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The outlaw is captured.

"Shall I tie you to my bed and use you however I please until morning?" He asked in a way that made it clear that I had a choice despite my vow.

I sighed with longing. "I wish you could, my King, but I cannot stay too long. After all, I am in Phoenix on business, and I do not wish to risk my job," I explained.

"I understand," he assured me pleasantly. "Perhaps another time."

I nodded vigorously. "This weekend, probably."

He smiled at me, and then walked away. I rolled backwards so that I could sit on my feet and rub my mildly sore wrists. I looked up to find Jayson obediently watching me.

I held my hand out for his taskmaster, who promptly helped me up. I traced a line across Jayson's chest. Walking a full circle around him, I leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"You liked that, didn't you? You want that, don't you? You want me to punish you. No..." I dropped my voice even lower. "You want him to punish you."

Jayson whimpered, his face immediately contorted in a look of deep confliction. Part of him clearly longed to be punished, and part of him was deeply horrified by the prospect.

"Tell me," I commanded softly.

He took a deep breath and held it.

"Tell me!" I demanded firmly.

"Yes... Mistress... I want you to punish me."

I thought so, I smirked. "Then brace yourself on the wall."

He hesitated for a moment, and then did as I ordered. He grasped the bars firmly, and I watched his chest expand and contract rapidly as fear coursed through his body. Knowing that this was his first time, I purposely selected a softer whip. One that would sting plenty, but wouldn't actually hurt him. It wouldn't even leave welts.

He moaned and writhed as I whipped him, and after a few minutes, he even begged for me to whip him harder. I accepted the standard whip that the taskmaster held out to me, granting Jayson's wish.

I instinctively knew when he was close to squirting all over the wall and stopped. I looked at the clock and was amazed to see how much time had passed. Smiling, I handed the whip back to the taskmaster.

"You've done well for your very first day. I think it's time we leave now. Come Jayson," I beckoned expectantly.

The taskmaster inclined his head with an expression of sudden understanding. Now it made sense why I wouldn't let anyone else truly touch him. He was untrained and uninitiated. It would be almost cruel to let anyone play with him until he was ready and willing.

Jayson followed me quietly, stealthily wiping tears from his face. I knew without asking that he had been feeling both pleasure and pain, and the intensity of it had moved him to tears of both joy and despair. Yes... I well knew how he felt.

We dressed in silence, and then left, hailing a cab to drive us back to the hotel. Not a single word passed either of our lips until we were back in our room and I had stripped again so that I could take a shower.

"What...?" His face crumpled in confusion as he tried to figure out how to ask me his burning questions. I'm sure there were so many that he didn't know where to start.

I pointed to a spot in the small bathroom next to the toilet as I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. He moved to the spot I'd indicated without a moment's thought; I waited for him to realize this. I watched him over my shoulder as it dawned on him that he was standing perfectly still with his hands on the back of his head.

Hiding a smirk, I stepped into the shower and gave him a soft command as I finished closing the already partially closed curtain. "A slave should be naked at all times."

He immediately undressed and I stealthily peaked at the expression on his face. He was incredulous that he obeyed so instantly. I knew what he did not... he had been a slave long before I met him.

"Tell me," I said as if I were pondering an amusing anecdote. "How old were you when you first had sex. How many partners have you had, and were they male or female?"

"17. I've had five lovers... four were female..."