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An election worker goes door to door.

They drank a few more beers and chatted, mainly it was Melody, pointing out local personalities, giving her the gossipy details about who was sleeping with who, who the local drug dealers were, the local hookers, and trophy wives, who spent the summer in their huge expensive cottages on the lake and seduced all the good-looking and athletic local studs while their husbands worked in the city.

It was way after 11:00, Melody and Arleen were really enjoying each other's company and they had consumed more than a few beers, and although Arleen was fine, Melody was sitting glassy-eyed and had slumped in her seat and began to slur her words. Silently, Thelma and John came up behind her, and gently led her upstairs. Arleen followed, as Thelma put her sister to bed. "I love my sister dearly." Thelma stated, "But unlike me, she can't drink, or hold her licker, for that matter, after a few drinks she falls asleep. You must be a bad influence on her" She chuckled, turned and went downstairs leaving Arleen alone with Melody who had rolled onto her back and had begun to snore softly.

Arleen watched Melody from the sitting room, she sat on Melody's new leather sofa and picked up the guitar, and strummed a few chords, testing and tuning the strings, and began intricately picking and crooning Natasha's Beddingfield 'Unwritten' until she too fell asleep.

Mornings comes early in Central Ontario, dawn painted the pink cliffs a pale orange, Arleen woke up to bright sunlight streaming through the open drapes of Melody's sitting room. The door to Melody's room was closed. She slipped off the couch and made her way to the bathroom. In the bathroom vanity she could see she was a mess. Hastily she washed her face and used her fingers to rake her long dark hair into some semblance of normality.

She left Melody's apartment and wandered downstairs, and was surprised to see John sitting on the bar counter sipping from a mug, over the smell of stale booze she smelled coffee, and John slipped off the bar and poured her a cup, asking her, her preference with cream and sugar. They stood beside the bar drinking their brew in silence, before John said, "Don't think badly of Mel, she just isn't a drinker, Thelma on the other hand, well, she can drink me under the table any day. Although they are twins Thelma is the business brain, and Mel, well Mel is a lot softer quieter, more artistic, did better at school too. Then there's that Thelma's straight, but Mel isn't, but make no mistake, cut one, they both bleed, trust me, I found out the hard way." He said before continuing, "What time is your flight back to Nashville?" He asked.

"I'm booked on the afternoon flight, direct, this time, Toronto to Nashville, I guess I should pack my things and get out of here, after last night I guess I'm not wanted." She said trying to comprehend what John's comment about Thelma being straight but Mel wasn't, meant.

"Thel said you might feel that way, but that she and Mel both want you here for the summer, so sure, lets go back to the Motel, and get your bags, you can leave your equipment here if you like I'm sure Thel and Mel will look after it, it saves you hauling it home on the aircraft, only to haul it back out here in a few days again."

John led the way to his pickup, they stopped at the motel, and Arleen had a shower and changed into fresh clothes before he drove her to the airport. The drive to Toronto seemed much faster, possibly because John drove faster, the conversation and companionship wasn't there like it had been with Melody, and she was glad when John dropped her off at the terminal and she walked into the departure lounge and had arrived for her flight a good two hours early.

The flight back went without a hitch, she caught a cab home and was just ready to hit the shower when the phone rang. Naked she answered, "Hi this is Arleen."

"Um hi Arleen, this is Melody, Did I catch you at a good time? I hope you had a good f

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