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Joy finds that watching makes her very horny.

"Whoa," I say, quickly reaching up to turn the knob while trying to get out of the way of the cold stream, but you are still holding me tight, preventing me from moving out of the way. You rub my breasts and breathe heavily on my neck. As the water gets colder, my nipples grow harder and your hands warmer, which I didn't think was possible. When the water gets freezing, you pull me back and turn me around for a deep kiss, cupping my face and kissing me so tenderly. "God," I think to myself as my knees get weak, unable to resist you.

Suddenly my stomach growls and you look at me with a smile. "It's been hours since we last ate," you say, "let's get out of here and get some food." I smile and nod in agreement.

We go out to eat and after a very nice lunch we are passing a sex shop when we decide to pick up a few toys to take with us tonight. We aren't sure what Kitty and her man like, but we're pretty sure that something in our little collection will entice them. Since we aren't familiar with the area where they live we go over in that direction a little earlier than we had planned.

We locate the house fairly easily but hesitate to go in so early so we drive around a little bit and scope out the area. Their place is totally secluded in the back, which brings many dirty thoughts to both our minds. After a while we park in the driveway and approach the front door. I ring the bell but no one answers. You think you see smoke from a grill coming from the back yard so we walk around the house, bag of toys in hand. I stop short as I round the corner and see Kitty on her knees in front of him. You almost run into me and I tell you to hush. You peek around the corner to see what is going on and gasp as you realize what she is doing.

"D__j__ vu," I whisper and smile, and my juices begin to flow once again. You look at me, puzzled at first. I watch mesmerized as she slowly takes him in and out of her mouth slowly. I think they must have just started, at least that is what I hope. He puts his hand on her head and rests it there. You set the bag down and pull me into your chest, my eyes never straying from them. You unbutton the top buttons on my dress, reach in and grab my breasts. I gasp softly when you touch me, but loud enough for him to hear me once again. We both realize this and freeze briefly, out of shock. You rub my nipples between your fingers roughly as we watch him slide in and out of her luscious mouth. He looks down and watches her for a moment, then turns his eyes to us and smiles wide.

You raise my dress with one hand and reach inside my panties. You find your way quickly to my wet hole and slide two fingers in. "Oh!" I moan and thrust my hips forward, biting my lip to keep from screaming. My eyes lock with his once again as you finger me in rhythm with her sucking. He strokes her beautiful hair and moves his hips slowly.

"Oh fuck!" you whisper in my ear as her pace quickens and you follow.

He looks down at her and I hear him say, "Oh Kitty baby, you're so good. Yeah, that's it baby!" She reaches up and places a hand on his hard shaft and starts stroking him too. "Oh yeah!" he moans again.

Your fingers reach deep inside me as your hand plays with my breasts and we watch them. My hips start thrusting up to your fingers, your palm now slapping against my clit. I bite my lip, not knowing why it would matter if she knew we were there. I reach back to unzip your shorts and grab your throbbing member. I stroke it softly and feel your body weaken immediately. She pulls away from his cock, licks his shaft all around then sucks it back in. Your hard dick is throbbing in my hand, and you whisper to me, "This is so hot!" I bring my hand up, lick it and start stroking you again, faster than before.

Both of his hands are on her head now, his hips thrusting harder, burying himself in her mouth.

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