Alex continues to discover Mia's hidden side. Sex Images

Nothing can destroy a poem quicker than poorly handled rhyme.

You have better tits than Ursula Andress's tits and Bridget Bardot's tits," I said wanting to say that she had better tits than my dream woman, Maureen O'Hara, but I couldn't. After masturbating over her so very many times, I didn't dare spoil the sexual memory of my best actress.

"Really," she said looking down at her tits and then looking back up at me with those magical blue eyes. "You think I have better tits than Ursula Andress and Bridget Bardot?" She looked down at her tits again, before looking back up to me.

"Oh, God, yes. I do. They are so symmetrically perfect. A work of art, they're sensational." A time just before breast augmentation surgery had become popular, if a plastic surgeon needed a breast model to fashion artificial breasts, she could have gotten that job.

"You read Playboy?"

"I do, but it's my Dad's magazine. He doesn't know that I know where he hides it."

Willing to tell her that I read my Dad's Playboy magazine regularly, I'd never tell her that I masturbate to all the naked pictures of the women, especially to the recent photos of Stella Steven's and Jane Fonda's appearance in Playboy, as Barbarella. Oh, my God, that layout was so hot. Then, she asked me the question anyway.

"Do you jerk off over the all naked pictures of topless women?"

"No," I said immediately being embarrassedly defensive and pulling my horny hands away from her tits, as if her breasts were a hot stove and I just burned my fingertips.

Suddenly I felt like a pervert not only because I read Playboy but also masturbated because I masturbated over the pictures in Playboy. The sort of perverse behavior that the good Catholic girls my age in the neighborhood would take offense to, Kathleen was obviously aroused and finding erotic pleasure in my appreciation and fascination of the naked, female breast, so much so that I'd ejaculate over the mere photos. Now, I was really embarrassed because I sensed that she knew that I masturbated over the Playboy Playmate photos.

A time, when no one asked sexual questions, I couldn't believe she was asking me all these so very personal and so very sexual questions. If I wasn't so excited at the sight of her tits, I'd be embarrassed. If I wasn't so aroused that she was standing there topless, after allowing me to touch, feel, and suck her tits, I never would have confessed my penchant for my multiple times a day masturbation routine. Yet, now feeling a bit liberated from my sexual inhibitions and my Catholic imbedded guilt, I was happy to take a romp on the dark side to play a while in the Devil's playground.

"C'mon, Freddie. Don't be shy. You can tell me. Do you play with yourself, while looking at the naked photos of women's breasts?" She was staring down at the big bulge my erection made in my overalls, while fondling her own breasts.

"Yeah," I said remembering what she said before about my erection, 'you're going to have to do something about that.'

Now, that I think of it, maybe she wanted me to jerk off in front of her or maybe she wants me to masturbate in front of her now. Now that I think about it, after touching, feeling, and sucking her big tits, I'd love to masturbate right now.

"Tell me and be honest. Are you going to play with yourself, when you go home, while thinking of seeing, touching, and sucking my tits?"

"Good God, yes," I said not only believing the way that I just blurted it out but also that I just confessed to her that I was going to masturbate over all that happened today.

Her undressing in front of me, her seeing my erection tenting my underwear, her stripping naked to pee, and her allowing me to have my way with her big tits, something that meant so much to me at the time, something that was monumental important to me, was all just a game to her. I was putty in her womanly hands. Yet, even though she exerted such control over me, I didn't care, so long as she gave me what I wanted and what I wanted was her beautiful body.

"You could play with yourself now.