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If I had a smaller cock she'd have pushed me out by now, he thought as he rammed into her more forcefully causing Debbie to groan even louder.

As she reached her orgasm, so she felt Sid stiffen as he approached his climax.

With one final forceful thrust he came but as he did, for some reason he pulled out of her, squirting his strings of sticky white cum all over her back.

Breathing hard and sweating, Sid milked the last drops of cum out of his shrivelling cock to let them drip down onto her ass.

"That was fucking amazing," he said. He slapped her ass before stooping down to retrieve his clothes from the floor. He gave Debbie a last lingering look before he left the room.

Debbie was motionless, still on her knees, bent over in the window seat with her ass in the air. She was gasping for air as Sid's cum trickled off her back to drop onto the window seat cushions.

* * *

When Derek returned from the football match it was seven thirty. Debbie had just about recovered from her near rape by Sid and had showered and was ready to go for their evening meal.

For some inexplicable reason, she didn't feel like explaining to Derek what had happened to her with Sid. She was pretty sure it wouldn't end well and besides, how could she prove it. She thought she would try and bury the memory, much as she had done with her recollections of sex with Mr Webster.

Her choice of outfit tonight was her new pink body contour dress, bought especially for this weekend. It clung invitingly to her curvy body. It wasn't particularly low cut and lengthwise it came to her knees. Due to it's tight fit though, she was unable to wear a bra and as she could see her panty line through the fabric she opted not to wear any underwear. She finished off her ensemble with stockings and suspenders and 5" high heel stilettos.

"Well, what do you think," she asked Derek, twirling round. If this didn't have the desired effect then nothing would. She was pleased with the look. Daft really. She was worried about her panty line but it never crossed her mind that she was showing the clips of her suspenders.

"Very nice," Derek muttered, hardly bothering to look.

Debbie was pissed off with him. After all, she had hoped that this weekend away would revitalise their relationship and by dressing up she had hoped to get Derek turned on. So much for that idea, she thought as she watched Derek put on the same trousers he had been wearing all day. Well at least he's putting on a clean shirt, she thought as he took one out of the wardrobe.

"Ready?" he asked, holding the door open, "I could murder a beer."

She rolled her eyes in frustration. Luckily Derek didn't see her as he had already left the room and was walking down the corridor. She hurried after him as best she could but 5" heels does make walking quickly quite a challenge.

As they entered the dining room, Debbie saw Sid staring at her from behind the bar. She flushed and quickly looked away.

As soon as they sat down, Sid appeared at their side.

"Did you enjoy your day at the football Derek," he asked, "and you Debbie, did you enjoy your day. I believe you said you were going walking. What did you do when you came back because of the rain... nothing too energetic... I hope..." he leered.

"No, no not at all," she blurted out, her cheeks burning and wanting the conversation to end right there.

Derek was oblivious to the sexual tension sparking between Sid and his wife and ordered a beer for himself.

"What do you want to drink Debbie?" he asked.

"A large glass of red wine please," she answered. She knew she shouldn't have done, she was still pretty hammered from the bottle she'd drunk earlier but what the hell!

They ordered their meals and thankfully Sid left them alone. As it was Saturday night, even though they still appeared to be the only guests staying in the lodge; the restaurant, which apparently had a great reputation, was busy with locals.

Derek and Debbie enjoyed their meals.