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Sam wants Bobbie.

Why haven't I seen any reminders on this?" demanded Dave.

Karen bit her lip anxiously and said, "I, I hid them thinking I would care of it before it was too late. But I forgot."

"Here you are, daughter getting married and all that and rather than set a good example, you are acting like an irresponsible brat who not only forgets to pay the bill but childishly hides the reminders," fumed her husband.

Karen turned red at being chided like that in front of her daughter. Nikita looked embarrassed for her mom too.

"Honey, I will make it up to you later," said Karen, making her bedroom eyes. Nikita blushed because she was sure this involved something sexual and hadn't thought of her mom like that.

"Actually, I want to deal with this right now," said Dave.

Karen blushed, but conceded "Ok. Honey, I will go upstairs."

"Oh, no need to go upstairs. You will be punished right here in front of Nikita," said the hubby.

"Honey! You can't be serious?" yelped the nervous Karen.

Nikita looked confused.

'Punishment? What punishment?' she wondered.

Karen blushed that Nikita would know about her domestic discipline sessions. Not only that, it looked like she would actually witness it.

"Oh I am very serious. Come on, hurry up, you know the routine," said Dave, turned on at pushing Karen's submission to a new level.

"Honey? Please?" Karen pleaded.

"Uh uh," said Dave resolutely.

Karen bowed her head in shame, turned the dining room chair towards her and knelt on it facing the mirror.

Nikita looked on in stunned disbelief, still not understanding what was to happen.

Dave stepped behind her and unbuttoned her jeans and rolled it down.

"And how do you normally get spanked, Karen?" he asked.

"On my bare ass, Sir" and flushed in shame looking at her daughter in the mirror.

'Sir? The bastard makes her call him, Sir?'

thought Nikita. But she also relieved to learn that her step-dad wasn't planning to have sex with her mom in front of her.

'But spanking? Seriously, spanking? Is this for real?' Nikita continued wondering.

"So ask," said Dave.

"Please pull my panties down and spank me on my bare ass, Sir," said Karen, demurely. Her beautiful eyes flashed in the mirror. Her mascara clad eyebrows fluttered with excitement and humiliation. Her daughter looked at her spell bound.

Dave rolled down her panties and exposed her bare ass to her daughter.

"One, thank you, Sir" counted Karen as the spanking began.

Dave spanked lightly. The objective was to humiliate and subjugate her and not hurt her.

Soon his ten spanks were over.

"Ok honey. Now stand up before us and take off all your clothes," commanded Dave.

Karen thought of protesting but decided it would be of no use.

She blushed at the thought of being commanded to strip like that in front of her grown-up daughter, but she had brought this on herself.

She rolled up her panties and jeans before standing up and faced her husband and her 21 year old daughter and started to strip.

Her white blouse came off first and then her jeans as she stood in front of her family in a lacy 38-D bra and panties. Her bra followed next and Nikita was pleased to note that despite having big breasts and being 42 years old, her mom's breasts hadn't sagged much and hoped hers would look as good when she got to her age.

Karen despite her embarrassment was gratified to note her daughter's admiration, as she stepped out of panties and exposed her neatly trimmed, landing-strip bush to her husband and daughter.

"Put your hands on the head and apologize," said Dave, as he stepped beside her.

Karen blushed again at having this witnessed by her daughter.

Nikita too squirmed uncomfortably at the sight of her mom being put through her paces. She could not bring herself to hate her step-dad though. He had always been good to her and cared for her like a real Dad would have.

Karen clasped her hands behind her head, jutted out her breasts and apologized, "I will pay my bills on time, Sir," as the first spank landed.

The beautiful Karen looked absolutely delightful, sta