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Orin and I introduce a new girl to anal.

Tilde held her hands behind her back, waiting for his approval.

Simon swallowed. "You look good enough to eat." He told her.

Tilde smiled, taking that as permission to stay. She crawled into his lap, straddling him. "Sounds nice." She breathed in his ear. "But since you had a bad day, how about later?"

She looked him in the face while running her hand up and down his chest lazily. "Do you still want me to go?" She asked in her soft, husky voice, as she moved her hips in slow circles. "Or would you rather I ate you instead?"

Simon cleared his throat, and Tilde laughed, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Actually, I have a bit of a headache." Simon told her, resting his hand on the small of her back.

Tilde pulled up and looked at him. "I don't think I've ever had the excuse used on me." She told him.

"It's not an excuse." Simon told her. Tilde frowned and ran her fingers across his shoulders and neck, making him wince slightly.

"It's from tension." She declared, smiling naughtily. "What I plan to do should help." Simon sighed and dropped his head back, smiling slightly to himself. "Can't stop you, can I?" He murmured.

Tilde kissed him deeply, nipping his bottom lip. "You like it." She said, slipping off him, and dropping between his feet.

Deftly, she had his pants undone and gave him a couple strokes before giving his cock a lick from the bottom to the top.

Simon's breath caught as she flicked her tongue across the the head, before popping it in her mouth, giving it a long suck.

Tilde gently nibbled her way down the underside of his shaft, running the tip of her tongue back up the side.

So, so, slowly, she gently took him in her mouth again, sliding down the length of his cock, before she let it hit the back of her throat and she pulled back quickly.

Simon brushed her hair back as she set an easy rhythm with her sucking and stroking what didn't go in her mouth, her head and hand going in opposite directions.

With each move, her tongue traced patterns up and down him, driving Simon to heavy breathing.

He looked down at her, watching her firm body move and bounce with her effort.

The fact that this was the first time he'd ever seen her in nothing but lace didn't escape him.

Simon liked the way the material clung to her breasts, how it made her nipples rise from the contact.

Tilde pulled up her head, and jerked him off a bit before resuming with renewed vigour, moving faster than before.

Each time his cock moved in the back of her throat, she moaned a bit, teasing him further.

Simon's fingers tangled deeper into her hair as he tried to hold on for a bit longer.

In a moment, Tilde swallowed him whole, her throat constricting tightly around him. In a moment, he let go, and she didn't let a drop fall.

Almost tenderly, she licked him clean, sending small, nearly painful spasms through his body.

Licking her lips, Tilde got to her feet. "I'm going to get a drink." She told him. "When you want more, come to the bedroom."

Simon watch the black satin triangle that covered her butt as she moved away, and took a couple deep breaths.

"It might be a while." He called after her. "That's ok." She called back. "I've got time."

She was sitting on the edge of the bed, her brown legs crossed daintily.

Tilde smiled at him, her dark lips inviting.

Simon leaned against the door frame, wondering if he was really was up to all that her body was offering right now.

"So what's the plan?" He asked her, unbuttoning the top four buttons on his shirt.

Tilde tipped her head to the side. "Well, I thought I'd be on top, then you'd be on top, then we could stand, or do it on the floor, or against the wall, on the couch, in the kitchen." She uncrossed her legs slowly. Simon chuckled. "In other words, you're up for everything." he clarified.

"I'm so horny, I'd do it in the middle of the road." She answered. "I want to get fucked up, down and sideways." She looked him up and down. "Take off your clothes. Please."

Simon moved into the room. "Always the polite one, aren't you?" He said, taking off his shirt.

Tilde looked