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Busty gives her fiance a ride while fanasizing.

"Wow," he said again, staring at them.

Esther grasped both of his hands and placed them on her boobs. He kneaded her massive breasts roughly. She let out a moan of pleasure. Ben lowered his head and sucked a thick nipple into his mouth, sucking on it hard. "Oh fuck!" Esther yelled.

Ben was all over her breasts now, devouring them and biting her long rubbery nipples like a man possessed. He hefted her breasts in his hands, loving the weight of them. They were massive, and so full and heavy. Esther was dripping wet by the time Ben pulled away from her.

Esther dropped to her knees and pulled down Ben's zipper, and unsnapped the button. She yanked his shorts all the way down his legs, and his cock sprang into view. He hadn't had time to put any underwear on, in the rush to exit the ship.

Esther slowly stroked his cock with her hands as she looked up into Ben's eyes. "You have such a big, wonderful cock," She told him. She leaned forward and it disappeared between her thick lips. Ben almost lost his balance and would have fallen back if not for Esther's strong hands on his ass. Esther was forcing more of his cock meat into her mouth and down her throat, moaning and drooling around his shaft as she sucked him deeper.
Ben couldn't believe how good this felt! He'd only had one other blowjob in his life and it was nothing like this. He groaned in pleasure as his cock head slid into her throat.

Ben was loosing his mind. This older woman knew what she was doing and seemed to be enjoying this almost as much as he was! Ben bucked his hips into her mouth and Esther kept pace with him. He wasn't going to last much longer and told her so. She pulled her lips off of his cock just long enough to tell him to cum in her mouth. Within seconds he was erupting in her mouth and she was swallowing all of it. Not one drop escaped her talented mouth.

After Ben had cum, Esther gave him one last powerful suck and then pushed him back onto the sand.


Esther locked eyes with him. "Delicious, baby....but I'm not done...You ain't done yet..." She leaned forward, clamping her mouth onto his semi hard cock again. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking him like a vacuum; hoping to get him hard enough again. She needed a good hard fuck tonight and she was going to get it.

Ben's cock came back to life, and after another minute of her oral expertise, he was hard enough to ride. Esther hiked up her skirt, crawled up his body and straddled Ben. She reached back, grabbing his cock, aiming it at her entrance, and lowered herself onto him slowly until he was all the way inside her pussy. Then she started to fuck him like she meant it. Ben was a virgin no longer.

Esther was bucking wildly on his cock. They way she rolled her hips and grinded onto him was getting Ben to the boiling point again. He grabbed Esther's shoulders and pulled her closer. Her heavy breasts hanging against his face, he took one of her nipples into his mouth again. This put Esther over the edge and she muffled a screamed as her body shook in a powerful orgasm. Ben pumped his second load of semen of the night into Esther; this time deep within her pussy. She collapsed on top of him.

They lay together in the moonlit beach for some time, listening to the waves lap at the beach. "Ben you're an amazing lover. Promise me I'll have you again before we're rescued?"

"You bet!" Ben responded enthusiastically.

"Have you ever been with a black girl?"

"'re...I mean...I've never been with any girl,"

"Oh shit!" she said lifting up her head. "I took your virginity!"

"Yeah, I guess you did,"

"I'm sorry...I know you didn't want a washed up old..."

"Shhh," Ben said, pulling her down and kissing Esther on those full, soft, amazing lips. She kissed him back hard, moaning against him. "I'm glad I lost it to you."

"I wish I would have known you liked big black girls sooner," she giggled.

As they got dressed and shared another passionate kiss under the moon, neither of them saw Ben's mother crouching there, watching t

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