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Your first meeting turns into searing passion.

Then I gave my nude driver directions to our house, unsure of whether I should start touching him as he was driving. I resisted but really wanted to see what was still standing to attention under that towel. The drive was short and I was amazed that he too was English like us, living in France, albeit down south, but taking advantage of a trip to Paris and the mild weather to flash his sexy body to us friendly northerners.

We pulled on to our drive, the house isn't overlooked, and I got out first to check he could walk from the car to our door without dressing. He held the towel in front of him but I noticed the smoothness and soft curve of his butt cheeks as he climbed out of the car. He followed me inside and I shouted to Dave to find where he was. He shouted back from the bedroom down the hallway so I headed in that direction and our guest, who still hadn't told me his name, followed.

To say Dave had started without me isn't exactly true but as I entered the bedroom he was already sprawled out in the middle of the bed, atop the quilt, boner at the ready. He had shaved only the day before so was completely bald on his chest, stomach, underarms and of course his rock hard tool, smacking against his lower torso with a drip of precum waiting. There were 2 glasses of sparkling plonk poured at the side of the bed and I saw the lube and poppers.

"We're missing a glass," I said and he looked at me quizzically as our friend entered the room behind me. Dave looked completely surprised but as he gave our guest a good once over, and our guest had dropped the towel in the hallway revealing his own hard tool, he visibly relaxed.

"I'll go," I said and ran back to the kitchen for a third glass and removing my own clothes as I did so. I returned, cock solid and totally nude like the other two, and they had already introduced themselves insofar as they were busy sixty nine-ing each other. The visitor had Dave's cock totally down his throat (Dave is only just over 5 inches when hard) and I could see that the other guy was too long for Dave to do the same to. He was probably seven inches like myself, and cut like Dave. He was slowly lifting his hips and lowering them so his cock was sliding in and out of Dave's mouth and his very smooth, bronzed and shapely butt was facing me. I put the third glass with the others and poured drink for each of us as they greedily sucked away, I noticed both of them glance at me for my approval. They didn't need it, I wholeheartedly approved and was ready to join in.

I went back round to the visitor's smooth crack and rang my fingers down it a couple of times, and he opened his legs to allow me to do so. No need for detail here but I checked he was clean.

I parted his cheeks, and tongued his hole a little as he gently rocked his cock into Dave's face, back and forth. Even with his mouth full, he made a noise of approval so I let them carry on and tongued some more.

"What's your name and how do you want to play this?" I asked.

I thought he said he was called Lucy, not the first guy I've come by with that name, I knew one in London, but with his throbbing hard on, this was no shemale.

"Dave's gonna fuck you, Lou," I said. "Nice tan, by the way."

"Lanzarote," he said. I smiled as we too had been recently and we too had got an all over tan. And some cock action.

I took a swig of my drink and laid down next to Dave so Lou could take my cock in his mouth instead of Dave's and I was pleased after he stopped sucking Dave's cock that he too took a drink of the sparkling wine. It adds an inexpensive touch of class to any fuckfest.

Dave wriggled out from under Lou and I took his cock in my mouth, it was as bald and smooth and bronze as his arse, and not too wide which was great, I love long, thin shaved cut cocks. (Or short thin cut cocks. And they needn't be cut. Or thin. You get the drift.)

We all took another drink from our glasses and Dave popped the end of his finger up Lou's hole, it wasn't that tight after I'd loosened it with my saliva.

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