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I just lay back even deeper into my pillow, and completely surrendered myself to my Ice Queen.

Her icy lips next landed on my massively-swollen balls, and her popsicle-coated tongue licked all over my balls. It took all my willpower to shut out how cold it felt, and to just enjoy what was admittedly intense pleasure on feeling her loving tongue eagerly lapping at my balls.

By the time her frozen tongue started its long, slow lick up my now fully-hardened shaft, her lips and tongue didn't feel as cold as they had previously. Now it was my turn to smile in victory: the intense heat of my cock's passion was slowly overcoming the intense cold of her popsicle!

But before her mouth had warmed up more than a few degrees, she opened her lips, and sucked the swollen purple head of my pulsating cock up into her still very cold mouth. Stabbing shivers shot up and down my spine, and my cock began to shrvel and shrink just a little from the shock of the cold mouth now surrounding it. Not wishing to lose my erection entirely, I slowly thrust my hips upward, letting the first of my 8 inches thrust up into her welcoming mouth. My lovely Latina let out the deepest, sexiest moan, and the vibrations of her moan against my cock helped me regain the stiffness that I had started to lose. So I thrust another inch up into her mouth. With just two inches in, I could already feel the heat of my cock warming up the cold that her popsicle had left in her. Thus encouraged, I slowly, tauntingly thrust my third inch up into her inviting mouth. Her entire torso twisted and writhed now, as my cock was giving her mouth as much pleasure as her mouth was giving my cock.

I turned slightly and thrust another inch up into her mouth. In this position, my cock head was rubbing and thrusting against the inside of her cheek, causing her to moan, "Oooooh, HUNNNN-neeeee! That feels so gooooood!"

I turned again, so my fifth upward thrust sent my cock-head scraping the roof of her mouth. Her loud "Mmmmmmm!" and the increasing warmth of her mouth told me I was doing something right.

Leaving my cock only fifth-eighths buried in her mouth, I let my hand drift down to her micro-shorts now, and I hastily unzipped and removed them.

I spread my palm above her labia, and I used my index and middle finger to spread open the silky gates to her paradise.

My long, thin index finger slid inside of her, as my thumb swirled circles on her exposed little clit. As I played with her pussy and her clit, I thrust upward one more inch, enjoying the increasing warmth of her mouth around my invading shaft, even as I enjoyed her growing dampness on my exploring fingers.

By the time I had fed my full eight inches up into her eager mouth, the warmth of my horny cock had completely overcome the icy cold that her popsicle had left in her mouth. Now it was my turn to smile triumphantly. The hot power of my love and lust for my wife had completely overcome the icy power of her popsicle, and her moans and gyrations on sucking my cock and feeling my exploring fingers made me feel very powerful. Although my wife was above ME and sucking on ME, my cock and my fingers were giving HER intense and exquisite pleasure. So who was in control, her or me? It was nice to feel that I had gained the upper hand now, but as we continued to pleasure each other, her lips and tongue on my cock and my fingers in and on her pussy, I realized that neither of us had to be in control, what mattered was that we were expressing the powerful but intangible love of two soulmates for each other, experiencing the intangible joy of becoming one soul, in the most powerfully tangible and physical way possible.

My fingers now slid over her internal pubic bone and pressed and rubbed against her G-spot.