Rick was a groomsman, and he was irresistible in a tuxedo. Sex Images

A couple engages in some early morning fun.

It was fun though, and we had a great time."

Veronica went on to tell me that she continued to live at home while her sister was still in high school. "Somebody had to supervise."

She also worked part time or as much as she could between classes making great tips at a few different restaurants. It wasn't until she turned 21 when she started working as a bartender and that was also when she met Stephanie, the girl who would be killed in the car accident. She would end up moving in with Stephanie, and for the first time, she began to drink a little and live a lot.

"Let me put it this way, I had a boyfriend in high school and all that, I mean, I lost my virginity at sixteen so it wasn't like I was little Miss Innocent. But when I moved away from the house - not worrying about my grandparents or looking bad in front of my sister, I fucked more than a few guys." "Stephanie was out of control but I just didn't realize it. She came into the bar and told me that if I wanted to increase my tips, I needed to be a little more skanky. She convinced me to stop wearing jeans to work and instead, show up in tight shorts or mini-skirts. Basically, she told me that most of the men sitting at the bar were just miserable married guys trying to drown the fact that the bitch they married wouldn't put out anymore. She said, "You don't have to fuck 'em, just give 'em a little show." "

Veronica went on to tell me how on a dare, she went to work with her panties in her purse, wearing a short mini. That night, after just doing a little extra bending over from time to time, she raked in more tips than she had in the previous week. She also realized she could get the same reaction if she just wore a thong. She was wearing more revealing shirts to let the girls show, and even though she never went home with the guys giving her the big tips, she did hook up with more than a few of the younger studs.

"Jonah had only been with one other girl before he met me, some skanky girl from Cotulla he met while staying the summer with an uncle down there. You could say, I've given him his sexual education! I was never really a prude - it was hard to be ashamed of sex when my mom was so blatant and open about it - but I hadn't done it a lot until Stephanie and I started hanging out and then, I was open to anything she would throw at me."

Without any embarrassment or shyness, Veronica explained how Stephanie came home one night with a guy, woke her up and proceeded to give an hour long lesson on how to give a proper blow job.

"Hold on." I said. "She let you just watch her blow some guy?"

Veronica laughed. "Watch and practice. It was all very innocent. She would show me what to do, and then I would go down and repeat it. The funny thing was, this poor guy, Mark, was in agony by the time Steph finally let him cum." She continued to laugh.

"Jesus Christ! After an hour, I would have already been in bed asleep and dreaming about it." I laughed with her.

The revelations went on during our continued conversations over the weeks. There were more than a few parties where Stephanie and Veronica had sex with guys, then switched. Suddenly, my little experiences of sharing my wife with other guys seemed less than exotic. Everything I asked her about, she had done it.

Anal? "Yep. Jonah takes my ass all the time." she said.

Sex with another girl? "I'm not gay, but yes - several times just for the show. Stephanie and I put on this little show for a couple of guys, almost like something you'd see at a club, but there was no sheet in front of us. I enjoyed it, but I prefer guys."

It was impossible for me not to be so turned on, and I was constantly masturbating at work re-living our conversations in my mind.

Every morning visit wasn't about revealing our sexual histories or trying to one-up one another - she had me beat.