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A fat girl gets fucked the way she deserves.

"Do you always go round perving on people?" I snapped

He shrugged, "It wasn't intentional, I guess you just didn't hear me drive up" he said.

"You could have walked away as soon as you realized what was happening" I almost snarled, not quite sure why I was getting so worked up.

He shrugged, "I guess I could have, but it's a long time since I've seen a body as beautiful as yours, and I don't mind admitting it turned me on - then he grinned widely - and what you were doing was quite a turn on too! Just stood there wishing it was me" He said.

I gulped, feeling the heat rushing to my face, enjoying the compliments he was paying me, but feeling somehow that I should protest them.

"I hope your boyfriend paid you back in full for all that beautiful attention you lavished on him" he said, a quirky grin on his face.

"What do you mean?" I spluttered.

He looked a little surprised, "I mean, I hope he gave your beautiful body the same attention and made you cum too" he said.

I gasped and colored again, "Well he did his best, I guess" I stammered.

His eyes widened, "You mean he didn't make you cum?"

"Hah, he wouldn't even suck my pussy" I said a little angrily, "Anyway, no one has ever made me cum yet"

He looked quite stunned, "A woman as beautiful as you, never cum? That's almost criminal" he said quite forcefully, "And as for not sucking your pussy, he must be crazy!"

"Or selfish, like all men" I snapped

"Not all men" he said.

"Hah, all the men I know" I said.

"Oh dear, that's a challenge I just can't turn away from" he said, "after all, I'm one of the men you know", and he raised up from the couch and walked over to the chair I was sitting on and dropped to his knees and placed his hands on my knees.

"What are you doing?" I croaked

"Why Tina" he said, with a grin, "I'm going to suck your hot, juicy pussy and keep on sucking it until you explode into multiple orgasms"

"You can't, you're my stepfather" I gasped.

But he didn't take any notice, he reached up beneath my short skirt, took hold of my panties and peeled them down and off, and although I was still spluttering and protesting, I noticed that my ass had automatically lifted to enable him to take them off, and that I'd actually slipped a little way down in the chair so that my pussy was in a perfect position when his mouth descended onto it. It only took a few moments for my sputtering and protesting to turn into moans of pure pleasure and delight as I experienced a man's tongue in my pussy for the first time. He was so gentle, yet so forceful, as his tongue alternated between dipping deeply into my pussy and gently stroking against my clit, oh god, it felt so good, nothing had ever felt this good, and I just relaxed and let it all happen, mmm this was something I wanted for so long and none of my boyfriends had been prepared to do it, but Jeff was, and he was taking me into realms of pleasure I'd only fantasized about. The fact that he was my stepfather just seemed to add an extra zing to the whole thing, as my mind churned, and my pussy churned and his tongue churned.

My hands were on his head now, urging him on and I knew I was crying out loudly, just as loudly as mom used to cry out when I was trying to get to sleep, and sleep was the furthest thing from my mind now, god, this was just so good! My body felt like it was on fire, being stoked by his insistent tongue, and I was bucking and heaving against his face. Then my body seemed to freeze before exploding wildly into a monumental orgasm that had me screaming so loud I was afraid the neighbors might rush in, and I was cumming, boy was I cumming! Copious amounts of juice were cascading through my pussy and washing into Jeff's face, and he was lapping them up as rapidly as he could, and the more he lapped, the wilder my gyrations became, oh wow, was this really it, oh god, it had to be, I was being swept with so much pleasure that it was almost painful.

It seemed to go on and on, but eventually his tongue left my pussy and I slumped exhausted into t

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