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She seemed a little shy, but she was still here with me so I figured it was all good.

As we talked, sitting in my car, she started to get a little more relaxed. We kissed a little, kind of cool. Her tongue is pierced so it was a new thing for me. Felt real good. She really likes to emphasize the fact that it's there and she does it well.

Now like I said, she is just getting comfortable and I am starting to really get into her kiss when we get that all too familiar bright light shining into the car. A police car pulls up and the cop gets out and tells us we have to move along. Funny thing is he keeps shining his light on Lynne. She's 19, but she looks young, and you could see he had questions. He kept them to himself and again asked us to just move along, but he did give her another quick flash before walking away shaking his head.

We move on to another little dark spot and we continue where we left off.

Now, I like to be what my partners like me to be, I mean if it's soft and gentle, I'm that, if it's a little rough, I'm that. Now a gentleman doesn't just ask, he figures it out. Asking is just...uncouth.

So I'm kissing her a little and really enjoying it. I begin to take notice of some things about her. I put my lips close to hers and I just brush them against hers, gently. She whimpers. I start to tease her with my kiss. I nibble on her lip, I snake my tongue out and touch her lips, she almost moans. Oh, and it's on now. Lynne is really starting to breathe hard and I can see her chest rising and falling with more and more urgency. So I kiss her, hard. I stick my tongue into her mouth and her mouth opens full and I try my damnedest to suck the stud right off her tongue. We're biting and nibbling and sucking on each others tongues like they were lactating tits and we were babes in need of sustenance. I'm crawling all over her and she is pulling my head harder to her trying to make an already throat deep kiss even deeper. We kiss and I start to touch her, all over.

Then I do it, that thing. I bite her neck. I know some women love to have their necks paid attention to so I thought I'd give it a shot. She flipped, so I bit a little harder. The reaction was even more pronounced. She really liked it, and she liked it more the harder I bit. I pull her to me and squeeze. She moans.

I have to test this. I have to know for sure what I have here in this young lady that seems to like to be bit. I change her position and slide my hand between her legs, start to kiss her and I slip my hand up her blouse and under her bra so I can have one of those nice tits in my hand. I bite her tongue and I start to squeeze her tit with some real force. Then I start to pinch her nipple, and I do it hard. She's enjoying it so much she pulls away from my kiss, she's really moaning and needs to breathe to do that. I start again on her neck, but this time I'm biting her harder and harder and I can feel the heat rising between her legs. I pull her hair and bite her and squeeze her and just try to learn what really turns her on.

She likes pain. Oh, the times I'll have. I ask her if she has ever cum from just someone causing her pain and she says she has, but not tonight. It would seem I have things to learn. I want to learn.

At this point it's getting a little late and I know I have to get her home soon, but I don't want to let go just yet. So I make the move and get my cock out into the open air. She starts to rub it slowly, gently. I can't believe it. She loves pain but worries that she might hurt me by being too rough with my dick. I tell her it's attached and she should give that bad boy a nice hard squeeze. She does, still a little worried but getting into it more and more. As she strokes it, it gets harder and harder until it feels it's about to burst.

Then she starts, damn she's good.