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She was also gratified that I thought they were lovely to see and hold. She wasn't really worried or her hands would have been tugging at my wrists a lot harder and she'd have been moving backwards away from me. Effectively she was just standing there, letting me play, her protests for show rather than serious intent.

I ran my hands up off her breasts and over her shoulders, pushing her shirt off them, so that it slid down her arms a little way. From there my hands slid down her arms and captured her wrists, holding her arms away from her body, enjoying the sight.

"Do you eat peanuts?" I asked and Brenda looked at me as though I had gone nuts. (No pun intended.)


"Peanuts," I repeated. "The thing with peanuts is that you can't eat just one. As soon as you have one you want another and another until they're all gone. You just can't stop yourself. Other things have the same effect. Taking off a girl's clothes seems to be one."

Releasing her wrists I took hold of her track-suit pants. She had an elasticized waist which meant that there were no awkward ties to undo. Either Brenda was awfully slow today or she wanted me to do this. I had pants and panties down past her knees before she even started to react.

Now Brenda looked really confused. Just like that she was effectively naked and I was looking at her with honest appreciation. Flattering, but! And it was a very big but. She was blushing like crazy and her hands were fluttering about, not sure whether she should be using them to cover herself, pull on her clothes, or slap me stupid. While she dithered I admired and touched forbidden places.

From where her pants were I ran my hand back up her body, along the inside of her legs for a start, brushing against her pussy, one finger slipping between her legs to stroke along her slit, then over her mons and back up to her breasts.

"Mr Jackson," she finally managed to say, sounding genuinely indignant.

"That's me," I acknowledged. "You do know that your entire body is quite exquisite, don't you? Lovely curves that just have to be traced."

"You have no right," she gasped.

"Of course I do," I protested. "Someone as lovely as you deserves to be seen and admired. It would be a crime for me not you look at you, especially dressed the way you are."

"That's the whole point," she snapped. "I'm supposed to be dressed. Not standing here while you pull my clothes off. How could you?"

"Very easily, actually. And a most rewarding experience it was."

My thumbs rolled her nipples around, nipples that were erect and appreciating the attention.

"Well, I'll thank you to back off and let me get dressed again," Brenda told me, trying to sound very firm.

"You have to be joking," I said with a smile. "You're not a virgin, are you?"

She blushed again, but didn't say anything, so I assumed the answer was no. If she was she'd have announced it most indignantly.

"In that case you know exactly what I'm going to do," I pointed out.

"What?" she said in a half scream. "But I don't want you to."

"Then you shouldn't have let me undress you," I said self-righteously. "Are you saying that you're a tease?"

"Let you? What do you mean, let you? I didn't let you. You just went ahead and did it."

"Details, details," I said airily, waving away such minor considerations. "The point is that you're naked and available and I'm totally ready to take unfair advantage of you."

I crouched down and pushed her pants and panties down as far as her ankles. Holding them there I tapped her leg and said, "Foot."

"I am not available," she told me, while at the same time lifting her foot clear from the pants.