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Coming Home.

Don't press it! I'm telling myself.

So I turn, stroll back across the grass, turn again, face the street, give a dick-wag or three and quit screwing around you pervert! turn around and head back down to my private sanctuary where anything goes today. Oh, yeah! This is a good day to be horny!

Of course there's no reason to rush things. I can take my time with today's kicks. A happy ending is assured. All in it's own good time.

So the next thing I do is I head down the lower south steps to the small, sandy, unoccupied beach here. I sit myself down on a comfortable rock and admire the scenery. Across this large lake is a smaller city, outlined by the mountain range in the distance. To the south is a floating bridge that connects an island suburb to our fair city. And beyond that is a large scenic mountain. Beautiful!

Even more beautiful when there are naked bodies out there in the water and in here on the beach. Much more beautiful to my way of thinking. But those lazy crazy spacey days of summer are gone for this year, unfortunately. We're heading for the doldrums of wintertime and I haven't got much more nude beach kicks to get in this year. Today may be the last and I'd danged well better make the most of it.

By now I've got the limber leg, but that's alright. My hardon won't be gone for long on a day this horny. I head myself on back up to that well-cover, look out the outlook - no trouble in sight - and stroke it on up again. It seems kind of odd I have to admit that nobody has budged off of the main beach today and maybe I should just check that out. I mean who knows. Some chicks could have showed up and there could be a full-fledged orgy going on right now!

Yeah, right! It'd be the first time ever, and even though there's no chance, now I'm thinking about it maybe I better just give the main beach a quick stroll.

Back down the short steps, a few more quick strokes just so's I look my best for the fellows (to hell with 'em, after all!), and I head north across the thin strip of sand that separates the two beaches.

Ahh! These deadheads! They're still just sitting there staring off into space. They got no idea how to have a good time in my not so humble opinion. They're all just taking up valuable real estate, no good for anyone or anything! Losers! Worthless idiots! Nuts to them! If they won't be any fun I'll just head up to the grass again and continue entertaining myself by myself!

I round the corner and start toward the steps. And then, looking ahead - Hello darling! Where did you come from? It's a female, definitely, absotively, posorutely a female, bundled head to toe against a possible fall chill, but for sure female none the less. And where did she come from? She must have slipped in while I was sitting on that rock. And now she's on her way out. I've got to move fast!

"Oh, hi!" I shout. And I've got her.

She starts to turn and, "Is this your first time at the park?", I inquire, and don't give me any crap! I know this conversation is trite and stupid, but that's not the point. The point is... well I'll show you the point. I'll show her the point, 'cause my stiff member is pointing directly at her and she can't miss it.

"Did you know it was a nude beach?" I cleverly ask next. And she assures me that indeed it is her first time here and indeed she did not know it was a nude beach. Now she starts to turn and maybe you don't think I know what I'm doing and I'm going to blow it, but have no fear. She's on the hook alright! She just doesn't know it yet.

And before she can slip away I ask where she's from and wham! the trap is lowered, the hook is set, she's taken the bait and she's mine! She turns again and answers politely, and how can she not. It's how she was brought up after all. It's how we all were brought up.

And how can she not notice my hard cock pointing out straight at her as I stand here naked, hands on hips, jutting forward ever so slightly.

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