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Teacher finds new ways to defy expectations.

There was no way I could get ready for the season. All the way home from the doctor I sulked like a 2 year old. Dad knew I was upset. He patted me on the shoulder and said, "Tim, I know you were counting on getting ready this summer, but I have an idea. You know Larry, my best friend right?"

"Sure, dad!"

"Well, Larry is a physical trainer. He might have some ideas about how you can take care of that ankle. He might even help you keep on an exercise regimen while your ankle heals. I can give him a call if you like."

I was skeptical, but desperate. "Fine, dad. Give him a call."

That next Friday Larry showed up at the house early in the morning after Mom and Dad had left for work. I hobbled down stairs on my crutches and opened the door for him. He was wearing shorts and t-shirt. In my laziness, I was only wearing some gym shorts.

Larry and I went into the living room and talked about strategy. He looked at my ankle and confirmed that it was going to be an all summer process for it to heal. But, he thought that he could have me ready for the opening game of the season.

The first session with Larry was normal. He worked on stretches, weight lifting, and showed me how to ride an exercise bike without hurting the ankle further. We decided to work together three days a week. He was coming back on Monday. As he left, he swatted me on the ass and told me to keep my spirits up.

Monday morning rolled around. For some reason I came down in just my shorts again. Larry was dressed the same as Friday, but his shorts were tighter; I could see a bulge in his pants. I do not know why I noticed that, but I was sure that Larry wanted me to see it. We went into the garage to get started with the work out.

Larry started me on stretches. He helped me stretch my legs, pulling and pushing them. At one point, his hand slid down the inside of my thigh. My cock jumped immediately. Damn! "What's wrong with you Tim!", I thought to myself. I thought it was just an accident at first, but when I didn't protest, Larry did it again only sliding further down my leg this time.

Larry was coy. He didn't push things right away. We finished the workout. But then he asked, "Would you like a massage Tim? I'm sure you're sore and I could work out the kinks if you like."

I was sore. A massage sure did sound good. "Sure Larry, why not?"

He got some oil out of his bag, and I laid down on my stomach on the mat. He started with my neck and shoulders, gradually working his way down my back. God it felt good. I was almost falling asleep when he asked, "Tim, would you mind if I pull your shorts down, I want to get at you lower back, it seems pretty tight."

At first I wanted to get up and run, but the massage felt so good, I agreed. I lifted my ass up in the air and he slip my shorts all the way down to my ankles. He started working on my lower back, but his hands kept rubbing my ass cheeks as well. He startled me when he said, "Look Tim. Don't be embarrassed if you get an erection. It's only natural when you get a massage."

I already had an erection. In fact, it was getting quite uncomfortable lying on my stomach at this point.

Larry started massaging my legs. I just about came off the mat, however, when he let his fingers gently brush against my balls. God that felt good! I started to protest, but my lust took over. I knew then, Larry could do whatever he wanted to me that day! I had never even considered making it with a guy. But at that moment, I simply wanted someone to play with my cock.

I know he was watching for my reaction, wondering if I'd protest. When I didn't, he got bolder. "Turn over," he said. Without any hesitation, I did!

My cock sprung straight up, thrilled to be free. Larry looked at me and winked. Without saying a word he squirted some oil directly on to my cock and started stroking it up and down! "We don't want this big guy left out!" he said. "No we don't," I thought!

Being only eighteen, it only took me a couple of minutes and I came all over my chest! Larry just smiled and wiped up the cum