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Mother, son and daughter get stuck in a snow storm.

He groaned; "Now you are going to have my baby, I will fill your horny cunt and womb with my precious seed, and it will swell in your womb, until you give birth to my baby, you just wait and see."

Lene was moaning and breezing heavily when he slowly pulled his big fat cock out, while he filled her cunt with white creamy seed. He pressed her cuntlips together with thumb and index finger, he massaged her belly and said; "This way my seed will easier find the right way up in your womb Lene, just you relax now. And you don't have to worry Lene; I'll fuck you many times again this weekend Lene." While massaging her belly he "forced" her to lick and suck his soft cock. It was quickly big and hard again. Ali said; "Well now I have a perfect piston to press the seed further up in your womb Lene, are you ready now!" Lene gasped; "Oh yes Ali do it now!"

He let go of the cuntlips and pushed his big cock hardly up in her pussy. She moaned; "Oooooooh Ali it feels like I'm going to burst, oooooooooooh!" The sperm squirted with great pressure out between her pussywalls and the big fat "piston", I wondered if it was filling her womb in the same way. He fucked her again just as hard and fast as before, she whined and moaned and was nearly unconscious when he at last filled her again. This time he placed another pillow under her ass and said; "I want to have a break now, you just lie there relaxing Lene and let my seed do its work." It oozed from her sperm filled pussy; Lene obeyed him and lay there in bed waiting to see what the next thing would be. His hands were caressing her while he said; "You are a really good whore Lene, be sure I'll come back and fuck you when your belly has grown big with my baby."

It was getting late and Ali said; "Lene do you have a spare room with a bed?"

Lene said; "Yes Ali, but there is enough room in the bed for you too!"

Ali said; "That was not what I have in mind Lene, it's for your husband, so he won't sneak him to fuck you when I'm asleep." Lene released me and said; "Did you hear that darling, you have to sleep in our guest room tonight!" I kissed Lene goodnight and left the bedroom, my own bedroom. The door was closed and I heard the key turn in the lock.

Shortly after the fucking noises started again, the bed creaked, Ali called Lene dirty words and she moaned and screamed. I stand there alone, and went upstairs to the guest-room just above our bedroom. I was alone with the noises from downstairs and my imagination and my right hand. It took quite a while before the noises stopped and the house were quiet. At last I feel asleep, dreaming strange dreams. Next morning I woke up early, I have maked some coffee and went to the baker for some fresh bread.

When I returned they were awake, outside the house I could hear her moaning screams. When I have done the table the noises have stopped. I knocked at the door and Ali opened it, Lene lay on the bed with two pillows under her ass and the sperm oozing from her stretched pussy. Ali asked me; "What do you want?" I told him that the coffee and bread was ready. They came out in the living room where I have the coffee ready. Lene sat down with her thighs tightly pressed together, to hold the sperm in her pussy. Now Ali found out that I should be placed under the table looking up. Lene got up and I saw the big puddle of seed on her chair, the old guy had a lot of sperm in his old body. I was tied to the table with my head just outside the end.

Lene was placed straddling over my head, her legs were tied to the table and Ali forced her down on her belly at the table, her hands were tied to the opposite legs of the table. I have a free view up in her stretched pussy it was dripping with pussyjuice and sperm. Ali said; "Now watch closely how my big cock are going to fuck your whore, and be sure that I'll fuck her more than one time this way, just watch me now!" He followed his word by pushing his big fat cock up in her pussy so only his big heavy balls were outside. She moaned; "Oooooooh Ali fuck me oooooh yes fuck me noooow!"

Ali smiled and said; "

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