Uses 3-D printer to create a form fitting mold in Blackmail. Sex Images

A holiday fantasy finally comes to life.

Joyce loves being in his arms, her panties are already soaked. He deposits her carefully on the bed and they both strip off flinging clothing this way and that. She takes in his naked torso and it's all she was hoping for and more. He's got a six pack and his brawny arms and thick thighs fuel her lust for him. 'What a hunk' she thinks as she lays on her back with her legs open in nothing but her stockings and heels. He bends to lick her pussy but she holds both hands up to stop him.

"I want you inside me now." She can't wait to feel his cock go in. She's wanted this for ages.

For a split second he pauses looking down at her in admiration then he slides in up to the hilt.

"You're fuckin' beautiful," he says pausing again then begins working his manhood furiously in and out like a man possessed. Joyce's first orgasm hits her almost as soon as his words are out.

"Harder my love, I like it rough." He increases the speed of his thrusting making a slapping noise as their bodies hit together. It's as if they only have a few precious minutes. Other orgasms follow from the first and she's making mewling noises almost from the beginning. Her moans get louder. She's not often been multiorgasmic but this is so special. Pete is excited at her response and can't hold back. His balls tense and he blasts his seed into her. Joyce vaguely catches the sound of a car door slamming. She knows it's George arriving. He's missed the main event.

George parks in the drive behind Pete's brand new BMW convertible. He's put the top down of course. He expects to find them in the living room or the kitchen but there's no sign.

Upstairs Joyce is unsure what to do.

"That's hubby moving about downstairs Pete."

Pete leaps out of bed and starts to get dressed. "How do you know my name's Pete?"

Seconds later George enters the room. He's taken the stairs two at a time.

Pete is trying to pull his jock strap up but freezes when he sees who it is.

"George! What the hell are you doing here?" He's on one leg, still struggling with his jockstrap, looking open mouthed from one to the other and suddenly he's toppling over. He hits the floor with a thump both legs in the air.

George and Joyce exchange panicked looks as the room goes silent and Pete struggles with his jock strap. But the sight of a dumbfounded Pete tangled in his underwear is too much for Joyce and she breaks into giggles. This quickly sets George off and a confused Pete can't help but join in.

"Will someone tell me what the fuck's going on" begs Pete, between guffaws and attempts to free himself.

"Pete, this is my husband George. Sorry we laughed my darling but you looked so funny on the floor half in and half out of that jockstrap."

Pete still can't grasp what's going on. "Wait a minute. What's going on? Why aren't you tearing me limb from limb?" He asks George.

He turns to Joyce. "You knew he was coming back didn't you?"

"Yes my darling, but we never expected you to arrive half an hour early." She goes to George and kisses him tenderly on the lips then turns back to Pete. "You see George is okay with me seeing you. He wants me to have this affair." She turns back to George. "You're too late my dear, we've already done the dirty deed." She speaks the words proudly, sitting on the bed and showing George her used pussy. He can see a whitish liquid seeping from her pussy and knows what it is.

Joyce feels a bit sorry for Pete. "I guess this is a lot for you to process. I could have put you in the picture but I didn't want to scare you off. It's okay now. I can cope with you running off. You've given me what I wanted."

"Is that your way of saying it's time for me to leave?"

"Certainly not. You told George at the pub you might stay the night and I wouldn't be able to walk straight the next day. That's the kind of threat I look forward to experiencing." She takes Pete in her arms and hugs and kisses him.

George feels stupid standing in front of two naked people with all his clothes on.

"I know it's still early but I'd like a glass of wine.