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Opening the door and finding the wish of a life-time.

.." The cocky and handsome Superstar says as he lifts a hand up to sharply spank her thick booty before gripping those cheeks again for support as he continues to drive his cock all the way up into her tight, wet snatch of the former model that feels made to be banged hard over and over again just like this.

"MMMM!! Yeah!! That's why... Mmmmm... I'm the fucking Show Off!!" He groans as he pumps his cock time and time again up into that wet but still very snug pussy, showing his strength as he easily holds up the curvacious beauty who's wrapped firmly around up up so he can pound her snatch, not bothered at all by the fact he's cheating on his girlfriend with the woman who is not only her nemesis, but is dressed up exactly like her.

"Mmmmm!! Ooooooh Ziggy baby... Ahhhhh! You're so fucking good..." Kaitlyn gasps with a naughty smile as she stops her bouncing motion, unwrapping her legs from around his well defined waist. "You know a slut like me... Mmmm... Has had so many cocks in her... But you've got one... Ahhhhh! Of the best..." She adds between moans as he gives her a few more thrusts for good measure before he pulls out of her twat.

"Oh, I've heard all about how many guys you've been with "AJ"..." Dolph says with a smirk, all too eagerly playing along with the busty beauty as he sets her down onto the floor, about to say more but stopped as he watches her start to pull her tight-fitting Love Bites merch T-shirt up from her tanned body.

With a smirk, Kaitlyn pulls the shirt up and over her head, letting her massive, perfectly rounded breasts bounce free. "So... Since I'm always so out of my mind and all that..." She says with a smirk to him, tossing the shirt aside. "Care to remind me how a dirty whore like me loves to take that fantastic fucking cock of yours?"

"Remind you? Fuck that babe, I'm gonna show you..." He states, stepping forward to take a hold of her, moving her down to lay on the locker room floor as he lifts her thick rump off from the floor, and knowing what he's going for she reaches up, pulling her legs in towards herself so her pussy is open for him as he leans over and pushes his dick back into her.

"Ooooooh shit!! Hell yeah Ziggy! Haven't done this... MMMMM!! Position in a long while!!" The former WWE Divas Champion moans as she watches him start to plunge his rod in and out of her already wet but still nice and tight snatch, a big smile on her gorgeous face as she takes this piledriver position that's already making her rock back slightly on the floor as he stuffs her pussy once again.

"MMMM... Give it to me Ziggles! UHHHHH!! Give a filthy, dirty, psycho slut like me what she... Mmmmm!! Really deserves!!" She groans and licks her lips, her big tits starting to bounce already as she takes his dick deep into her love tunnel, keeping a grip of her own legs by the knees while he holds her thighs and works his fat shaft in and out of that fine, snug snatch to give her perhaps not the kind of fucking she thinks her rival takes, but certainly the kind her and her one of a kind body truly deserves.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm SHIT!! Yeah... Fucking that cock babe..." The former United States and World Heavyweight Champion says with a groan, feeling sweat forming on his own muscular frame as he focuses on getting more top notch pleasure from stuffing his rod into her tight and increasingly getting more and more damp pussy as he can with each and every thrust down into her. While he knows he's cheating on his girlfriend, there's no way he can turn down getting a piece of the curvacious, usually two-toned haired stunner taking it below him, even if she is the heated rival to his current flame.


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