There's more than one way to pay the bill. Sex Images

Beth has a breakdown, but will there be a breakup?

The little slut wanted both scalies bad. Seeing either of them "fucking" her would ruin her. Seeing his brother act like a cheating asshole would crush Marvin. Add to that some specially placed minions to really twist the knife and-


Her mind skittered off course as she watched Trevor tug off his shirt, revealing his sculpted abs. Tight and perfectly formed, they made a six pack so defined that she could have traced the lines of his muscles with her tongue. Not that she would. His broad shoulders flexed as he lifted his arms, tossing his shirt over the nightstand table -- to make it look like he had flung it aside in a wild passion. Slowly, Carter had to nod.

"Nice t-touch," she said.

"Lets get this over with." Trevor walked over, his body moving with the power and grace of an Olympiad. Or a hunter. He moved behind her -- and she felt his finger hook through the strap of her panties. She hissed.

"No penetration!" she said, furiously.

"Fi isn't going to buy it if she can clearly see your fucking panties, Carter," he snapped.

Carter weighed that.

"F-Fine," she hissed. "But if you actually get in me."

"I know, you'll skin me and use me as a purse."

His finger tugged her panties down and Carter had to bite her lip as hard as she could to not moan as the slightly cool air of the room brushed along the soft folds of her sex. She flushed red at the quiet noise that Trevor made. A soft 'huh' that made her entire skin turn crimson.

"You're wet," he said. The ridges of his cock started to grind along her sex -- each ridgeline bumped against her clit, teasing her with alternating pressure and softness. She bit her lip and arched her back against her will, her moan coming through her teeth as a quiet, soft noise. His hand squeezed her hip, and his other hand slid into her hair -- tugging her ponytail slightly. Carter gasped -- but couldn't say no as his cock slipped up and down her sex. She felt her mind skittering, losing focus as she panted quietly.

"Mm," he murmured. "We should start being louder."

"R-Right," she said, nodding -- her eyes turning. She couldn't see the clock. But Fiona would get in here soon. "Uh, f-fuck me." She gasped as he tugged on her hair, jerking her head backwards, his cock grinding against her. "F-Fuck me!" She exclaimed, louder.

"You're so fuckin' hot," Trevor groaned, his movement becoming slowly faster and faster. The tip of his cock pushed to her pussy -- spreading her lips ever so slightly, then drawing back, sliding along her, rather into her. Carter whined and closed her eyes.

"M-Maybe could use the tip, we" Carter started, but then she felt his cock pressing to her again -- pushing into her. Her breath hitched, her eyes widening. "W-Wait-" She paused, then realized, with a jolt of panic, she had no idea when Fiona would come into the room. And a quiet, soft, eager little voice whispered in the back of her mind -- whispered with the self satisfied purr of a cat about to eat the cream and the canarie.

Come on, let the walking purse fuck you. This dick is too fucking good to waste...

He was still standing perfectly still -- but she could feel him trembling, his cock an inch and a half into her sex.

"...put it in," Carter whispered.

Three things happened at the same time.

The first was that Trevor plunged into her sex.