July 3 & 10 - Rai tries to figure out how to move forward. Sex Images

18-year-old and mom's sexy friend continue.

t you fuck my mouth? You'd probably like that more, wouldn't you?"

She clasped her hands behind her back, closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide. When I didn't immediate respond (I was still in shock), she took charge.

"That's cool. I don't mind doing the work."

With that, she leaned forward onto the bed and began unbuttoning my jeans. With that pixie grin stretched from ear to ear she asked,

"So, what ya thinking about?"

"Just... how beautiful you are," I managed to stammer out.

She was on to me,

"Corny, but sweet. No, I imagine you're wondering if I'll let you cum in my mouth... Don't worry, I will."

She reached into my jeans and pulled out my swollen cock.

"In fact, you can cum in my mouth, on my face, in my pussy or my ass... whatever you want. I'm gonna be your own personal slut. You've earned it."

And with that she bent forward, lowering her lips to the tip of my throbbing dick. She swirled her tongue in circles around the ridge of the head, saliva dripping down on my cock all the while. When she pulled up, a string of pre-cum and saliva arched from her mouth to my dick. I thought I was going to explode right there.

"That is, if you'll have me," she teased.

I nodded my consent and she lowered back down, this time taking the length of my shaft in her mouth. As she bobbed up and down on my cock, she reached out for my hand. I took it and locked my fingers in hers, the way my last girlfriend and I had when we used to make love. But Leslie quickly took my hand and led it to the back of her head. She clearly wanted me in the driver's seat.

To get a bit more leverage, I pushed to my feet and Leslie dutifully kept my dick in her mouth the whole time. I began to take deep strokes in and out of her mouth and she purred along, like she couldn't get enough. But when I saw little tears forming in the corners of her eyes, I quickly pulled out.

"Don't stop now," she pleaded. "Cum for me, please."

I didn't need any more encouragement. I jammed my dick down her throat and started fucking her mouth like there was no tomorrow, my balls slapping her chin, her fingernails digging into my thighs. With one last thrust I let out a healthy groan and filled her mouth with what felt like the biggest orgasm of my life.

For a moment or two I was in a complete fog. I looked down and those eyes were still staring up at me, her lips locked around my cock. I pulled myself out and she let my cum spill out her mouth, down her neck and all over those tiny little tits. Her lips glistening with my cum, she spread that wide grin again and sheepishly exclaimed,

"Oops, I must be full." This girl was too much for me.

I quickly looked for a towel or sock or something for her to clean up with, but she stopped me quick.

"No point in cleaning up when we're just getting started. Now, I expect you're gonna wanna fuck me, but it'll take a few moments for you to get hard again."

Maintaining eye contact the whole time, she reached down, swiped a little cum off her nipple (which was bursting out like bullet at this point) and proceeded to lick it off her fingers.

"Mmmm. If I taste half as good as you do, you're in for a treat."

She stood up. Peeled off her panties from underneath her skirt and led me back to the bed. By this point I was starting to get a bit of confidence. I fell on top of her and quickly grabbed her wrists, holding them high above her head as I kissed my way down her neck. My quickly recuperating cock slid across the inside of her thigh and she moaned as I bit into the side of her neck.

"So, you do like being in charge, eh?"

Sure, who doesn't I thought. She reached over and pulled the belt out of my jeans and demanded,

"Then tie me up and do whatever you want with me."

She stuck her hands through the spokes in my headboard and waited.