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She lets him take her home, she gives him a surprise.

She cried out as she jumped forward against the pull of his grip.

Dante spanked her again and again and again, each time forcing Femke to cry and struggle against him that much harder. When she could anticipate his rhythm, he changed his technique. He snuck in gentle rubs in between spankings to confuse her senses. He randomized the order of attack so she would jump against gentle caresses or relax her ass to receive the full force of his powerful slaps.

Giving her a moment to relax and rest her reddened cheeks, he began to play with the soft lips of her vagina using the tips of his fingers. This made his heart pump even faster than it already was. He traced his fingers down and back up her legs, spanking her hard once more at the top.

He helped her onto the floor once more and ordered her to kneel before him. The speed at which she obeyed him was a sight to behold in it's own right. "You're such a good girl." He said to her. He grabbed her by the cheeks and kissed her passionately. "You're my beautiful baby girl."

Dante sat back and unbuttoned his jeans, revealing his hardened cock. He said nothing, but Femke could see the hunger in his eyes. No words needed to be said for her to understand what he wanted from her. She stood on her knees and leaned forward touching her lips to the tip of his penis. She kisses it gently before licking it. She looked up as her tongue swirled around it, locking her beautiful blue eyes with Dante's. Her glasses had fallen off on the couch next to him, letting him better see her brilliant eyes.

As Femke traced her tongue up and down his shaft, he tilted his head back and relaxed. For the first time in a long time, he was able to fully enjoy himself in this moment of intimacy with his longtime girlfriend. His pleasure only increased as she wrapped her lips around him and took the full length of his cock into her mouth. She struggled at first to take in his impressive size, but was able to reach the base of his shaft.

Dante placed a hand on the back of Femke's neck as she bobbed her head up and down on him. He decided he would try pushing her limits further once again. After all, that was the point of this scenario, wasn't it? Testing your limits, building trust and having fun. Grabbing her by the hair he forced himself deeper into her mouth. He pulled her up after choking her for a moment to let her breath. "How was that, princess?" he asked.

"Wonderful, Sir. Anything to please you." He stood up and held her head in place as he began to fuck her throat.

"You're such a good girl." He said to her, grunting from the pleasure. The only sounds she could make were wet gagging noises. He pulled out to let her breath again. Still holding her hair, he squatted down and asked her. "What's your favorite thing in the world, princess?"

"To please you, Sir. Nothing makes me happier, Sir." She said. Dante couldn't help but focus on how beautiful he thought she was. Even gagged and abused, her mascara running down her face, she was stunning.

He stood and forced himself into her throat again. "My beautiful little girl. Nothing makes me happier than using you as my own personal fuck toy." He said as he slapped her. Femke flinched from the slaps, but continued sucking. "If you're good, you get what good little girls deserve." He teased.

This wasn't enough though; Dante needed her right then and there. He pulled himself out of her mouth and helped her to her feet. He stood behind her and tilted her head to one side with one hand. He placed soft, gentle kisses along her exposed neck. With his other hand he reached down between Femke's legs and grabbed her wet lips, rubbing her clit ever so slightly with one of his fingers.

"This is mine." He whispered into her ear. "You're going to keep it nice and hairless for me. Be ready to get used whenever I feel like it."

"Yes, Sir." She said in a breathless, wispy voice

"You're forbidden from wearing panties from now on.