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Brother returns from training, he and sister grow closer.

Seeing this made my pussy throb and almost brought me to tears wanting his dick inside me again.

"Yes," we both answered.

"Then fuck her again, right here, right now," said granny, "If you two insist on having sex with each other you will do it where I can see it."

"Granny that's crazy," I said.

"Do it," she insisted, "No kissing, no foreplay, just bend her over the foot of my bed so I can see her face while you're doing her."

My head was swimming at this point. I was totally unprepared for this. Just 30 minutes prior I was tucking my sick old granny into bed for a nap and now she was telling me to face her as my grandfather fucks me.

"DO IT!!!" she yelled.

Pops and I both stood up and we met at the foot of Mary's bed. We both had a look of confusion on our faces, but inside our attraction was already coming to a boiling point. I turned my back to Pops as I slid my skirt down to my ankles.

"Leave your shirt on you whore," granny instructed.

My fingers cold and my hands shaking, I closed my eyes as I slid my white cotton panties down to my feet. I could hear Pops behind me, unsnapping his work pants. Then the sound of his zipper, and the familiar cool breeze as his pants came to rest at his ankles. He once again placed his rough hands on my tiny hips. I could feel my nipples wake up and pucker, responding to his touch.

"That's it you two sinners, show me what you did last night," said granny.

With my eyes still closed I felt Pops push his dick into me, only this time he did not slide it inside slow as he had done the night before. He almost crammed his thick dick into me with force, but it felt so good. I let out a loud whimper, then a slutty moan as he began fucking me. Short deep thrusts as he punched my womb. He was inside me much deeper then last time. He was fucking with a purpose this time, not only to get off inside me, but to show granny that he was still an active virile man.

"You like this, Mary?" he asked breathlessly, "You like watching me fuck our granddaughter?"

She didn't answer him, in fact she made no sounds at all. I opened my eyes to find that she had kicked off her blanket and her legs were open. She had a devilish grin upon her lips and her eyes were no longer cold as steel. Just a concentrated stare.

Pops began fucking me harder. I felt his hand on the small of my back, pushing me forward.

"Put your head on the bed, Christy," he instructed.

I obeyed his order and placed my upper body on the quilt that covered granny's bed. My ass was high in the air and I could feel Pops' rough hand sliding over my left ass cheek. Then a loud "SMACK" echoed thru the small bedroom and a hot sting covered my ass. Pops was spanking me while he fucked me. I could hear groans coming from him that I had not heard last night. He was like an animal out of control.

Just then I felt the bed moving. It was granny sliding down to me, her legs still spread wide open . What the fuck was she doing now?

"Oh God that's it Mary," Pops whispered, "Thats the woman I remember marrying."

Suddenly granny grabbed my hair again, tighter then before and pulled my head up. My mouth was only 2-3 inches from her pussy. Oh my God, did she want what I thought she wanted???

"Do it Mary, make the whore lick your pussy just like we used to make her mother do," hissed Pops.

Oh fuck, these two were in this together. I thought it was a bit odd that Pops had come into the bedroom just as granny was accusing me of being a whore. Now I knew why, they had planned this together.

"Lick me you little whore," granny said, pushing my mouth into her old pussy.

Before I could say no or anything my lips were planted inside her pussy lips. Her grip on my hair was so tight my head was beginning to throb. I closed my eyes again and tried to think of some place other then where I was at that moment.

Pops began fucking me so hard I could feel his balls slapping me, making a noise throughout the bedroom.

"Oh God yesssss," he hissed, "Suck your granny's clit while grandpa fucks y

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