Fragments of a week with Dawn. Sex Images

You have to try things on to see if they fit.

His two muscular goons, and various other employees, had also been detained on a range of charges, varying from murder to illegal parking! Alicia's drug rehabilitation program was coming along nicely, and she was due to be discharged from hospital, in a little over a week's time. After considerable cajoling, she had finally agreed to come and stay with Angelica and himself, in his new spacious apartment, at least until she was fully recovered. Angelica seemed to have taken quite a shine to her!

"It will be interesting to see how our 'menage a trois' works out, after that?" he mused, with a rye chuckle. "We will have to find Alicia a more respectable line of work though," he reminded himself. "Walking the streets, is no longer a suitable occupation for someone who associates with a man in my elevated position!"

Mike had come up in the world, of late! The publicity over the Sidebottom case (thank God the finer details hadn't become common knowledge), had pleased the directors of the major insurance company that he worked for, and he had been promoted to Chief Insurance Assessor, with a bigger company car, and a significant pay rise, and an office in their headquarters building. This was only his second day in the new job, which mainly involved overseeing the work of the army of assessors working for the company, and helping to ensure the overall financial viability of the firm.

There was a polite knock on the office door, bringing him out of his reverie.

"Come in!" he called out, swinging his feet down off his desktop, sitting up and straightening his tie.

The door swung inward, and Mrs. Simpson, the grey-haired, head secretary walked in. She peered at him, over the tops of her pince-nez, almost smiling, for once. Mr. O'Reilly had become quite a celebrity of late, what with him breaking up that major drug peddling ring, vertially all by himself. She was seeing him in a whole new light! "Your new secretary has arrived, Sir!" she announced, wishing that people would keep her fully informed about any personnel changes. "Shall I send her in?"

"Yes please, Agnes!" he replied, in his most business-like manner, picking up a pen, and twiddling it between his thumb and forefinger. One of the perks of his new position, was that he got his own personal, private secretary!

"Very well, Sir!"

The head secretary departed, and Mike heard the click of high-heels, as his new secretary walked in his office. He tried to appear deeply engrossed in the document spread out on his desk before him. Mike had never had a personal secretary before, and was looking forward to the experience!

He didn't bother to look up from the report spread out before him. "Ah, um, good morning, Miss, ah...."

"Good morning, Sir!" she replied, in a deep, sexy voice. The long-legged blonde walked around the side of his desk, and perched her rear on the corner of it, then started swinging her slightly parted legs. She was wearing sheer hosiery and five-inch stiletto heels. Her extremely short skirt, rode even further up her shapely thighs, as she sat down. Mike's eyes were drawn like a magnet, to her crotch, the report forgotten. She wasn't wearing any underwear, and her sex was clearly visible!

"Ah, now, about your typing skills?" he croaked, finally dragging his eyes up to her lovely face.

"I don't type!" the blonde-haired vision murmured, a slight smile on her full, red lips.

"Shorthand, then?" he said, fingering his tight collar. It suddenly seemed very warm and close in the office.

"I don't do shorthand!" She leant forward, and her hand reached out and started to unzip his fly.

"Word-processing skills?" he gasped, as she pulled out his rapidly hardening penis.

She shook her long, blonde locks, and slid off the desk, bunched her skirt up about her waist, and stepped astride his lap, facing him, before guiding her sex down onto his now rampant member.