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Sara introduces Cathy to Ms Serena

?" she asked?

I flipped through the magazine and showed her a 1970 Gloss Black Challenger.

"Very masculine." she said.

"No. That is a very sexy car. She's beautiful on the outside and the inside."

"She was a sex machine, she kept her motor clean."

"Yeah buddy. Get her in a Challenger with the pistol grip shifter. She can grab my pistol shifter! Ease the seat back. between my legs. Yoga me baby!"

"Okay. I'll give you that. Well, I better get going." she said.

She waved the book in her hand. Then she bit her lip and stood there. She went into her little purse and pulled out a pen.

"Can I see your magazine?" she asked.


She was writing in it, on the Challenger page and handed it back to me.

"You better buy this! I don't want some strange guy calling me." she said.

"Mmm. Fair warning. It might be over a month before I call. I'm in the middle of the complicated part."

"No worries. Thanks for telling me, uh Mr. September." she said.

"Your welcome. I'm glad I came to the book store tonight. So, Hypothetically? If I did something with a Jeep club, four wheeling, drinking and having fun. Is that something a hot and beautiful girl with a ponytail would be down for?"

"Mmmm. You'll have to ask when you call one Chip. Have a good night."

She turned and left. Of course I watched her ass jiggle and thought of hot sex in a tent.

What the fuck just happened. I'm not that good looking. I say stupid shit all the time.

Okay. So I'm tan and a little muscular. The shirt looks good on me and I smell good. I would still rate myself a seven at best. At fucking best! More like a six and seven eighths.

Don't mess with a streak Chip. Everyone knows that. I opened the magazine. There it is.

"Diane. Hot girl with the pony tail!"

Heh heh. I like her.

What time is it? It was already after 9 and I still have to drive home. I headed for the checkout and paid for my goodies. Not risking fate, I put Diane's number in my cell before I left the parking lot.

"A little ditty 'bout Chip and Diane. Two American kids growing up in the heartland."

I put my phone on the charger and remembered Matty had texted me.
"Chip. I am getting you some clothes. I saw some shirts that you're going to love." texted Jacy.

Awesome. She should get more than one. I hate shopping for clothes.

"Okay. If you really like them, you can buy me more than one and I'll pay for it. Like 3 or 4. In different colors. Pants too! Shop till ya drop! Make me a solid 7 out of 10."

"You asked for it! We will drop them off at the house tomorrow night." said Jacy.

"Goodnight guys. Thanks again."

"Night :)" replied Jacy.

I walked in the door around 945 and was heading for the bathroom when I spied Joan's phone. I checked on Joan and it looked like she was out. I grabbed her phone and headed for the bathroom. What secrets will it reveal! I last looked at it about 10 days ago. So At meats I won't have sift through as much.

Pass code. Okay. Check her text messages.

You know, I need to clean mine up. I really don't want her to see my texts to Matty and Tiffany.

Here we go!

"I'm texting you from the bathroom. I walked in on Chip naked. God he has such a nice ugh! He asked if I wanted to bang the headboard on the wall. I wanted to jump on him so bad." texted Joan.

"So. Do it. Ride that big dick. You need it. Maybe you'll change your mind." said Laura.

"I'm just horny. Staying the course. Stupid boyfriend is broken!""

"I can't believe your passing that up. From what you told me." Replied Laura.

"It will be easier for both of us doing it this way." she said.

I had her on the ropes huh. Here's a message about Sunday.

"I'm exhausted. Chip didn't go and my parents grilled me. I screwed up. It would have been better if he went. At least he has that trip coming up. This will be over soon." texted Joan.

"Hon. Didn't you say you were going to talk to him?" replied Laura.

"Yeah. But I just wanted to calm things down. The kids were upset. I was upset. Now I can get back to the plan."

Fuck! Seriously?.