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Heather blurs the line between her sons fantasy and reality.


Have I really told him my last name? My real last name? I have a name that I sometimes tell guys, that isn't real. Maybe I told him that one?

He starts at A and goes down the alphabet. My real last name and the fake one both start with the same 3 letters. So, for the first 3 letters, I tell him the right place to stop and he compliments me, which makes me feel good.

On the fourth letter, he again starts at A. I decide to risk it and go for my fake last name, hoping that is what I gave him. He knows!

"Drink Whore!"

I down the shot of whiskey. "Down."

"Now a dirty pic Whore. Show me what a dirty Whore you are."

I pick a very dirty pic of me and show him.

"Good girl." "Now, you know that I know what your last name is, so tell it to me."

I tell him my real last name.

"Good girl...We are going to take a little break from this game and play something different. I want you to lay out all of your bondage gear. We are going to play a bondage challenge game. I will tell you how I want you to bind yourself. I will then time you to see how long it takes you to get into it. Then, I will time you as you strive to get free. However long it takes you to put on the bondage gear, you have half that time to get out of it. So, if it takes you 2 minutes to get into it, you have one minute to get completely out of it. If you don't get free in that minute, you have to do a shot. If it takes you more than the 2 minutes in this example, then you will have to do 2 shots, and send me another pic."

I lay out my 2 pairs of metal handcuffs, one pair of metal ankle cuffs, one pair of leather ankle cuffs, 5 three-foot lengths of chain, locks, my leather collar, my nylon mask, old stockings and scarves, and lots of rope and zip ties.

He says "there is one rule. I may not duplicate any combination; each one must be at least somewhat different from previous ones. That way I won't be taking advantage of you."

Well, at least he is being fair about it.

He starts simple, "handcuff your wrists together in front of you."

No problem. They quickly go on my wrists. He times it, only 20 seconds to get them on. Oh Oh. That means that I have to have them off in 10 seconds. I grab the key and struggle to unlock the handcuffs. I'm over 20 seconds.

"That is 2 shots for you Slut."

I down the first shot. "Down." I down the second shot, "down."

"Good girl. Now a pic.

My head is swimming. I show another pic.

"OK, back to the last game. What is hubby's cell number?"

I'm confused. Is he just expecting me to tell him the number, or is he going to guess it? "Huh?"

"Look you stupid Slut, I'm not fooling around here. Get out your nipple clamps and put them on, and put a clothes pin on each of your cunt lips. NOW!"

How does he know about those? Did I tell him about those too? I rush to pull out the nipple clamps and the pack of clothespins. The nipple clamps dig into my tender nipples. The clothespins on my labia don't hurt nearly as much, but I know the pain will grow if they are left on for long. "OK, they are on."

"Good girl. Now pour two shots of vodka in a glass and fill it with Red Bull."

I grab a clean glass and pour in the ingredients. "OK."

"Good girl. Now drink it all down."

I down the potent mixture. My head is floating off somewhere. "down"

"Good girl. Now tell me your husband's cell number, and don't lie, I already know it."

Floating along, I give him my husband's cell number.

"Good girl. We are almost done for tonight. I think that you deserve a reward. I will call you up and you can cum on the phone for me."

My phone rings. He tells me all of the naughty things that he will be doing to me very shortly. We cum together on the phone and he hangs up.

I check back online and he is gone. I want to sleep, but that last red bull has me up. I chat with a few guys. I end up having phone sex with two more guys before I pass out.

Saturday morning. My phone rings to wake me. "Blocked number." It must be him. "Hello."

"Good morning my little Cock Sucking Whore.

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