A friend helps me rearrange furniture. Sex Images

Jennie's encounter with two cocks in a nightclub restroom.

"Mmmm, yeah, that too," pulling my head down and giving my lower lip a stroke with her tongue. I put my arms around her and meet her lips. Her fingers twine in my short hair while I glide my hands down her back and over the tight cheeks of her ass, giving each a firm squeeze. She slowly shifts her hips from side to side and I can feel her breasts moving over my chest. I give out a groan as I pull back from her.

"God, you're a good kisser for a virgin."

"Natural athletic talent, baby. And who says I'm a virgin? I've had boyfriends!"

"Boys aren't were I play, remember?" giving her a grin and a poke, "Now, let's get to work, don't have much time."

I move to the table and pull my camera from its bag, checking the battery and putting in a new memory card. I walk to the end of the room where there is a low riser and a couple of old chairs. I move a garishly carved wing-back to the center. On the wall behind backdrops are hanging like roll-up blinds. I poke through them and pull down a white and gray mottle. I flip on side lights and shift them around till the shadows look right.

"The floor's a little cold, but you can leave your socks on. Dump your clothes on the table and come up when you're ready," I call out as I visualize the shots I want.


I turn around with a start. Cam is standing right behind me, naked, her hands crossed in front of her. I feel like I have frozen solid. Her body is thick with muscle, but with a curvy softness at the same time. As my eyes slowly flow down from her breasts with their deeply tempting nipples, she lets her hands go, revealing a 3" wide strip of dense black hair rising up from between her legs.

"I okay?" she asks quietly.

"For every single thing I can think of doing. You are one seriously beautiful woman, Cam."

She looks down, embarrassed by the lust in my voice. I give my head a shake to break the siren's hold and put out my hand.

"Up here. Sit in the chair. No pose yet, just have to take some tests for light and settings." I fire off a dozen shots as I walk back and forth in front of her. I give them a look, then fiddle the lights a bit.

"This is one ugly fucking chair," she says, tapping the arm with a finger.

"I know, but it shoots good in black and white."

"Okay, sit back and turn left - no, my left. There. Relax your legs. Right heel on the rung, hands on the arms. Head a little bit right and up. Perfect. . ." as I begin shooting. "Let you face relax, no, don't smile, eyes up, look far away, that's it... now serious, broody... yeah" coming in close, catching the light flowing down her rich brown skin like liquid silver.

"You're making this so easy, Cam, so fine."

"Wait till you get my bill. . ."

"Whatever you want, girl, name it." as I keep shooting tight shots of her body.

"Dinner. Like a date dinner. Dress up and sit down dinner. None of your raggedy ass tee shirts!"

"Done, tonight, 7:00. I'll wear my best suit and tie," I answer with a smile.

She lets out a snort, then adds, "Italian."


"What the fuck did you think, girl? Chicken and waffles? I like Italian and I need the carbs."

"I know just the place," with a glance at the clock. I take off my camera and set it on the floor. I go and kneel at the side of the chair. I reach over and hook her right leg at the knee and lift it so it rests over the arm of the chair. She looks up at me with a question, which I ignore. I lift her left and drape it over the other.

"What the fuck, Kis? I ain't doing no porny shots!"

"I'm done shooting, baby. That is so I can do this. . ." and I slide my hand down over her rippled stomach and thread my fingers into the black curls on her mons. I lean in and pull her head to my hungry lips. Her mouth hesitates only a second before yielding to my advance. As our tongues tangle, my fingers continue down and cup her, drawing out a deep groan. I slowly press in one fingertip, then draw it up, spreading her lips and stopping against her clit. I wiggle it gently side to side and feel Cam jump with a soft yelp into my mouth.

"Like that, baby? Thinking