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Rayne takes Si's appetite to the edge.

They proceeded to the large extravagant stairwell. All the guests were too busy now with dinner being served that no one paid any attention to the three of them. The guests would soon be stuffing themselves with duck and Christmas cakes. She noticed that Nicolas and Michael were glaring at her again. They looked her up and down, seeming to like her hips particularly. She smiled. "It is rather uncomfortable, this dress. I would rather be Skyclad. You men don't have to wear these heavy annoying dresses with tons of lace and strings with petticoats."

"Maybe not ma'lady, and for good reason. I don't know any man alive who could make lace and strings look so beautiful." Nicolas commented, testing her. Kathrina smiled to herself, reveling in the feel of excitement. They made their way down a corridor, which held at least ten different rooms. Priceless paintings hung every so feet down the hallway and occasionally a pedestal holding a vase of Christmas flowers dotted the hallway. They had checked every room but one along the hallway, none seemed to be fit for the Duchess. The last room at the very end of the hall was locked.

"This must be it, but it is locked." Kathrina whimpered in defeat.

"Yes, but hold on." Nicolas turned to Michael and they spoke in their native Italian tongue.

Michael smiled, "Not problem, segnorina." His accent was so thick and Kathrina found it to be unbelievably sexy. From his inside coat pocket he pulled out a small tool. Watching in amazement Kathrina realized he was picking the Lady's bedroom lock. Within seconds a loud CLICK was heard and Michael opened the door. The room was beautiful! It smelled of cinnamon and holiday cheer. The Duchess did love Christmas and her room was adored with scented candles, pine cones, wreaths, poinsettias, and priceless other valuables. She heard Michael lock the door behind them.

"Now, ma'lady, what is it you needed in here for?" Nicolas asked. He looked her over more closely. Her breasts were full, sitting high on her chest thanks to her tight corset. Her waist tapered inward then curved outward for her rather wide hips. He dared to step closer to her, touching her cheek with his right hand.

"I would like you both to help me celebrate the holiday. Since I cannot be with my own clansman and celebrate my own holiday because my father is shrouded by ignorance, I will embarrass him by being a complete slut. The rumors will spread tomorrow that I was seen with two attractive men with gleaming smiles. No man in this village will want to wed me and he will toss me out of his home and I can be with my coven. It will surely be the death of him." She grinned a bewitching look overtaking her face. "Do you mind helping me out of these annoying confinements?"

Nicolas spoke to Michael and together they untied, unbuttoned and unlaced Kathrina from her prison. Her puffy velvet dress lay in a heap on the floor and she stood staring at them in the nude. Moving gracefully she danced to the Duchess's bed and made herself a seat. "Please, I believe it is your turn to undress."

She laughed as their fingers hurriedly unbuttoned their shirts and trousers.

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