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The sexy tales of a country town next toa magic forest.

It was almost overwhelmingly painful, and I gasped out loudly. "So... Big..." I murmured, gritting my teeth.

However, as painful as it was, it was also getting wetter than I ever had before. My pussy was almost gushing with juice, lubricated his inexorable push into my pussy. Now he had gotten the entire head of his thick cock inside of me. There had to be another eight or nine inches of cock, though.

I slumped, my head resting on the floor, as I reached one of my arms downwards. What was I doing? I was the queen. This was completely inappropriate. I should be dying of shame.

Which I was, but a part of me wanted this to never end. And this part of me was guiding my hand steadily downwards, towards where I was being practically impaled on this stranger's cock. My outstretched fingers reached my clit and began to rub, and I hung my head shamefully. I couldn't watch as the surrounding crowd cheered as I began rubbing myself.

Nisos had now worked about a third of his titanic cock into my soaking wet pussy. He slowly pulled it out, before pushing in once again. This time, my stretched pussy was much less painful, somehow able to take this monster cock. As he reached where he had before, he slowed down, pulling me further onto him with his hands. This pattern continued, him slowly fucking me, single strokes alternating with pressure deeper inside of me. I looked back and saw his triumphant expression. I glanced back at his cock, and almost two thirds of it were inside of me. His slow fucking had steadily grown faster.

He was deeper inside of me than anything had ever been, and fresh sensations of delight danced across my body. Though I was ashamed beyond belief, this felt unbelievably good. I finally hung my head again, avoiding my husband's gaze, and pushed myself backwards against his dick. After a few more strong thrusts, I could finally feel my plump ass smack against his groin. His entire gigantic dick was inside of me, splitting me open.

I felt tight almost to bursting, completely filled by the man. He paused, resting his hard cock inside of me, and I shuddered from the heady mix of pain and ecstasy. Suddenly, he pulled all the way out, my abused hole tightening in his cock's absence, then slammed his dick into, his balls slapping against my clit. I was still rubbing it, and every touch was sending a wave of spasms through me. I couldn't be far from coming.

He continued to slam into me, almost knocking me off balance with every thrust. His dick felt like a sledgehammer against me. Each time he pounded me, a burst of pain flared in me, followed by a much larger burst of pleasure.

I felt my orgasm just before it hit me. I lost all control of my muscles, falling forwards in a spasming heap. His strong arms still held my hips, keeping my ravaged pussy pressed against his cock as he plowed me. Then, I felt one of his supporting hands hand leave my hip.

I tried to hold myself up, but couldn't. Waves of completely overwhelming pleasure sent shivers and spasms all across my body, my face frozen in a rictus of pleasure and pain. I began to fall forwards.

As I did, I heard an echoing smack, accompanied by a sharp, stinging pain from the skin on my ass. He had slapped my ass, making it jiggle wildly. I managed to gain control of my orgasm enough to glance backwards, and could already see a pink handprint of his large hand fading in on my butt. He lifted his other hand, slapping my other cheek, as hard as the first. Both were stinging more than I could believe, while my orgasm still raged within me.

The stinging pain was merging with the pleasure and pain shooting from my pussy, and my wild orgasm continued.