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Mom asked me to stay home with Jenna while they were away.

Perhaps there's a deal to be made here?"

As Greg watched her, fists clenched at his side, she seductively lay across her bed, torso propped up by pillows, and ran two fingertips along the top exposed portion of her right breast. She moaned lightly and licked her lips, never breaking eye contact with him. Not one to leave a job merely well done, she followed this up by gently, slowly, but clearly spreading her legs. As she debated whether or not she should allow her left hand to dip between her legs, he broke.

"You bitch!" he shouted without thought, cringing even as the words left his lips. Despite the feeling of embarrassment and shame rising in his cheeks, he pressed on, "No damn deal. They are my keys, just give them to me."

Greg leapt at her then, a move she easily rolled away from. She wanted him to catch her of course, but she needed him in such a lather that the lines between anger and lust would be completely erased.

"Goodness," she called to him over her shoulder as she sprang back off the bed, "what language for a married father of two young children to use! What kind of role model are you?"

The mention of his children made him even angrier. He said something to her but it was so garbled by anger and exertion that it only sounded like a caveman grunt. She only giggled in response, her small breasts bouncing invitingly in the gold halter top, her bare legs striding across the room away from him.

His thoughts alternated between, "Oh god, she's so damn hot. Maybe I'll just fuck her one more time. Just this last time," and "No! Fuck her! Manipulative homewrecker! Put her in her place, take the damn keys, and get the hell home!"
He chased her around the room. It would have been comical if he could've taken a moment to step outside himself. Instead, he was just a being of grim anger and raging libido trying desperately to keep both in check.

"I wonder what your wife would think if she heard the way you talked to me?" the teen mocked him and his vision only clouded further.

She broke for her bedroom door, but Greg beat her to it, slamming it shut. As she spun away to escape to another part of the room, he reached out and grabbed the end of the tip of the triangle shirt. She attempted to scurry away anyway. With a snarl and a pull, the doctor tried to yank her back to him. Instead, he felt the fabric give way and slip to the floor. It took him a moment to realize that he had torn the shirt clean off her. The second it clicked, he knew he had gone too far. He averted his eyes

"Oh, shit, Mal," he spoke in a tumble of words, "Damn I'm...I'm so sorry. I just...wow, I just lost my head there and-"

Without a word, she slapped him hard across the face, stunning him. He shut up and looked at her. She stood before him, cheeks flush, breathing rapidly and heavy, her beautiful torso completely exposed. Her abs rippled ever-so slightly under the skin, her navel ring twinkled, her breasts rose and fell with her accelerated breath. She slapped him again. Then, she stepped closer to him, her hands cupping her tits, her fingers gently tugging on the nipples.

"Don't you fucking do that," she hissed as she forced him to back up against the wall, "Don't you fucking pretend that this was an accident. This is who you are, you perverted old man. Look at you, you can't even take your eyes off my tits right now, you deviant hypocrite!"

Greg could only blink in reply. As shocked as he was at his actions moments ago, he was even more off kilter with what Mal was doing. She caught that confusion in his eyes and pressed her advantage.

"This is exactly what you came up here for, wasn't it?" she accused, "To catch a peek at my tits, to put your fingers in my cunt without me telling you it was ok?"

He argued back at her out of instinct, "Now, wait a second. That's not what happened at all. This was an accident. Honestly. And before, you-"

Again she swung at him with an open hand, but this time he caught her hand midair.

"Stop it!" he yelled at her.

"Or what?!" she shot back, eyes narrowing, "You

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