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The creation of a sex slave.

He taped almost everything I did. I don't know if he blackmailed the clients or just wanted some insurance against them. Maybe he sold the tapes; if he did I suppose I'm a big star in the overseas porn market."

"You spent six weeks in his house? What did the housekeeper think of that?"

"He doesn't have a housekeeper. He has this quirk about keeping the house spotless. He cleans it himself. He does a better job than most housewives don't you think?

"Did you help him cook and clean?"

"No, he wouldn't let me; in fact he would get furious if I did my own laundry. He wanted me to spend every spare minute when he was at the station to work on my tan during the day and do homework during the evenings. He didn't know it but I used to finger-fuck myself on his bed many, many nights. He has a way of making a girl gaga over him."

"I know; I feel obligated to please him."

"He's reeled you in real fast. Since he isn't prepping you for Vera you might as well consider him your pimp."

"He is teaching me a lot." I felt stupid defending him.

"Yes and before he turns you into a worn-out used up gangbang whore we need to get you out of there. Here we are!"

Candi had pulled up in front of La Fem Spa. I hadn't been paying attention to where we were going because I was fascinated by what she was telling me. It looked like we were in one of the dark sections of town; not that I minded.

"Vera owns this shop and all the girls have to use it. Today you are getting the works and a free ride because Brad is paying for it. Later you'll have to pay top dollar from your earnings. She also owns the dress and lingerie shop a few doors down where we will pick out your working clothes."

As I got out of the car I wondered what 'the works' would be. Mom had always cut my hair for me. I was glad Candi was going to pick out my clothing; I had no idea what an escort like Candi was supposed to wear.

"Andi, I trust you will keep my future plans to yourself - about me going independent especially in here and with Brad."

"You know I will; I feel blessed that you shared it with me."

"Pinkie swear?"

She held out her hand with her little finger curled as she rounded the front of her car and I giggled as I made the oath with her. We still had our hands clasped together as we entered the shop. The receptionist had us down for a four-hour make-over, led us back to a curtained booth and introduced us to Leona.

The smocked tall stout buxom mulatto had a French accent and a toothy smile.

"So this is Brad's new whore."

Candi defended me, "Andi is still a virgin, Leo. Go easy on her."

"It's Saturday, my best day of the week, passing off four appointments doesn't please me. What was Brad thinking?"

"He's in a big rush with Andi, but I understand, how 'bout taking just an hour and charging Brad for the full session? I can show Andi how to apply the make-up you provide and introduce her to the toys if that helps."

"You're a true Sister, Candi. OK. Strip off your clothes, sweetmeat."

I looked at Candi for direction. She nodded as if it were a normal request. Embarrassed for not having worn underwear, I quickly stripped off my sweats as if it were an everyday thing and draped them over the hanger that Leona handed me.

"Sit" I was grateful to be able to semi-hide my nakedness, fully expecting to have a full cape or at least a bib placed over me.

Leona ran her fingers through my hair from behind me. "So what does Brad want done to our virgin?"

"Brad left it up to me. I was thinking a sculptured pixie similar to what she is wearing, after a drastic thinning, raise her bangs and I was hoping you could make it convertible."

Leona stepped around and hugged Candi.

"I knew you would cross over one of these days."

"I haven't, but I think she would look so cute with her hair slicked back with little Spanish sideburns."

"Have you tested her yet?"

"Not yet.

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