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It's all in the training manual. Section 3 (Door to Door Canvassing), Paragraph 5, explicitly forbids offering bribes, giving favours or making private agreements in exchange for votes. The penalty, if caught, is a hefty fine or even imprisonment.

A torrent of conflicting and competing thoughts saturates my mind in a matter of seconds. I think of the risk and the consequences, the media coverage, the public and private shame of it. Yet there she stands before me so irresistible, like a siren luring me to self-destruction. She loosens her robe and opens it wide to display her fit, shapely body, her perky b cup breasts that I've only had glimpses of until now, and her freshly shaven crotch. I think of her in the bath, knees up, thighs apart, stroking the razor over the delicate pink lips, while at the very same moment I contemplate the premature end of my political career. I imagine my girlfriend, Julie, canvassing just three streets down the block, arriving upon the scene, shocked and distraught before turning her back on me for good.

No, to give into my male weakness would exact too high a personal price. If I was caught, that is. After doing the maths, the percentages, the risk analysis, my brain spits out the result I knew anyway: "Warning! High Risk!" But the siren voice is too strong and I take the first few fateful steps.

She steps aside to let me in and then closes the door shut. Before I can change my mind, she pushes me firmly against the wall, kissing me hard and passionately, and sliding a hand between my legs. As she rubs me to erection, I groan into her wet, open-mouthed kiss and push her robe off her shoulders. She drops her arms by her sides and lets it slide down and off completely. Then, ever so deftly, ever so quickly, she's undoes my belt and zipper and yanks my pants down with some aggression. My cock is fully erect, tenting my shorts. She looks at it and then at me, mugging comic amazement.

"Oooh look at the size of that!"

Dropping to her knees, she pulls down my shorts to release my cock and wraps a hand around it, caging it with her bright red nails. She looks up at me with a coy grin and starts to lick the rigid, veiny shaft up and down, her warm, breathy moans of pleasure making it stiffen and ache. I tense up and rest a hand on her head, closing my eyes to focus on the intense pleasure she's giving me as her warm, wet, succulent lips slide down over the shaft and then slowly, tenderly, move back and forth on it.

Now I feel her other hand on my full, heavy balls, massaging them, rolling them, scraping them, making me groan so deep and so loud, animal-like groans that seem to excite her all the more for she starts sucking harder, deeper, not letting up for one second until I'm close, so close that I can feel the sperm churn and rise in my balls. But suddenly she lets up, pops me out of her mouth with a satisfied smack of her lips and gets to her feet, her eyes ablaze with lust and need.

Turning away from me, she goes to the stairway and kneels up on the third step. She leans forward to rest her head on the fifth step, reaches her hands back to rest them on her perfect round ass and spreads her cheeks open to me, the red nails digging into the firm flesh. I am still thinking, this is wrong, all wrong but that just makes the moment all the more exciting and dangerous. I gaze at her shaven, moist pussy, her little anus bud, then down at my raging hard cock, and decide to cast a vote of my own.

The moment is so intensely loaded with primal lust that there is little or no room for words or niceties.