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Indian Brother trying to help SIS, BIL, Sis's MIL, & SIL.

I love a stud, because my best lover until you, my Dad, was a stud, which was how he always made my Mom so hot for him. I wonder if she ever suspected it.

Anyway, he started fucking me after finding my boyfriend's condoms, and he told me to keep screwing my boyfriend, but let him show me how sex was supposed to be."

Matt was stunned again- his wife had once fucked her father! She had committed incest- not exactly something condoned in the Torah. She had lusted for him, had fallen for him, because he had the same admirable qualities as her own father. These thoughts stayed in Matt's head, as he continued pounding his wife's pussy.

Finally, they both groaned, and came as they fucked and thought about her wilder-than-expected past. Judith got very wet as she thought about both Matt and her Dad, who was still alive, and had presumably broken off his affair with his daughter.

"Honey, if you want to start fucking your Dad, it's okay. I just want to be sure that you keep fucking me."

Judith was now the surprised partner, as she thought about it, and agreed. Her sweet Matt understood her need for hunky men and had granted her wish to be married to be a stud, so she would definitely fuck around too, if that pleased him, and what better choice than her Dad, whom she had stopped fucking when she went to college, and never quite gotten around to screwing again.

"Alright, but it's just you and my Dad, ok? I know that sounds unfair to me, but I only love 2 men, and my greatest pleasure is to fuck and share men that I love."

"So, you want to fuck me and your Dad, while sharing both of us with other women?"

"Yes. Speaking of other women, I think that we have an audience."

She was right- Matt's highly vocal sex act with Judith had awakened his wife's friends, who were evidently interested in renewing their flings with him. They looked at him with the most adorable, puppy-dog looks on their faces, as if to beg him to fuck them all. None of them had their breakfast yet, but they were still more horny than hungry, as they showed by reaching over to him, and playing with his dick to get it hard enough for their pussies.

When they had succeeded, which wasn't long afterward, Mallory got on all fours on the bed while the others watched and begged Matt to fuck her hard.

"Take me, Matt Samuels! I want it in the ass! It wasn't fair that Sam got it in the butt, and I didn't last night. It's my turn to get butt-fucked!"

"Alright, but I want to fuck your pussy, too."

"Yes, fuck my ass for a while, then stick it in my pussy and cum! I want to get pregnant by you, this morning!"

Matt was extremely turned on by that thought, but he present the lube from the nightstand just in case she wanted first.

"No, just shove it in me!"

He did as she asked, pounding her pucker painfully, as she squealed, groaned, screamed, cursed, swore, and generally made the biggest racket. The rest of them had to masturbate. It was just too damn sexy, watching their friend and the husband of their other friend (or sister, in Ruth's case) get it on anally.

They kept fucking away as the 3 other women watched, getting all sweaty, and definitely putting on a show for their benefit. Matt was presenting the exhibitionist side of himself, and every woman there loved to see it in action, especially Judith. She was playing with herself like crazy, getting all worked up, especially when Ruth took things a little further and got underneath Mallory in a 69, eating her out, and clearly preparing herself for her turn with Matt.

Matt was already horny as it was, and the sight of his sexy sister-in-law eating and being eaten by the hot babe he was butt-fucking was just too much, so he abruptly pulled out, stick his finger into Mallory's ass to pacify her need for anal action, and began fucking her cunt instead. He had to fuck it now, to get her pregnant as planned.

He banged her muff for several minutes, before the stimulation of a cock straight from her own ass set Mallory off, making her climax, in a screaming orgasm, and th