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Lewis falls in love, Jim's saga continues.

"Please, Cathy, don't." is all Susan can manage to whisper.

"Take it off," Cathy says; "get it off, now."

Susan feels herself watching in rising panic as her hands, as if belonging to someone else, undo the cord of her dressing gown, and pull it open.

Cathy nods; "Take it right off; I want to see what I'm dealing with."

Susan Shrugs out of her dressing gown, red faced. She stands naked as Cathy's eyes move up and down her; resting on each breast, scrutinising her pubic hair. Susan can't help hunching and turning away slightly. She feels crushed; exposed and vulnerable; more than simply unclothed.

"A Piece of cheap bitch like you; old; almost a hag." Cathy says; "What does Lauren see in you?"

"Lauren; what?"

"Shut up until I tell you to speak, cunt. Yes, Lauren fucking raves about you, but I don't see anything at all here."

"Please," whispers Susan, shocked. This isn't supposed to be how it is to happen; she is supposed to be establishing control; getting her strength back, and instead she can feel herself shaking as this young, sham autocrat stares at her. And to her shame, Susan feels herself warming inside; her own body is betraying her; her pussy becoming wet under Cathy's sneering stare. Susan wants the other girl to like her; to touch her; to want her.

Cathy lets her bag drop to the floor.

She steps forward and reaches out her hand to touch Susan's right nipple. It hardens under Cathy's touch, and Susan's lips part, but Cathy drops her hand away. "Bedroom, cunt." She says. "Run." Susan turns and jogs up the stairs; Cathy follows slowly.

As she runs, Susan thinks furiously, but can't seem to find any spark inside herself; all of her energy has vanished. In the bedroom, she stands beside the bed and waits. Cathy enters the room. "Lie down; start touching yourself."

Susan lies down and begins to stroke her breasts; her belly and down towards her pussy. Cathy prowls around the room; opening drawers and the wardrobe, pretending to ignore Susan for some minutes, but she can't really keep her eye's off Susan's body and the actions of her hands.

She moves to the bed and puts her hands on Susan's knees, she lowers herself down to sit on the bed and reaches out to touch Susan. As Cathy's fingers caress her lips, Susan loses all sense of arousal. It just stops; drops away as if switched off, and all Susan can feel are cold fingers touching her pussy; as impersonal as a doctor's touch.

The situation is all wrong; this girl isn't a dominatrix, she is a sham. Susan sees Cathy's hands trembling. Her eyes are too bright with excitement. Susan sits up. Cathy stands. "Lie down, bitch" She snaps, but there is a shrill note in her voice. "I told you to lie down." She almost shrieks, backing away as Susan stands. Cathy is brought up by the chest of drawers at her back, and she looks at the door, but Susan is right there, and she slaps Cathy hard across the face and laughs.

"Lie down," She says.

Cathy makes a half-hearted attempt to speak; to regain control, maybe, but before she can make a sound Susan slaps her again.

"I said, lie down, cunt."

Cathy stands, shocked, holding her face. Tears well up in her eyes.

Susan feels shocked herself; she's never hit anyone before, and her hand stings. She feels powerful and in charge; she can see Cathy breaking as she watches, disintegrating into a scared young woman, but Susan feels no empathy or even pity for the girl, only fascination and this terrible sense of power.

She begins to make quiet hushing sounds; moving forward slowly, reaching out carefully to stroke Cathy's face. Cathy flinches, but when Susan doesn't hurt her, relaxes slightly and even turns her cheek towards Susan's hand.

Susan catches Cathy's left hand and lifts it to lay the palm on her own breast. Susan recognises then how being naked can be more than exposure and vulnerability; it can also be strength.

Her pussy soaking, Susan feels herself burning up inside with this new found power; her sex drive peaks, and under Cathy's softly rubbin

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