Husband gets wife to explore her sexuality at resort. Sex Images

A 'gal's only' island getaway leads to serious playtime.

She squeezed him tight and nodded yes.

In the bedroom, He dug through their "toy box," grabbing rope and nipple clamps. He loved to see her tied, completely trusting in whatever He chose to do. Natural submissiveness had extended her limits far beyond what either of them had expected so soon in her training.

He was ready for her when she entered the room and ordered her to strip. She did so immediately, eyeing the equipment He had laid out on the bed. Her heart leaped slightly and sent icy hot fingers of electricity downward to her clit. She undressed quickly as commanded and stood waiting for His next order.

"Come here, precious, and sit," He said, patting the bed. She walked over and sat gently on the edge, automatically crossing her ankles for what was next to come. First, He undressed in front of her, slowly unbuttoning his shirt and dropping it to the floor behind him. Her breath quickened and her juices began to flow. She watched hungrily as He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper, then stepped forward so she could assist.

Her hands slipped inside and slid around His hips, opening the flaps of his jeans. Staring into His eyes, she pushed downward and slid them to His ankles, leaning forward and kissing His lower abdomen. His manhood twitched, lightly bumping her cheek. She looked up and smiled, then leaned back and awaited His direction.

He knelt in front of her, taking a length of rope and secured her crossed ankles. Another length was placed just below her knees and a third just above that. He helped her into a kneeling position, turning her away from him, then proceeded to secure her arms behind her back--first the wrists, then the elbows. Her body trembled in anticipation as He completed the hog-tie. He could smell her excitement, a soft musk, which pleased him. Next, He applied the clamps to her nipples, making her inhale a ragged breath.

He told her "Suck my cock, slut, but do not swallow until AFTER I allow You to cum." She knew He was trying to advance her command response and self-control. But it seemed nearly impossible to do as he asked. However, she was determined to please her Master.

Suddenly, He grabbed the hair at the top of her head, pulling upward and back. Leaning forward, He parted her lips with His cock and drove it to the hilt. At first, she was shocked and surprised...then she settled into his rhythm, taking Him as fast or slow as He wished. Her tongue cupped him perfectly and she sucked His long, hard strokes, bringing Him to the edge sooner than He had thought she would. Watching His cock slide in and out of her stretched mouth brought his explosion hard and fast.

Her first instinct was to swallow, but she caught herself in time. He filled her mouth with His seed, and she became fearful that it would be more than she could hold. Finally, He pulled out and finished on her large, heaving breasts, His knees weakening slightly. She moaned in pleasure as He rubbed His cock over her breasts, leaving them wet and smelling of His sex. Then He walked around behind her to untie her binds. As she sat trying not to swallow, her heart beat faster. Soon, she would ebb away from the orgasmic edge she was riding, now, and would have to build back into the moment before she was allowed to swallow. Even the thought made her reflexes want to kick in.

He untied her legs and elbows, then instructed her to bend her legs up so He could tie her calves to her thighs. She was wet between her legs from the substantial flow of her juices. Knowing she was already uncomfortable, He turned on the heat by running his hand across her sensitive slit.

Pushing her forward until her cheek, shoulders and tender, clamped nipples pressed into the floor, He slipped His fingers inside her dripping cunt, which caused her to gasp and nearly lose control of what she held.