Couple gets together despite passed out friend. Sex Images

Linda's new job at Shawshank prison.

I was going to turn around but he already seen me and I heard him say "damn". I blushed and walked past him and I could feel his eyes all over. He said I was looking hot and wanted to talk. I said thank you. He was like "whoa, your'e a dude?" I wanted to say no not really but was forced to say yes. He smiled at me and took another puff and said i was damn fine still. Before I knew, it had been almost an hour since I stopped to talk with him and he said to me "ok, I'm just going to come out and ask, are you bi"? I said "yes". He nodded in approval and said he was too. He asked if I thought he was cute and oh yes he was. He had short brown hair, brown eyes, nice tan skin, a little bit taller than me which was awesome because I'm 6'0 tall. He also had some nice big muscles that popped out of his shirt on his arms and I could tell he had a nice lean body with his shirt tight on him.

We walked together upstairs and parted ways because I wanted to shower real quickly to clean myself up good. He smiled at me and told me to make sure I was nice and clean because he wanted to devour my ass. I showered and got myself very horny in the shower just thinking about what it would be like to be with another man, something I fantasized about often.

I finished up and sat at my bed waiting to see if he was going to come knocking. I remember being so nervous and shaking as I waited for him to come in and make me his. I grabbed my laptop and put on some music to set the mood, and then I heard the knock. I shook as I walked to the door and when I opened it he came in and began kissing my neck and squeezing my ass. I managed to get the door shut as he pushed me towards the bed. He pulled down the top of my dress to expose my somewhat breast because I'm sort of thick enough to have little manboobs but I'm not fat fat. He licked and sucked on my nipples while rubbing my legs and groaning as he felt my ass each time. His hands were soft and slowly rubbed my ass and thighs. He was pulling my dress up to feel my ass. He began to softly and slowly touch my hole as he moaned and licked me from neck to my breast and then laid me on my back on the bed. He then spread my legs and rubbed them as he kissed my head and finally put my cock in his mouth. His mouth felt so amazing and warm as he licked my head while I was in his mouth. As I laid there and moaned he was groaning and breathing heavy, at which point he pulled my cock out and said "this is what I really want". He spread my legs farther apart and pushed them back towards my head so that he could see my hole staring at him. He kissed my thighs and slowly licked around my rim. I had my arms in between my legs helping support the spreading of them and my hands were running though his hair.

He then looked up at me and smiled then he took his tongue and buried it inside my tight hole. He licked around the rim and kept sticking his tongue inside of me. I just moaned and pulled his hair as I began moving my hips and spreading myself open farther apart so he can get his tongue in deeper. "I love how pink you are and you taste so fucking good". It made me so horny and I didn't even think about touching my cock because I could feel it pulsating as I was about to cum. He said to go ahead and I did as it ran down my shaft and my balls eventually into my ass crack at which point he licked it up and sucked the rest out of my cock. Then he went back to tongue fucking me which was one of the greatest feelings I love in this world.

After about 20 mins he came up and started kissing me and sucking on my tongue.