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Trapped by snowstorm, couples find indoor sports amusing.

Dakota squealed like an old woman who saw a mouse and Jenny threw her across the ring in an irish whip to the other corner.

Dakota wasn't completely green; when Jenny came running in behind her the blonde babe stopped herself while running face first and hopped up on the second rope then did a back flip crossbody which slammed Jenny right in the chest. She didn't see it coming until it was too late and took Dakota's weight hard. Dakota went for a pin, hooking Jenny's leg as the ref slid in to count.

I clenched my fists together, hoping she'd kick out, a real genius idea I think; like she was just gonna lie there. Fortunately Jenny was able to kick out at two and a half, just barely getting her shoulder up. The crowd all did a collective "Aww" and the match resumed with Dakota reaching down to pick Jenny up by her dark hair when she jammed a thumb in the young girl's eye. Jenny's quick as a rabbit when she needs to be, the ref didn't see a thing only Dakota cursing and turning away, holding her face.

The ref gave Jenny a look and my girl just shrugged it off; giving the old "I'm innocent" look. Dakota was over near the ropes, holding her eye, when Jenny came up behind her with a double axe handle to the back. Dakota dropped to her knees, while trying to hold herself up with the ropes. Jenny grabbed a handful of Dakota's blonde hair and pushed her throat across the middle rope, holding her there and choking her.

The crowd was alive with boo's now as Dakota's boots kicked on the mat while the ref was almost right up against Jenny's face yellin "Let 'er go! Let 'er go now! I'm warnin' you!" until he began counting to five; threatening to disqualify my woman.

Jenny was yelling at him with her knee on the back of Dakota's head, holding her against the ropes. She finally let go and the blonde fell to the mat coughing hoarsely. Jenny argued with the ref a moment or two more before she turned her attention back to Dakota who was slowly getting to her feet.

Jenny did a short running knee lift as Dakota was bent over, pulling herself up on the ropes; Jenny made sure her knee pancaked the blonde's titty against her chest. This kinda knocked the breath out of Dakota who shrieked a little and fell to her knees, clutching her boob. Jenny hauled Dakota up by her blonde hair, pulling her by it, running the girl's face into the top turnbuckle.

She rammed the younger girl's pretty face three times into the pad. Jenny reared back, as if to slam her face again-holding Dakota by her hair-but spun in a short semi-circle and grabbed Dakota by her booty shorts, effectively giving her a wedgie, and tossed her out of the ring, through the ropes like a bums rush.

Dakota went flying onto the mats surrounding the ring, landing with a loud thump as the crowd got to their feet, to cheer her on. "Get up Da-ko-ta," clapping in unison. Jenny slipped out the other side of the ring while the ref began counting.

Dakota had crawled over on all fours and was trying to pull herself up with the ring skirt; she looked a little dazed as she moved slowly. Jenny came dashing around the corner, and like Charlie Brown kicking a football, punted Dakota in the ribs. The blonde flew a couple feet across the mats as people in the front row were on their feet booing and giving Jenny a double thumbs down. She looked mad though, not at the crowd but at Dakota. Later she told me she was pissed at how close that rookie came to beating her with one move.

This probably helped to justify why, when Dakota was on her back, holding her stomach with both arms, that Jenny hauled her up with two handfuls of her blonde hair and rammed the girl face-first onto the steel guardrail.

Dakota fell to her knees again, holding her face.