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Fiona gives herself as a present to Gunter.

I couldn't just go to her and say "How much to let me make love to you" because that would be illegal. It would be 'solicitation' on my part and if she said yes it would be prostitution on her part. I had to stay away from that.

Maybe if I offered to pay to be the leading man in her next video? Might work, but did I really want to be in a video where God alone knew who might see me. I could just imagine the uproar if my family were ever to find out. And to be brutally honest there was no way my modest sexual equipment could match up to the studs Kristal played with in her films. Don't need to go there. No, I needed to find some other way.

I thought about the problem for a couple of days without coming up with a good idea and then out of the blue a comment by a co-worker gave me a thought. Jack Duncan has a social function to go to and he needed a date. The problem was that Jack was gay and didn't know any girls. We all knew of Jack's proclivities, but none of the people at the function he was going to knew about his sexual preferences and he didn't want them to know. Sally Ingram told him that all he had to do was call an escort service and hire an escort for the night. Tip the girl well and she would hang all over him, say whatever he asked her to say and make it look like she was the love of his life. Jack went right to the phone book, made a call and then took the rest of the afternoon off to go down to the escort agency.
Why wouldn't that work for me? I wondered how much it would take to get Kristal to be my escort for a week or two if I could even get her to consider it. It might work if I played it right, but to make sure I played it right I would need information -- lots of information. I decided on a plan of action and then I stopped and stepped back to re-evaluate. It would be costly. I knew that it would not be cheap so the question became did I really want my fantasy bad enough to spend whatever it took to make it happen? Then I asked myself how often was someone able to make their fantasy come true. In the end the decision was simple.

"Fuck it; its only money."

And, my fantasy would be paid for courtesy of Joan and Jake.


The first order of business was to hire a detective agency. I asked my attorney for a recommendation and then called and made an appointment. The information I needed wasn't necessarily hidden, but I'm sure that some of it was not exactly public, but I knew that even if I could find it it would take more of my time than I wanted to spend so I decided to give the job to the professionals.

I met with the man at the agency and told him what I wanted and he said "no problem" and I gave him a retainer and left. Three days later they called me and gave me what I had asked for.

- Kristal was not married and had no current boyfriend.

- Agent's name and telephone number.

- Kristal was paid on the average of $2500.00 per video.

- Kristal made $156,670.00 last year off of nine videos, adult product endorsements and dancing at topless bars on celebrity's nights.

- And most important to me -- she had no history of drug use and from what the detectives had been able to find she had never used drugs.

I already knew from what I'd found on the Net that her real name was Krista Grabowski; that she had been born on September 1, 1972 which made her thirty-seven and that she was five foot six and one hundred and five pounds arranged 34D x 24 x 33.

Armed with the information I called Kristal's agent, told him I had a business proposition for Kristal and asked him for an appointment.

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