Jay opens Clare's world up to Sex. Or does He? Sex Images

Crystal is punished for resisting.

He wasn't the most handsome man in the world, but she felt warmth emanating from him. He moved a little closer and asked "What else do you do, besides writing?"

She found herself opening up to him, talking about her college, her boring lecturers and her job at the museum. In turn, he smiled and discussed about his job as a being professor back home "giving out boring lectures", his love of travel, and details about some of the places he had been, or had yet to go. Almost an hour passed as they sat in the corner of the library and it felt comfortable. She asked him if he wanted to read one of her stories, and when he nodded, she opened one of her favourite stories for him and moved her laptop over. He became engrossed in it, scrolling down page by page slowly. He found himself shifting a bit when he came to the naughtier bits. When he finished it, she could see that his breathing was a little harder.

"Did you like it?" she asked.

"Very much so", he answered looking into her eyes again. "You know, this place doesn't seem too busy for a library."

"Most people are outside somewhere, not sitting on computers in a library", she answered.

"They don't know what they are missing", he responded, moving his hand over, touching hers lightly, tracing his finger up her bare arm. As she turned to him he moved his hands to hold her face giving her a kiss, his lips lightly brushing hers. "Cherry flavoured?" he asked.

"Hmm", she replied, wrapping her hands around him, pulling him to her, kissing him hard and her hands roaming across his back. He moved his hands around her back too, pressing her to him and felt her breasts against him and her nipples hard as they brushed against the dual fabric of her top and his shirt. She let out a low moan. Still kissing her, his hand moved down between her legs, slowly tracing the space between her legs through her jeans. She shifted her legs, opening them up, giving him more room as he continued pushing his palm against her, cupping her sex, and rubbing her slowly through her jeans.

She arched her back into his hand,

"Mmmm... that feels wonderful", she said. She couldn't believe what she was doing in the middle of the day, none the less with a man who she had just met. As he was touching her through her jeans, she was getting wetter and she was more turned on just by thinking about what was happening.

"Someone could see," she said in a breathless voice, trailing her hand up his leg.

"Let them," he replied, unzipping her jeans and plunging his hand down them. She wore white lace briefs; "classy girl", he thought, cupping her through the lace, before sliding his hand under into her dripping hot cunt.

"Mmmm...ohhh yes Alex," she moaned unzipping his jeans to repay the favour. She took him in her hand. He was already hot and hard. She started stroking him slowly, running her thumb over the tip, and spreading his pre-cum.

"Oh... Fuck," he muttered under his breath.

He slid a finger inside her, causing her to buck on his hand.

"God you're so tight," he whispered bending to her ear and biting it turning her on even more.

"Mmm yes I am," she said her eyes now closed.

"Would you like another finger?" he said not giving her a chance to respond before shoving another finger in her.


He stopped her screams with his hand over her mouth and she started stroking him faster than before.

Her pussy was gushing now. She was close and he could feel her walls clenching around his fingers.

"Let's add another shall we," he said hand still on her mouth, looking in her eyes. She shook her head no, but he wasn't listening; he was in charge now.

Shoving another finger in her, he saw her eyes widen. She bit his palm, but then her eyes closed and her face glowed in ecstasy.

"You like that don't you," he said thrusting his fingers in and out of her. "Tell me," he said taking his hand away.

"Yes, don't stop...ohhh, please don't stop," she cried out.

"Shh, I won't stop but you have to be quiet, we don't want to draw a