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Busty younger sister has unexpected day.

I let out a loud moan that was actually probably a scream.

Jake went back to work lightly tracing his tongue along my neckline and down to my collarbone. Robert was was more tentative and pressed his lips against my neck in very light successive kisses from my ear down to my shoulder.

I squirmed and writhed on the bed and didn't resist when I felt Jake's hand cup my right breast and begin to lightly squeeze it. Robert must've seen this and had gotten more sure of himself. He put his hand on my stomach and licked my earlobe. I had a small 'eargasm' and grabbed the back of both of their heads, pulling them in tighter.

Jake's hand on my chest became more insistent and he slipped his hand into the top of my dress, slid it beneath my bra and began fondling my bare tit. I actually began to shift my body back and forth, trying to rub my hard nipple against his palm. I was shocked out of my ecstasy when I felt Robert's hand on my other breast. My eyes flew open and I looked down to see him squeezing it through my dress.

That was the moment I felt like the situation might be getting a little out of control and I debated putting a stop to it. But my body protested when I felt Jake softly pinch my nipple while at the same time gently nibbling my neck. I clenched my eyes shut tight and mentally willed myself to say 'stop' but my mouth couldn't form the word. Everytime my lips parted, only a moan or a gasp came out.

I continued to struggle to speak as I felt Jake slowly pull down the front of my dress. I dug my nails into the back of his neck and he must've taken that as a sign to continue. I felt the cool air of the room settle onto my bare flesh as he slipped down the top of my dress and bra. Robert stopped sucking my earlobe and I could feel his eyes on my chest.

An incredibly strange mix of emotions surged through my body as I felt them both kneading my bare tits. Robert's hand felt much less confident than Jake's. It was as if he was thinking I'd put a stop to the whole thing any second. Little did he know, I had been trying to stop them for the past five minutes.

I was too embarrassed to open my eyes but I knew he was gawking at my titties. As embarrassed as I was, the feel of Jake's mouth back on my neck and their hands alternately rubbing and pinching my nipples, I still couldn't tell them to stop. I felt myself becoming a little light headed again so I tried to just calm down, relax, and enjoy the double chest grope.

After gaining some confidence, Robert went back to kissing my earlobe and gently nibbled it. I was enjoying the feel of both hands and both mouths when Jake removed his mouth again. A second later, his mouth wrapped around my nipple. I yelped in surprise and tried to sit up but with his head and hand on my chest along with Robert's hand, I couldn't do it. I felt my body melting with excitement as his tongue swirled around my hard nipple. Robert must've been watching because his hand stopped squeezing my breast for a long while and just laid there.

I was now moaning each time Jake's tongue whipped across my nipple. I was trying to tell him to stop but my mouth refused to cooperate. The heat of his mouth was traveling from my nipple to my clit and back. Over and over and over.

Robert's confidence was growing quickly because I suddenly felt his mouth come down over my other nipple. I dug my nails into the back of both of their necks but this only seemed to drive their tongues faster over my nipples.

My pussy ached to be touched. I slightly began rocking my hips into the air and felt another tinge of embarrassment as I imagined how I must look. I closed my legs and began rubbing my thighs together. I was so wet I could feel my juice on my thighs but I hoped Robert was to busy sucking my tit to notice.

I tried to keep my legs clamped shut when I felt Jake's hand leave my breast, travel down my stomach, past the bottom of my dress, and wedge itself between my thighs.