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His best friend's girl is too tempting to resist.

But he did know that she liked seafood, so he went all out and bought two whole live lobsters, some fresh vegetables, a pound of real butter and a baguette of French Bread.

She walked in the door with her arms full of bags and boxes at 6:15. He rushed to help her and took half of them and welcomed her warmly. "Where do you want me to put these?" he asked.

"Oh, just drop them on my bed if you could." she said as she walked into the dining room for a silent quick inspection. "Oh my god, Phil, they're beautiful!" she gasped as she caught sight of the bouquet.

Phil had never seen her bedroom and as he opened the door he took a quick look around. He was amazed at the complete Victorian decor, from the four-poster bed to the vanity to the armoire. Even the flocked wallpaper and the draperies looked like red velveteen, with oriental rugs on the hardwood floors. The room was beautiful. It was obvious that she had spent a lot of time, attention, money and effort to make this room look perfect. He quickly walked to the bed and set the bags down as instructed. As he turned to leave, she was standing in the doorway. "Those flowers are beautiful. Thank you."

"I'm glad you like them. He replied with a smile. "Hope you're getting hungry. I've got a lot for us to eat."

"Famished! I haven't eaten since breakfast."

"Great. Take some time to relax and I'll get dinner going. How 'bout a glass of wine?" He slowly slipped passed her in the bedroom doorway and made his way to the kitchen.

She dropped the rest of her bags on her bed and stood there for a minute, thinking of the possibilities. "He's going all out," she thought with a smile on her face. "And he's so smooth about it. Not pushy at all, I really like that. His Ex was crazy to walk away." Joyce turned toward her mirror. She pulled her sweater over her head and stood there in her jeans and a black bra, wondering about the clothes she bought for dinner. He was wearing those nice tight black slacks of his with a white Oxford shirt.

She appeared in the kitchen in her sweats and bare feet, saying "I think I'll take a shower and get freshened up a bit, if we have time before we eat." She deliberately didn't wear her bra and her large breasts swayed under the sweatshirt. She could feel her nipples harden as he looked up at her from the refrigerator and smiled at her.

He served her a glass of chilled white wine. Holding his own glass up, he offered her a toast, "Thank you, Joyce, for the job and these accommodations, and for the training you've given me. I really appreciate it." She watched him sip his Merlot. His eyes dropped from her smiling face to her pointy chest...and her nipples got harder. Her posture straightened and her breasts rose even more. She could feel her face flush a little.

"I'm glad you like it here, Phil, and I think you're doing a great job. And I think you are a great flat mate. I hope you aren't feeling too ...well, cramped around here."

"Not at all. Are you kidding? I love it here. As far as I'm concerned, this is an ideal situation and I really like you, Joyce." she blushed again.

"I'd better go shower. What's for dinner?" she asked.

"Lobster, I hope you like it."

"Oh, I love it. I never had it at home before. I can't wait." She turned and headed up the hallway towards the bathroom.

He stood there and took another sip of his wine, watching her walk away. "Dinner will be in about a half hour or so."

"OK, I should be out long before that.