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How advocating for sexual choice can help the environment.

Her breasts swung like udders and I couldn't resist moving under her and suckling her nipples. She had nice sized nipples and huge aureoles. He nipples were almost insensitive and didn't mind a little rough treatment as she could actually feel something then. I lapped for a while and then started to gently nip her nips with my teeth, and started to bite and chew on them until she was writhing in both pleasure and pain. I wasn't messing around and I know it hurt her, but she seemed to get off on it more the harder I chewed.

Still on her hands and knees, head down and hair over her face I moved down her body and slipped my hand down the front of her jeans, feeling her sexy knickers and down the front of her knickers so that I could feel her cunt slit through her knickers. She was already wet and I could feel the heat through her panties. I withdrew my exploring fingers and undid her jeans and pulled then down to her knees. Her beautiful panty clad arse displayed for my pleasure.

I bent down and traced the edge of her panties with my tongue, following the seams from her waist down better the hidden valley between her legs. Her wetness was seeping through her panties making a delightful little damp patch before my eyes. As my searching tongue progressed southward, I reached her wet spot and used my tongue to wiggle under her panties and seek out the source of the wetness. Eventually, I reached my goal and soon I was licking her juices. This started driving her wild, she grinded her hips around and around as my tongue explored her wet crease.

I pulled her panties to one side to give myself unrestricted access to her cunt. I spread her fat outer cunt lips and could see the whole universe from there. Her fat outer lips, her swollen smaller inner lips growing fatter and with every second, her tiny clitoris getting harder and peeking out from under it's protective hood. Her cunt opening was seeping wetness which I eagerly lapped up, sending her into wild convulsions as my tongue searched for the source of her wetness penetrating her cunt hole. As I lapped deeper I was rewarded with a burst of sweet slippery wetness flooding onto my tongue and she forcefully ground her cunt into my face. Soon she was thrusting so hard I thought she was going to break my nose, then her whole body jerked as she slammed her cunt back into my face, forcing my tongue deeper into her cunt, licking up her orgasm juices.

She pulled away from my face and started as slow collapse to the floor breathing heavy, sweat glistening over her heaving body.

Before she hit the floor though I quickly pulled her panties down to her knees with her jeans.

I pulled my jeans off and took my shirt off and moved up behind her. Her arse was still poking up a little in the air I could see her wet cunt peeking out between her thighs. I was dripped wet and hard as a rock by now and moved up behind her and started tracing the slit of her cunt with my cock. When she felt my cock she started a slow hip rotate. Taking this as an invitation I slipped my cock slowly in her wetness. I didn't slid all the way in, just the head. I gently teased her. She tried to push back and get my cock into her cunt, but I wouldn't let her move, so I just kept my cock teasing her. Suddenly without any warning, I plunged my cock right into the base. She was taken by surprise, and she jerked her body and moaned approval. I held my pulsing cock in the depths of her cunt. She didn't have the tightest cunt I have ever fucked, but it was always beautifully wet and willing.

I slowly started a gentle fucking motion, sliding in and all the way out and back in again. Nothing rough, just long slow movements of my cock, feeling how her cunt flesh was pushed away by my cock and how her cunt flesh moved back into the void as my cock exited her pussy. I loved the way her fat lips flowed with my cock, dragging them out with each withdrawal and pushing them in with my cock.

I lifted her onto her knees so