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How everything started for a Psychology student.

She rubbed my ass with her hand, then brought down the paddle. Her breasts wiggled as it smacked, the blow pushing my hard cock into the table. I made a sound.

I pulled my pants back up. Then, turned to Kat. She was still standing there, in her capris and bare feet, red toes arranged in a perfect row.. I studied her breasts, my fingers tingling to touch them. My breath was coming out hard, I could hear myself breathing. I reached up to the snaps, my hand touching her warm hips. I fumbled with the zipper. Looking back, I could see Anna licking her lips. In one motion, I pulled the capris down to Kat's ankles, and she stepped out, stumbling. Her crotch hit my face, I could feel how damp it was.

She pushed the hair out of her face. "Sorry," she said. She was wearing a thong through her tight pussy lips.

Anna looked at my crotch as I came back to the table. "I think John's liking this game," she said, giving it a pat. Dan and Kat started laughing. Dan put his arm around Kat.

Anna took her turn. "French kiss your partner."

She turned and grabbed me with both hands, throwing herself on me. I was startled by the response, the force of her body against mine, our lips coming together, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth like a wicked squirrel. She worked her crotch against my hard cock, rubbing it back and forth. My cock pressed against her mound through her jeans. She bit my lip, sitting down. I could see under her shirt and bra that her nipples were getting hard.

"Jesus, guys," Kat said, picking up her card. "Remove a piece of clothing from your partner."

Dan stood up.

"I think that's helping," Anna warned. "Honey, spank his ass."

Kat shook her head. "Let me take those jeans first."

Kat unbuckled his belt, sliding his jeans down. Her hands grabbed his ass cheeks, giving them a little squeeze. She bumped her head against the bulge in his boxers.

Dan put his hands on the table, pulling the boxers down. His ass was round and white. "Go for it, hero."

I took the paddle and gave a limp swat.

"Like a man," he said. "I won't be so nice to you."

Harder. Harder. The last one, he sucked in a breath. He looked at me, smiling. "Not bad." His ass cheeks were red.

Dan's turn. "Strip naked." He stood up, taking off his T shirt. His chest was smooth, well defined, with dark hair drifting lazily toward the middle.

"Anyone who can't handle it," he was looking at me, "Avert your eyes." He took off his boxers. His cock was hanging between his legs, straight and firm as a diving board. It was a big one, circumcised. The round head bobbed in the air. Anna was looking at it, her mouth a little open.

I tapped her chin shut gently. "Nothing you haven't seen before," I smiled.

My turn. "Take off Kat's underwear... with my teeth."

"I don't think you can do it," Anna chided.

I stood up again. Kat stood out of her chair, cocking her hip to the side, winking at me. "Do you think you can handle it?"

I went down on my knees, smelling the soft scent of her pussy. I put my face against her belly. It was soft, like touching silk. Then, with my tongue, I grabbed the strap of her thong, taking it between my teeth. I started to pull on it. She shifted her weight, pressing her pussy against my clenched lips. I pulled on the the thong, and her juicy lips popped out. I took the panties down to her ankles.

"Nice job," she said, arching her foot, kicking them off.

Anna went next. "Strip your partner. I'll do it."

I stood up, raising my arms. Anna took off my shirt, running her hand across my chest, planting kissed down my back. Then she stuck her hand down my pants, fondling my cock. It grew firm in her hand, she giving it a few solid tugs. Then she pulled my pants down, letting my cock bounce like a diving board. "Some one's ready to party," she said. Kat was looking at it, smiling to herself.

Kat read her card. "Lick my partner's penis. Honey, let me see that cock."

Dan reclined back in his chair, letting his manhood flop on the edge of the seat.

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