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He pushed Madison off him so he could zip up and head to college which brought a moan of disappointment from Madison but she understood. Madison made sure her outfit was straight before following Simon out to the car so he could go to college. As Simon put his backpack in the boot of the car, Madison got in the passenger seat and buckled up. Then Simon walked over to the driver's door opened it, got in, buckled up and drive off towards the college.

40 minutes later

Simon pulled up in the college car park only to see a strange figure in a trench coat hanging around by the smoking shelter the figure was looking directly at them but the face was shielded by a hat upon closer examination the hat was a fedora. Simon stretched his senses out only to discover that the figure was a demon but not one that Simon recognised so this was a new demon or was it a demon that transcended above mere spheres?

The figure watched as Simon and Madison went round to the college entrance as he had his orders from Tristan to kill any demon that took his place and with no Terra or Cara in sight this was going to be easier for him. The figure sensed that the two figures were only human nothing else but the figure was there to hear Simons speech during the battle so it knew that Simon was the new lord but it sensed that a Demon lord was in Wolverhampton besides Simon. The figures eyes went wider as it realised that the presence was Slamaria.

This was the last straw as the figure decided to ambush Simon using other humans to slow him down in the canteen so the figure went to work and walked over the entrance of the college only to bump into the human that accompanied Simon into the building. The demon went to work in brainwashing the human into doing its bidding.

As Madison could feel the creature inside her head she poured most of her demon side into a distress sphere and threw it aiming for where the other demon lord was in reference to Wolverhampton just as Madison threw the sphere the demon was in her mind taking control over it the last thing Madison saw was the sphere go flying away. Her last thought was that she hoped that it was an ally demon lord as she was pretty much useless to Simon like this.

While Simon was attending his course all he had left to do was have the final tutorial so he could be signed off but since he was last to go out of all the students that had finished which including Simon stood at 3 people and the tutor chose to go alphabetically. All the time Simon was trying to make contact with Madison he found that the link was still open but he couldn't sense her as well as hear her thoughts. Simon was beginning to get worried about the safety of Madison especially with that shady figure hanging around a hour ago especially if the figure sensed that Madison was a demon even through her concealing her demon side.

At noon Simon was signed off from his course Simon chose to head to where he could sense the faint signs of Madison. The signs were coming from the canteen but as Simon walked towards the canteen he could sense the static in the air which anyone would feel when there is a thunder storm. As Simon walked towards the canteen he spotted two metal poles that were left there by whoever before the demon got to them so Simon picked them up holding one in each hand in case something happened.

When Simon walked into the canteen he noticed that everyone had stopped what they were doing as and was just looking at Simon. Simon however realised that he had Batherox's power to make any item into the perfect weapon for the situation. The metal rods started to glow red as they were showing runes all over from Simon's hands to the ends as they were transforming slightly to have a spike on the end of both metal poles so he could trap anyone by throwing them. Simon removed his backpack sliding over by the student union room along with his jacket.

The demon gave everyone the mental order to attack where they all p