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It was larger than I had imagined, pointing off to the side, and seemed light, almost airy. Her waist curved sensually in from her torso, and out again where her white panties framed her womanly but lean hips.

"Oh my god, Rachel. You are so sexy!" I exclaimed.

She tilted her leg inward in a coy manner and pushed her shoulder in, making it appear as if her perky tit was supported by some invisible force from below.

"I can feel your cock swell. I thought it couldn't get any bigger!" she said.

She casually pushed the kimono off her shoulders and it tumbled to the crook of her elbows. Her other breast was a perfect match, and I ogled them with pleasure. They were verging on torpedo tits, and hung perfectly on her chest. My mouth watered at the thought of suckling her nipples.

She resumed her double-handed effort on my stiff column, her tits jiggling erotically as her hands pumped. I was hypnotised by her bosom's jelly-like movement, as if they had a life of their own. I couldn't control myself any longer. Rachel's beauty was overwhelming, and I felt a familiar tingle in my loins.

"Rachel, I can't hold it much longer, you're going to make me cum," I said quickly.

"Oooo, already? I was just getting into it," she said, still wringing my cock mercilessly. "Ok hun, give it to me! Let me see you spurt!"

She leaned over me, trying to give me the best view of her tits as she pumped my shaft with renewed vigour and aimed my cock at her jiggling chest. I was leaning slightly towards her to facilitate her intended trajectory. She was smiling widely, looking into my eyes as my balls twitched violently and a torrent of jizz spewed from my cock, splashing onto Rachel's upper chest.

Startled by the sheer volume of semen, she stood upright and cried in surprise, her tits bouncing delightfully. The next spurt flew high into the air and struck her left collarbone, leaving a long, unbroken stripe of cum down her breast, over her nipple, continuing over her ribs, and finally ending just above her panty line. Rachel put her left hand on the side of the table and continued to milk my cock with her right, leaning forward again to receive my next offering on her right boob. She stroked my shaft harder, enthused by my copious ejaculation, and took two shots to her suspended bosom, watching the cum drip down and over her nipples. She looked at me, bemused, as I shot another spurt on her tits.

Laughing, she said, "How long have you been holding out for? This is unbelievable!"

"Ah yes Rach, you're so good!" I managed to blurt out as another blast struck her left nipple.

Rachel returned to the two-handed grip, intent to finish me off. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as waves of pleasure continued to course through by body. Finally, I felt my orgasm taper off, one final weak squirt popping out of my dick head onto Rachel's forearm.

I looked at Rachel again. She had partially stood up, and my jizz was running down her flat stomach, the cum running into her belly button. Semen dripped from her erect nipples. She had cum stains on her kimono around the sleeves. She continued to gently and slowly jerk me off, her smile as wide as her eyes.

"My goodness! You've soaked me!" she cried, surveying the sticky mess on her ample chest.

"I'm sorry, Rachel. I've made a mess," I said apologetically, staring at her cum-streaked tits.

"We have plenty of towels for that," she said, squeezing my dick with both hands and watching a bead of cum ooze from my penis and drip over my dick head onto her fingers.

Just at that moment, a single knock was heard at the door, and it immediately opened. Neither of us had time to react as Katsumi--the massage clinic's owner--stepped into the room.

"Sorry Raku, I just w--, Oh!" cried the pretty Asian woman entering the room as she beheld the spectacle before her.

Rachel quickly released my cock and pulled her kimono back over her shoulders and across her chest.