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Anna is transformed further.

The pictures of Madonna when they first appeared in Playboy kept me going for more than a year as did the East European athletes in Olympic games. They really had extremely bushy armpits.

Ever since my practice grew I had some special moments. Last year I was checking Liz who is in her thirties for palpitations. I knew her and when I asked her to take of her blouse she seemed a little shy. I told her I needed to check her with a stethoscope and after a great deal of reluctance she removed her blouse. I knew why she did not want to remove her blouse. She had a virtual jungle of air in her bushy armpits. Though she kept her arms pressed to the sides I could easily see tufts of jet-black hair from the sides of her armpits. I could hardly contain myself as I had a huge erection luckily cordoned of by my trousers and my white coat. I asked her to stretch out on the bed and put her arms up and I saw the long tresses of hair in her armpits. It was a lovely sight as I kept my focus on her hairy underarms.

I told her her extremely bushy underarms turned me on. "Look Liz I love women with hairy armpits. The heavy pelt in your bushy armpits has such an effect on me." Saying that I showed her the tent in my trousers. She looked at it with a smile on her face and mischievously put her hand on it. She asked me to come to her house in the evening as her husband had wanted to have a threesome but there were very men who liked a woman to be hairy. In fact besides her husband Jeff I was the only one who had been turned on by the forest of hair in her armpits.

I told her I would drop by and she said to come after 8 P.M., as she would surprise Jeff. She said she would seduce him and I could walk in quietly and so she handed me the keys to her apartment.

I could hardly believe my luck as I entered the apartment it was dark and I thought I heard some noise in the bedroom. The door was open and I saw Liz kneeling down in front of Jeff or so I thought and her hand grabbing his ass. She was obviously sucking his dick, but I couldn't see it. She moved away from him and then I saw his dick. Jeff was well hung. He had a good 11 inches, maybe more. It was thick, uncircumcised and radiated virility. Underneath his mammoth dick, hung two huge balls and Liz went back to work on his cock with a vengeance. She was stroking his shaft with her left hand, massaging his balls and ass with her right hand while bobbing up and down on his cock. Obviously Liz was a good cocksucker, but to see her work on this knob was a sight to behold. Up and down she went, alternating licking up and down the shaft with cramming one of his nuts into her mouth. I could see her armpit treasures too. The long dark silky hair that I first saw in my chambers looked very enticing. It was a lot more hairy than I first imagined and it made me have a massive erection. I did not want to enter yet as started increasing her pace. She kept sucking furiously but she wanted him to fuck her.

Soon she was bouncing up and down on his cock while he grabbed her ass cheeks and sucked her tits and pulled at he long bushy hair in her unshaven pits. She then spun around for a little reverse-cowgirl action. This gave me a great view of her full jet-black pubic bush and her bouncing tits. Jeff gently lifted her up and positioned her on her back. He placed a leg over each of his shoulders then reached down and grabbed his dick. He rubbed it all over her hairy pussy lips and clit until she was in frenzy. He guided the monster head to her hot hole and drove it in with one full thrust. Liz went ballistic and came immediately. Jeff gave her the goods until he could hold out no more. He pulled out and shot wad after wad on her pubic hair and finally into her bushy pits.

Before I could regain my thoughts and whether it was time to make my grand entrance another brunette moved into view.