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Stacey is stripped then submits to the twins.

She feels invincible. The potion must be working. It's working. She'll never take another stupid order from this stupid bitch again.

Hannah turns around and closes the office door. She locks it behind her.

"What are you doing?" asks Jennifer.

Hannah doesn't answer. She turns around and goes back to Jennifer's desk. She takes the phone off the hook. She grabs Jennifer's cell phone and slides it into her top.

"Give that back," hisses Jennifer.

"Shut up," says Hannah. She's calm. She feels the strength building in her, growing around her hips, spiraling from her belly, humming through her crotch. She won't let Jennifer demean her. Not anymore.

"You need to shut up," says Hannah. "You talk too damn much."

"Give me my phone -"

Hannah steps forward and slaps Jennifer. Her hand is firm, staying straight all the way through. Jennifer's head turns with the strike, and she whimpers. Hannah's skirt tents with her new strength.

"Better," says Hannah. "Are you listening now?"

Jennifer nods.

"Good." Hannah sits down and motions for Jennifer to sit. She obeys. "Now, we need to get a few things straight. First of all, you can't talk to me that way, okay?"

Jennifer nods.

"Say, 'yes, Miss Hannah.'"

"Yes, Miss Hannah."

Miss Hannah feels tension build around her hips. She shifts in her seat to get comfortable.

"Good," sighs Miss Hannah. She's losing her comfort. She feels trapped and tight. Is the potion wearing off? No. Not so soon.

"I'm sorry," mutters Jennifer.

That harden's Miss Hannah's resolve. "Good. That's a good start." The potion must be working. She doesn't need to worry. The heat boils through her. She takes off her jacket. She needs to relax. Get comfortable.

You're in control.

"I'm in control now," whispers Miss Hannah.

"What?" asks Jennifer.

"I'm in control now," says Miss Hannah.

"Yes, Miss Hannah."

"Good. Come here," orders Miss Hannah.

Jennifer obeys, coming around the desk and standing in front of Miss Hannah. Miss Hannah inspects her. Jennifer keeps her eyes on the floor, ignoring Miss Hannah's bare shoulders, ignoring Miss Hannah's smooth legs, ignoring Miss Hannah's bulging skirt. She isn't sweating. She must not be hot like Miss Hannah. But she's panting. Jennifer's chest heaves in deep breaths as she shifts her weight from foot to foot.

"You're turned on," says Miss Hannah.

"No," whispers Jennifer.

"Do you like being slapped?"


"Do you like being put in your place?"


"Your body doesn't lie," Miss Hannah reaches out a hand for Jennifer's crotch. It's warm. Is it wet? She has to know. The heat in Hannah's body has to know. The pressure has to know.

"Take off your shorts," orders Miss Hannah.

Jennifer hesitates.

"You want to make it up to me for being such a bitch?"

Jennifer nods.

"Then take off your shorts."

Jennifer obeys.

As the shorts roll over Jennifer's plump ass, Miss Hannah sees her soaked panties. She wants this. Jennifer wants to be controlled. Miss Hannah wants control. It's perfect. The potion is working. Miss Hannah smiles.

"You like being put in your place," purrs Miss Hannah.

Jennifer nods.

The bulge in Miss Hannah's skirt pulses. Now is the time. She can finally put this bitch in her place: between Miss Hannah's legs.

"On your knees," orders Miss Hannah.

Jennifer obeys.

Miss Hannah stands, looming over her slut.

"Take off my skirt."

Jennifer obeys, peeling the skirt down Miss Hannah's leg. The skirt gets stuck on the bulge. Jennifer's brows furrow. What's happening? But Miss Hannah doesn't care. She's powerful now.

The skirt pops off, and with it, Miss Hannah's ruined and torn panties. Jennifer's eyes widen. Between Miss Hannah's legs is a hard cock. Miss Hannah smiles ruefully at her cock. Yes, this makes sense. She's strong now. She's in control. She needs to put Jennifer in her place, and that means fucking Jennifer. The potion gave her something to fuck with.

It isn't about a cock.