finger against Char's lips gently, causing her to be quiet. She opened the bottom drawer of her bedside table and pulled out a double-ended vibrator.

"I figured since we're both near climaxing, this'd finish the loser off fairly."

"Nice idea. Now get it working quick - I'm so horny I feel like I'm going to explode!"

Tracy flicked a switch on the side and it started juddering

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