Teenage stud's party with all his female relatives begins. Sex Images

About a band and a friend.

Right from the start, it was warm and passionate, and they ignored me as they started down a fine line of seduction. Rae was slightly taller than Jude, but their lips met without much trouble. To even things up, Rae stepped soon from her shoes, leaving them eyeball to eyeball. They were both dressed in skirts and separate tops, and looked like smart business women. I watched in aroused fascination as hands caressed breasts and slipped under skirts, and the little groans of appreciated soon began floating across to me. It wasn't long before buttons were being undone, and tops removed, then in turn they stepped out of their skirts.

I have to admit that my excitement was intense. These weren't the slim beautiful catwalk models that one sees in movies and magazines. In front of me stood a tangle of voluptuous mature curves, bulbous breasts held tight by bras, and large pale round thighs. With their lips firmly embraced, their fingers reached and undid bras, then eased them from each others shoulders and let them drop to the floor. They took turns bending and licking the others breasts while hands slipped between parted thighs. Jude then dropped to her knees, her tongue soon sampling the smooth white thighs near Rae's blue panties. Rae's eyes briefly flicked over to me, but I suspect at this time I was of little consequence. Rae's hands stroked Jude's hair as her panties were lowered to her ankles, then her shoes and panties were removed in turn.

For a few seconds, Jude buried her face between Rae's parted thighs, but she then turned her to face me. My eyes roamed over Rae's curves before dropping to her pussy, a small triangle of dark curls ended at the V of her lips. Both women watched my reaction as Jude's hand slipped through Rae's thighs from behind, her fingers sliding back and forth between her pink lips.

"Would you like to fuck my friend?" Jude asked seductively.
"Hell yes."

"Take your clothes off and show me what you're going to fuck her with."

I stepped out of my shoes and pulled the shirt over my shoulders; my hands dropped to my shorts and briefs, and pushed them down to the floor. My erection stood proudly in front of me, just begging to be let loose at these teasing women.

"How about that nice hard cock my sweet? Would you like to play with that?" Jude asked.

"Maybe." Rae replied turning towards Jude. "But not yet, lets you and me play for a while."

Jude smiled over at me, "Sorry, but you're gonna have to wait."

I sat back down on the chair and watched Rae slide onto the bed, Jude joined her after slipping out of her own panties. It soon became clear that Rae was the submissive one, as she willingly allowed Jude to roll her onto her back. Rae opened her thighs wide as Jude mounted her just as a man would. For the next few minutes I watched with aroused intrigue as they kissed, licked and caressed each other.

The interaction was full of passion and feelings, and unlike any girl on girl movie I'd ever set eyes on. I feasted upon the scene in front of me, slowly fingering my erection in anticipation of what might hopefully follow. Jude then began to slide down Rae's body, her tongue tracing a damp line down her chest and navel. Rae's head turned towards me, and a smile appeared on her face as she caught me stroking my cock. That smile disappeared in an instant as Jude's tongue slipped between her thighs, and was replaced with a look of indeterminable pleasure. Rae whimpered in lust as her pussy was licked, and lifted her legs higher as if to present her pussy more fully to her tormentor. Her eyes opened and fell upon me once again, and she then smiled.

"Come and join us." she beckoned.

I climbed onto the bed beside Rae and lowered my lips to hers.