Small mishaps can lead to eye opening experiences. Sex Images

Amy watches her husband with another woman.

He likes to act it out in bed now as one of our fantasies. He pretends he is Brian and grabs my tits as I give him a blow job. For some reason it gets me wet as well!

Rick had been trying to get Brian set up on a date for quite a while. I didn't know the details but apparently Brian went out on a date the night before! Rick and I were both on pins and needles wondering how it went. Brian is such a sweet guy he deserves someone special.

Friday night Rick and I had to go into town anyway, so we stopped in at Brian's place wanting him to go for coffee. I looked around and noticed how neat and tidy everything was. Most bachelors I knew were total slobs. Rick asked him how his date went and he started crying!

"What went wrong?" Rick asked.

When Brian's composure came back enough to talk, he said: "I went out on that casual sex no strings attached date you set me up with."

I gave Rick the "I could kill you" look.

"We decided to have sex and got undressed at her place. I didn't even know how to put on the condom Rick gave me. I unrolled the condom and thought it would slide on after it was unrolled. She looked at me like I was from Mars and then I admitted that I was a virgin. She called me a freak and got dressed and told me to leave." Brian said. He started crying again.

"This has got to stop. Brian you are a sweet guy, you deserve better! Let me talk to Rick." With that I took Rick outside and we had a chat on the front step alone.

"I guess a hooker is out of the question." Rick laughed.

"There is no way I would let you get him a hooker! You could be arrested for soliciting a prostitute! Who knows what diseases they are carrying and condoms don't offer total protection. Besides, Brian would need a gentle touch. I am sure he would turn her down anyway.

Remember when we first went out you had only had sex twice before you met me?" I said

"Of course"

"For me I was a virgin, so I didn't know what good sex was. It is painfully obvious to me now that you were horrible in bed!" I laughed.

"No point in getting nasty!" he replied.

"My point is that after we got a lot of experience you became a good lover! And now you are a great lover!" I explained.

"Thanks, I can see where this is going and as crazy as it sounds I approve!" he said.

"I haven't had sex with anyone else so this would be a big step for both of us. Are you sure you can handle this?" I asked.

"I am getting excited just thinking about it!" he cried.

We talked a little more and decided that this would only be a one time thing and Rick wouldn't get jealous. This didn't give him a free pass to see another woman either. I hoped to God I wasn't making a huge mistake. This time I was stone cold sober. We went back inside.

"Brian, Rick and I have talked this over and we have decided that we have to do something. Someone has to show you how to be a good lover, and I would like that someone to be me." I said.

Brian refused at first, thinking that it was wrong, but Rick and I convinced him that if the two of us both agreed to this then no one was hurt. Rick handed Brian his wedding ring.

"There, now it is all proper. I will want that back on Sunday." Rick said.

Rick and I decided that I should spend the weekend at Brian's place to properly teach him how to make love. Rick gave me a wink as he left for home and yelled out "Fuck her good Brian!". Trust Rick to be crude about it. I went to the bathroom and took a shower. I wasn't prepared for this but at least I thought I should be clean for Brian's first time. Brian followed me into the bathroom and asked if he could take pictures. I agreed as long as he kept them to himself. I got fully dressed again so we could start at the beginning and headed to the bedroom.

Brian and I went into the bedroom and I taught him that he should take it slow.