After 30 years, it all falls apart for Scott and Thomas. Sex Images

Craigslist Catch Reeled In.


Sophie covered his mouth with her lips, her tongue darting between his teeth, her fingers playing in his hair, preventing any spoken response. Dennis could feel the hardness of her nipples against his chest. Even as his cock did the responding for him, surging ever bigger, bobbing up against the curve of Sophie's taut ass, he understood at that instant that this was more than just goofy random sex for this woman barely older than a girl, that he should take care, but that taking care was the last thing she wanted right at the moment. And Sophie had definitely been in charge from the first moment she had interrupted his nap by taking his cock in her hand, then into her mouth.

There would be time to discuss this, to sort out the aftermath, later. Now, like Sophie, Dennis was just ready to fuck.

He slid his hands along her ribs, creating enough space to tweak Sophie's nipples. She broke her kiss off, sighing, "when you do that, it is like electrical current runs from my tits to my cunt."

Dennis moved his hand along her flat young belly, his fingers caressing her folds, confirming her wet readiness. Sophie responded to the light touch by pulling her hips back just a bit, and then her ass slid higher. The tip of her older lover's cock never lost contact with her flesh, leaving a trail of precum along her buttock.

Sophie took his cock firmly but gently in her hand, her tiny fingers confidently circling the thick shaft. She lowered herself onto it, guiding him into the wetness. At first, she paused, still raised on her knees, just the head of his cock between her labia, poised at the entrance to her sex. He needed to go deeper, to fuck her thoroughly, and Sophie needed that too.

She proceeded slowly, as if to say that they would only have this one first fuck, heck, maybe they would only ever have the one fuck ever, and she wanted it to last, to savour and enjoy ever moment, drilling the memory into both brains. Though Dennis hoped they would fuck again, and again, he instinctively understood why Sophie was taking him an inch at a time until finally, he was buried to the hilt.

"You are so warm and ready. We fit together like a hand in a glove," Dennis whispered.

The mention of 'glove' made him think of a condom, but it was too late. This cowgirl was riding him bareback. Sophie began building up speed gradually, not rushing the fucking. First, she pushed back up, almost but not quite allowing his organ to fall from her treasure, and then slowly lowering herself all the way back until her ass pressed against his thighs, then bouncing back up. With each repetition, she increased her pace. The old couch creaked in response, adding its own notes to the symphony of sex.

"You fill me up so much," Sophie gasped, throwing her hair back, catching her breath with him pulsing meat buried deep into her womb. Dennis could feel her muscles clench, then relax, as if fucking his cock back.

Sophie was really a tiny girl, and Dennis had not taken time to think about whether she could handle his size. He was pleased that she seemed so satisfied, but he knew that she was far from finished. He was glad that she had already swallowed a load of his seed, because otherwise he knew that he would not last long before he shot his diminished gobs of goo deep into her belly.

"I've never been so full," Sophie continued, her eyes teary with pleasure as she allowed her chest to fall against his body, writhing against his chest as she kept slamming her cunt into his groin, fucking him savagely.

Dennis had lost all sense of time. He knew it must still be afternoon, the sun still streamed in the picture window, through which anybody might see this friend of his son fucking him on the couch, but neither of them cared.

Sophie continued to fuck Dennis hard, while he tentatively tried nibbling and biting the sides of her neck, something which had never failed to bring his wife to the pinnacle.