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Bringing in the New Year.

Next, my shoes were removed and my cape was undone. Then someone pushed up my tight top. I felt my naked breasts bounce free. Cool air surrounded them and I felt my nipples perk up. I heard sighs of appreciation as hungry eyes witnessed my beautiful tanned tits. I felt so helpless on the table, held by my Halloween strangers, I still struggled but realized I was going nowhere. I looked to the side and through the open doorway I could see into the living room. I could see sex everywhere. Guys naked asses were bouncing up and down pounding cocks into their strange lovers. Gals were on their knees sucking on erections they didn't even know the owners of. Masked strangers were between spread thighs causing unknown women to scream out in pleasure. It was a scene of one mass orgy of unknown participants. I felt my top totally removed and then my skirt was drawn down my held legs. They release me long enough to just remove my clothes totally, then I was held back down against the table. I lift my head and looked down the length of my tanned naked body. My breasts heaved up and down with my deep breaths, and my nipples, hard, stood up towards the ceiling. I looked down my firm slightly rippled tummy to my pubic mound, and then down each sculptured leg.

Hands held each leg just below the calf, one held by a Clown and one by an Indian Chief. Both their masked faces stared at my splayed womanhood. The Gorilla made hand gestures and the two guys immediately on cue spread my legs apart. The Gorilla spoke for the first time, but his muffled voice was deep and unrecognizable. "Don't hurt her at all guys" he said. "She is precious and I don't want her to feel any pain, this is just for fun". Well that was a relief to hear I thought. Up until then I was very worried. I jumped as his rubber gorilla hands traced there way up my open legs, across my firm belly, and up to my tits. He gently circled my nipples and pushed them gently inwards. He was much gentler now. His hands made there way back downwards to my, now, dripping quim. My body shivered and I squirmed slightly as the middle finger rubbed up the length of my wet slit. I raised my ass slightly off the table as I felt the fat finger begin to open me and penetrate me ever so gently. He stopped after only just beginning to enter me. Instead he rubbed me more. Finding my excited clit he massaged it with one finger. A moan escaped my lips. I suddenly realized how vulnerable I was. I had never been naked in front of this many people at once. Never had so many eyes looked upon my naked body. That in itself caused excitement and apprehension all at the same time.

After I felt my wetness increase I again felt a finger begin to be inserted in me.

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