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Matt continues to pleasure Judith's friends.

mine and Adina's plasma and blood out of most of the people. I know for a fact as I am sure you do also the headache these abilities can be."

Typree was smiling when Ambrose said this. "Well to you cousin I can see that. Remember that the rest of us only got one maybe two. You are the only one that I have ever seen have far more than the rest of us." Ambrose was about to speak when his com went off. "What's wrong Roth?" Ambrose said concerned.

"I've got a prisoner that you might want to talk to. He tells a very interesting story." Roth reported.

"Alright I'll be there in a specton," Ambrose told his knight.

"You want company?" Typree asked as soon as Ambrose signed off.

"No for now we are still secure here. I am just hoping that it holds long enough for us to get most of them away." A specton later Ambrose was walking toward Roth and Glenna. He could see Roth was hanging on to an obviously struggling youth.

"Ah! Here he comes now!" Leaning close Roth whispered in the youth's ears, "I suggest you not lie to him he will know."

The youth started renewed struggles 'til the tall, long shadow of Ambrose fell over him.

Looking up the youth started to laugh even though Ambrose towered over him. Roth smacked the teen across the face, "I told you to be respectful! So you really want to incur his wrath!"

Again the teen began to laugh at Ambrose and Roth. "This is no god! A very powerful warrior yes but no god. He..." Then the teen was struck silent as Ambrose started to shift into his feline form. Suddenly the teen's face held a look of abject horror as he tried to throw his body on the ground at Ambrose's paws. "I am sorry Cit-Chac-Coh! We did not realize that you were protecting this city."

Ambrose looked over at Roth and Glenna who both had huge grins on their faces. Shaking his head he drew himself up to his full height as he looked down at the teen. "For now I am protecting this city. The others will be here in a few of your days to exact that which they will want. I know that your leaders were told to attack here. This I will not stop as it is written that Tikal will fall."

The teen was nodding too terrified to look up at Ambrose. "It is as you say lord. Much ceremony is being done before this happens. You are a god, you are invited to celebrate with us." The teen said thinking he could get in good with Ambrose.

"I have no time for such as this!" Ambrose roared making the youth tremble. "I will say this though, if they attack before the appointed time I and the warriors from the slave pits of the underworld will exact a most terrible revenge. I will release you though I will keep my eye on you. Do not make me have to rip your soul apart in disgrace!" Ambrose growled feeling he'd gone a little over the top with the teen. The teen gasped as Ambrose lifted him off the ground. Staring into the teens eyes Ambrose could see that the young man was about to lose control of his bodily functions. Throwing the young man away from him Ambrose pointed to the enemy camp. Scrambling the youth bowed at Ambrose's paws then ran as fast as he could from where they were.

"A most masterful performance Sire, again I am more than sure your father would be proud." Roth said a huge smile on his face.

"That's all and good Roth, though I wonder if that will really help? He is just a youth they may not take him at his word. Hell the way things are going I may have to make an appearance in their camp." Ambrose told a suddenly serious Roth and Glenna.

"You do realize that we would of course go with you. One wrong move I can guarantee that they would lose a substantial amount before they got us." Then Roth was rubbing his human chin, "then again to die in battle would be most honorable."

"I know my old friend though as meaningless as this battle would be I don't advise it." Ambrose told Roth.

Roth's eyes were wide then he nodded as what Ambrose meant struck home. "I know though it is still a shame that we can't battle a little. You know I am anxious for battle again!"

Ambrose could smile at Roth, he himself was anxi

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