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A fantasy comes true with Trudy.

I stepped back and went round to the other side of the bed. 'What are you doing?' she asked, looking over her shoulder as I opened in the drawer of the beside table.

'Getting vaseline,' I said, holding up the jar for her to see. God she was a horny sight - her big creamy olive butt pushed out, a good tuft of her very hairy puss showing between her thighs, those strong legs taut and smooth, her dark mane tussled, those big brown eyes and fat pouting lips.

'No Mick,' she whined. But she didn't move as I walked back. I pulled her panties to the floor and, still bent forward at the waist, she stepped out of them. I nudged her ankles with one foot and she readily moved them apart. I knelt behind her, put a hand on each cheek and pulled them wide. There was that beautiful little pucker, all purple and creased, surrounded by wisps of dark damp curls. I had admired it several times in the past weeks and now I planned to get properly acquainted. I could smell a bit of arse pong over the sex from last night and the hint of her current arousal.

'You want me to lick you first?' I asked between kisses on each moon.

'Don't Mick,' she whined. 'It's really dirty.' I took a long swipe down her crack, tasting the salty sweat there, then wriggled the tip of my tongue right in the middle of her prune. She took in a sharp breath and, as I continued to stab and suck at the clenched muscle, began to breathe heavily. I was squeezing and massaging those cheeks, my fingers sinking deep into the pliant flesh. With a bit of spit I worked my tongue through her sphincter. She couldn't suppress a small moan and as I reamed her, stretching that anus and probing deeper. She pushed back a little going oh oh oh. I worked my tongue in as deep as I could, feeling her internal heat and tasting the rankness of her rectum. 'Doooonnn't,' she moaned, clenching her sphincter and forcing my tongue back. Just as only the tip was still in her she relaxed and let me wriggle it in deep again before gasping 'No, it's dirty!' and clenching again. And so we played - tongue in, pushed out, tongue in. I guess we could have done it for long minutes, but my hard on was persistent.

I picked up the jar from the floor and dabbed vaseline round her hole making it glisten. 'No Mick,' she said, then 'Don't!' as I pushed a dollop through into her rectum.

I stood and slowly smeared lube over my cock. 'Don't put it in my bum,' begged Soula. 'I don't like it.' I fitted the greasy knob of my cock against her glistening pucker. 'Especially in the morning,' she whined. I reached up under her shirt and grabbed hold of her heavy dugs, the broad nipples pebbly hard against my palms. 'And your penis is much too big for me,' she added in a thrilled whisper. I pressed forward and felt her ring quickly yield as she bore back. My cock slid easily into her hot rectum. 'Ow, ow, ow,' she whined. I paused halfway to give her a chance to adjust but she pushed herself back till my thighs were against hers. 'Too big, too big,' she panted, rocking slowly back and forth so the last two inches of my cock, the widest part, worked her sphincter. 'Oh, oh, oh ... ow, ow, ow,' she grunted as she slowly corkscrewed on my dong. I took over the fucking and ploughed her with long steady thrusts. 'Stop Mick, you're killing me!' she groaned.

I gave her a dozen hard jabs, lifting her forward on her toes each time, making her moan deep. I was working her tits more roughly, digging my fingers deep into the soft flesh, pinching the hard nubs. I paused and she went back to fucking her arse on the base of my cock saying ow ow ow in a kind of mantra. I bent down, pushed aside her hair, and bit her sweaty neck. She hung her head and moaned, pushing hard back against my cock. I pinched her nipples hard and she bucked back again. I pulled out til just the head of my dick was still in her. 'You want me to stop?'

'Just do it quick, honey,' she panted, her anus rhythmically clenching and unclenching around my glans.

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